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Asus File Manager App Hidden Cabinet Feature Lets You Hide Pictures, Videos etc On Android Phones

There are a lot of free file managers for android out there but since I stumbled on Asus File Manager app, it has been my choice till this very moment of publishing this blog post. My first experience with the app was when I used the Asus Zenfone Selfie smartphone. Since then, I’ve been installing it on every Android phone I use, thanks the Android gurus that made it available and free for any device that can run Android OS.

Asus Fle Manager app for Android comes with a simple and aesthetically pleasing design and offers up just enough extra features as to not become bloatware.

Apart from the basic functionalities of a file manager which includes allowing you to browse through your file system, it also has “hidden cabinet” feature that lets users hide pictures, videos or any file on their android phones. Hence, users do not have to download another app to their smartphone, just to hide photos and videos.

Got some sensitive files that want to hide? Hidden cabinet lets you store files that can only be accessed via a pin number of your choice. Since you can lock your device already to prevent unauthorized access this feature might come in handy in situations where you don’t want to lock your device but want to hide some files inside a file manager.

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The first time you use the Hidden cabinet, you will be required to set up a pin code and also provide a recovery email address should in case you forget the pin code.

Once you’ve set up the Hidden cabinet, you can then go back to the main window, locate a file you want to add to the Hidden cabinet, long press that file to select it, tap the menu button (three dots in the upper right corner), and then tap Move to Hidden Cabinet. If long-pressed a file, you can select as many files as you like (before you tap the menu button).

hide photos videos on android with asus file manager hidden cabinet

One nice thing about the Hidden cabinet, is that when you add a file, that same file cannot be viewed from within another file manager.

Apart from the Asus File Manager App Hidden Cabinet Feature, there are other interesting features :

Storage Analyzer : helps you track what files are using the storage on your device. It can even allow you to filter by large files, recent files, duplicate files.

PC File Transfer : want to transfer files from phone to your pc or from pc to your phone? just go to pc file transfer and click start. It will give you a web address that you can type on any browser in your network to get a nice web based file manager.

Download Asus File Manager App For Android

You can download asus file manager app for android from the google play store. You can also download asus file manager apk from

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