NIgeria: Simple Tips On How To Ensure Safe And Secure ATM Transactions

To avoid ATM (Automated Teller Machine) Fraudsters from duping you, here are few tips for you. This simple tips will guide you from falling prey to ATM scammers.

1. Be Careful with your ATM card. Don’t just drop it anywhere. With the help of Card encoding
machines, once the fraudsters get the details of your card, they can easily produce another
card which they can easily use to withdraw your money from any ATM machine…so, always
safeguard your ATM details.

2. Take out your ATM card only after you reach the ATM machine and do not disclose the front
or back of the ATM card to anyone.

3. Shield the ATM keypad while entering your PIN. Always stay very close to the ATM Machine
while entering your PIN.

4. Choose a PIN that is not easy and which involves moving of your hand across the entire
keypad. Do not choose numbers such as “0000” or “4444” or “5678”. it is easy to spot such
PINS froma distance.

5. Beware of people that pose as security guards. Dont just give your card to them anyhow,
unless you don’t mind handing over your purse or wallet to a stranger.

Always remember that BANKS AND CARD COMPANIES WOULD NEVER ASK FOR A CARD HOLDER’S PIN NUMBER. So, be vigilant of scam emails from fraudsters asking you for your card details, posing fake identities of banks or card companies. Never respond to such emails.

Be Vigilant and Protect your card.

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

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