Reasons Why Promoted Video Doesn’t Show on It’s Own Facebook Page

Last night, I decided to promote a video I created with my phone to see if it can drive massive traffic to my blog without having to spend much. I uploaded the video directly from the ads create tool of the Facebook ad manager and selected “Mobilitaria” Facebook page during the process.

I woke up this morning to discover that the video ad has been approved and already garnered some views and comments which I replied via the Facebook Pages Manager app.

Hours later, I decided to check it’s progress via the Videos tab of the Facebook page but was surprised to see : “No videos to show”.

I checked everywhere on the Page (timeline etc) for the video and I couldn’t find it. Not even listed on the Video insights page.

I was only able to access it via the notifications tab and I am very sure I won’t have been able to do so if no one has left a comment on the video.

So, I decided to google what might be wrong. Fortunately, I stumbled on an answer provided by Facebook help team to a question related to this issue.

From the answer provided, you might not see a promoted video on your Facebook page if you upload the video directly from the ads create tool of the Facebook ad manager.

If you want to see it on your Facebook page, it’s either you upload it to your Facebook page and promote it using the “Boost your posts” option or you use the Power Editor to create the video views ad.

According to the answer, “boosting” option is more expensive and using Power Editor will enable you set up video view ads that accumulate views into the Page’s video view count.

You can access Power Editor here:

Kindly note that when you create video views ad, you can add a “call to action” which can point to any link as seen in the screenshot below: 

I hope this helps.

Kindly let me know via comments if you’ve experienced this too..

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

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