Web Address Option of Blogger Pages Replaced With Add Link Page

Blogger PAGES has been modified as well as the Pages/PageList gadget. Under the “Pages” section of the Blogger dashboard, you can now navigate between viewing all your pages, just your drafted pages, or only your published pages. You may also see a category for Imported pages if you’ve imported your pages from another platform like WordPress. 

More so, the “web address” option is no longer available after clicking the “New Page” tab. Henceforth, if you want to create a PAGES tab that will link to an external web address or elsewhere, you will have to use the “add link page” that has been integrated into the Pages/PageList gadget.

How To Use Blogger ADD LINK PAGE

==> Ensure you have added the PAGES gadget to your blog. If not, log in to your Blogger dashboard, go to LAYOUT, click ADD A GADGET, select PAGES and click SAVE.

==> Still on LAYOUT page, click the “edit” link under the PAGES gadget.

==> The widget configuration box will pop up. Scroll down till you see add link page.

==> Click on it and you should see the “web address” box.

==> Enter the title and the URL in their respective fields and SAVE.

==> View your blog and you should now see the tab/link pointing to the web address you entered.

That’s all.


==> Under “Page Order,” (in the PageList widget configuration window), you can drag and drop the boxes to choose the order in which your pages/tabs will appear.

==> For now, you cannot edit a link page added via the web address box. To edit it, just click on the x sign to delete it. Then, create a new link page and re-arrange as desired.

I hope this helps.

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  1. Was worried too when trying to follow the steps in the tutorial where u explained how to add tabs to Blogger header. Noticed the Pages web address option is no longer there. This really helped. Thanks bro

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