Want To Verify Twitter Account?

If you’ve seen a Twitter account with a blue verified badge  on the profile, that means it is a verified account. If your Twitter account is verified, it will go a long way in convincing the public that you are truely whom you claim to be. This will really help in avoiding identity confusion or impersonation especially if you are a celebrity.

So, How Do I Verify My Twitter Account?

Well, as at the time of publishing this post, Twitter doesn’t accept requests for verification from the general public. Instead, Twitter claims that they proactively verifies accounts on an ongoing basis, concentrating on highly sought users in music, acting, fashion, government, politics, religion, journalism, media, advertising, business, and other key interest areas.

There is no specific form to be filled to request for Twitter verification either. The only form I know is the Impersonation form which you can use in reporting accounts that are pretending to be another person or entity in order to confuse or deceive.

Nevertheless, Twitter encourages you to continue using Twitter in a meaningful way and link back to Twitter from your official site for you to be considered for verification in the future.  Adding the Twitter’s follow button on your webpage is the best way to link back to Twitter from your official site. Whenever Twitter decides that you qualify for a verified account, they will reach out to you via direct message.

I hope this helps.

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NB: If your blog is hosted on, you can check out how to add Twitter follow button to your Blogger blog.

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