Verve Global Card Lets You Pay Online for Local and International Transactions

Verve, one of the leading payment technology and card business in Africa, in partnership with Discover Global Network, the payments brand of Discover, launched a new Verve Global Card in August, 2019, an effort to extend its reach to countries outside Africa, allowing its users to make international transactions in 185 countries around the world.

Before now, holders of Verve cards could only use their cards in Nigeria and some other African countries but with the introduction of the new Verve Global Card, Verve and her parent company — Interswitch — joins the ranks of global brands like Visa and Mastercard.

According to Verve’s customer care service department, the new Verve Global Card is different from the current one (Verve Classic Card) and customers would have to get the new card at their respective banks. The new Verve Global Card has exclusive capacity for domestic and international transactions across all channels. The card can be linked to Savings & Current accounts, with a “Safetoken” extra protection for web-based transactions.

With this, cardholders will now have the ability to use their Verve Global Cards on the Discover Global Network which provides acceptance in more than 190 countries and territories. Holders of the new card can now make payments outside Africa on the Discover Global Network which includes anywhere Discover, Diners Club International and Pulse and affiliate network cards are accepted.

The launch of the international payment solution provides consumers with the ability to transact globally across the US and other countries, addressing challenges that many Nigerians had experienced while traveling abroad. Verve Global Card also delivers additional benefits to cardholders including broad reward and loyalty schemes; benefits that are available both locally and internationally.

verve global card pay international transactions online

As at press time, Fidelity Bank and First Bank has confirmed that the cards are currently available.

Evidently, this is good news for Nigerians as they will probably now be able to use Verve cards to pay for Facebook ads and shop online.

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