We’ve Switched From Blogger To WordPress

I am delighted to inform you that I’ve finally moved Ogbongeblog from Blogger to WordPress and I’ve tried to make the design to look like that of the blogspot. Still working on it though.

More details shortly – and I will share tips and tutorials on how to migrate from Blogger to WordPress at the NetDivo forum.

migrate blogger to wordpress

What’s your take on this?


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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

Pro Nigerian Blogger, Digital Marketer and Web designer. I help business owners to grow their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group here or join my Telegram Group here.

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  1. It’s supercool and i love it! The share buttons, comment section, new looks [even though the theme looks similar to that of blogger but the changes still dey there winks]

    In one word; i love it bro.. I haven’t access it on mobile though but on Pc here, it rocks! I strongly agree you leave it here the ogbongebro

    I also recently move “” from Blogger to WordPress and wanted to see how things goes, if i don’t like it, i may port back to Blogger lol

  2. Great move!!!

    I love the way you try to keep it as close as possible yo the previous blogger design, but I was expecting something different tho.

    BTW I love the move and hope to see more customization I’m future.

    ~ Emmanuel

  3. Every blogger have reason for switching to WordPress from Blogger. It’s a personal decision anyway. When I was operating on blogging platforms, I was having some setback in fighting with my competitors on search engine until I port to WordPress. Today, I’m ranking well on Google with my powerful website. I love WordPress because it makes you more and more professional in your work. So it’s good. You are welcome.

  4. Bro Jide you don the best thing.. I’m even loosing my trust on Google blogger.. please don’t port back oh.. I can see Tunde Sanusi has moved too.. the rest of us will join you soon..

    Anywhere you go we follow..
    Our only Ogbonge Bro

  5. It looks more easy and professional just the way it is now. It’s less stiff and odd than the blogger design. WordPress rocks! And please the tutorial is very important and how you enabled https too.

  6. Wow! This is very nice, the appearance has no much difference. I use both WordPress and blogspot, I hope you will still have tutorials on blogspot for us. Good move, forward ever baba Jide

  7. Heheh Its Nice Seeing, *Emporio On WordPress. (though I’ve Never Been A Fan)

    Am Just Waiting For Your Side Kick (MarkZinoberg To Move As Well) Lol.. That My Oga At The Top

    Nice One.

    I Discovered That Ogbongeblog Has So Much Lost It Responsive Design.

    Since You Moved From Blogger Awesome Inc To Emporio And Now On Wp, The Responsitivity Is Even Worse.

    Like You Said, You’re Still Working. I Hope You Look Into It.

    One Last Thing Before I Come And Be Going, You’ve Removed Website Inpute From The Comment Box So Soon? Heheh.

    Chairmo Show Us Love

  8. Nice one ….super cool ☺don’t forget to drop the tutorial on how you port nd also maintain uSeo without having Not found(crawl errors) on Google webmaster tool

  9. So smart of you to move to wordpress, now all your images will be saved and will not be deleted like the images you use when on blogger platform. Your blog is very slow in loading and I recommend you integrate AMP (Amplified Mobile Page) since you’re using WordPress now, it would be very easy and your blog will load and speed faster than the latest version of Flash!

  10. This is an exciting news. Though you took all of us by surprise but I knew that will one day make this switch from blogger to WordPress. When I built my blog about a year ago, I refused the urge to use blogger. Now, is doing relatively well on WordPress.

    Good job bro and more blessings

  11. Switching to wordpress is not that easy and maintaining the looks of your blog seems impossible to me…. This show that the bigger boss is genius….When I moved my tech blog to wordpress to be honest it took my almost a week to arrange the blog normal especially importing images and then setting the preview… Guys the work too much that’s why am afraid of moving my entertainment blog to wordpress. Anyway thumbs up.

  12. Looks alike, if not because you notified us no-one will be able to know.

    You did a great job but Boss what took you so long to move to WordPress?

  13. Wow! That’s some news, Jide.

    Nice to hear that you’ve finally decided to move your popular blog from Google Blogger to WordPress.

    But you didn’t mention WHY you finally decided to so move, especially because you had earlier written in your blog about how you would never think of making such move. Once of the reasons you gave was how Google Blogger is FREE, and you laughed that the cost of bandwidth for a blog as big as yours could send you parking to your village.

    So, you owe us the explanation for your changing position, so that others may benefit therefrom. I’m building my blog,, and I’ve just benefited from your professional blog posts on several aspects of the blogging endeavour.

    Thank you so much.

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