How to Start A Profitable Business By Selling Cheap Data Plans

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These days, internet usage has increased beyond imagination. Almost everyone uses social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp etc.) to keep in touch with their friends and family members, as well as Google to search for just about anything and everything.Can you imagine a world without the internet? We can’t imagine either, because life as we know it would be completely turned upside-down.

With everyone from the CEO of your bank to the security guard on your street – and everybody in between – needing to use the internet every single day, mobile data has become as much a necessity as the food we eat. And as such, we are all consumed with the quest to get faster and cheaper internet access.

If you can find a way to provide Nigeria’s teeming internet population with their preferred (CHEAPER) data, you will get a lot of customers for sure. Continue reading to find out all you need to know about Data reselling business and how you can make a profit from it.

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What is Data Reselling?

Data reselling typically involves buying of internet data in bulk (and hence, cheaper) directly from mobile telecoms companies and then reselling in units to end users at a profit.

If you are reselling data already available to users directly from their ISPs (or networks), why should anyone patronize you?? I mean, you cannot re-sell data at a price cheaper than what is obtainable at the network… Or can you?

Actually, you can.

That is if you are buying the data in bulk. And bulk is always cheaper than buying lesser quantities. If you are able to get your calculations right, you will be able to offer mobile data at unit pricing that is not only equivalent to the direct prices from the networks but even cheaper!

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What is Mighty Data?

Mighty Data is a brand of Mighty Interactive Limited. As one of the pioneer alternative data platforms in Nigeria (in operation for 5 years as of 2019), they have been consistently delivering cheaper data to thousands of users over the years. With this level of experience comes reliability, stability, speed and increased throughput (capability).

Mighty data is available for web at (formerly ).

Mighty Data is also via the Mighty Data Top-Up App on Play store

With Mighty Data, you can get cheaper data bundles on your network of choice and compatible with all 3G/4G devices such as smartphones, MiFi dongles, 4G routers, laptops and desktop PCs via modems, WiFi hotspot etc. from anywhere in Nigeria.

Why Should You Become A Mighty Data Reseller?

We have established already that the internet is in demand by almost everybody, and you can make a profit if you can supply mobile data more at a cheaper price.

What we did not explain is how tedious life could get while reselling data. For example, in order to be able to service your customers properly, you will need a dedicated team of experts who work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays! And that aside, there is the added stress of keeping up with a growing customer base.

But why go through all that when you do not have to? Data reselling should be a side-hustle, it should not take over your life. Using an internet-connected phone or laptop, you can vend data to your customers wherever you are with ease.

Might Data can do all the hard work, while you make your stress-free profit.


As an Agent of Mighty Data, you will able to instantly resell data of all the 4 Nigerian mobile networks at a cheaper price. The price at which MightyData sell to end users is already cheaper than what is obtainable directly from the networks, but as an agent, you will get a further discount.

That’s a good deal, right?

How To Become A Mighty Data Reseller

It takes just a few steps to get started, and you can become a Data Reseller in no time.

  1. Register: Visit to register.
  2. Fund your wallet: There are convenient payment options, and you can always start small.
  3. Vend Data! You will be able to start vending data to your customers immediately.

I Have A Website. Can I Connect It To Mighty Data Service?

Well, Yes and No.

Mighty Data Tech Team is currently perfecting the public API that will enable other websites and applications to communicate with the Mighty Data service. Afterwards, they will create plugins and extensions for the most common web frameworks and CMSes like WordPress, Joomla, Laravel etc.

To follow up on the development progress, or to help in testing, you can send a mail to :

In summary, MightyData is working on a public API, but No it is not yet ready for use.

Can I Get Cheap Data For My Personal Use?

Of course!

Mighty Data exists primarily to serve loyal customers – the end users. They have all your favorite network data bundles in stock.

Mighty Data is Available on the web via

For Android users, the Mighty Data Top-Up App is available to download from the Play Store:

Choose a network below to see how affordable Mighty Data pricing is compared to others:

MTN Data Bundles:
Airtel Data Bundles:
Glo Data Bundles:
9mobile Data Bundles:

Connect With Mighty Data!

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To enjoy Mighty Data interesting posts, giveaways, and promotions, follow MightyData :


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  1. I want to be convinced that Data reselling business is lucrative.
    In a case were Glo network gives whooping bonuses on every recharge, will people buy data?

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