What Can I Buy With N1000 on DealDey?

Earlier today, my girlfriend called me to inform me that her DealDey wallet has been credited with N1,000. Initially, I thought it’s the normal N1,000 commission that DealDey pays their affiliates whenever anyone they refer to DealDey buy a deal. It was when I noticed series of tweets thanking DealDey that I realized it’s just an offer.

If you’ve received the N1,000 offer, you must buy a deal with it as soon as possible because it is valid for just one week. Getting a deal that will cost you N1,000 only without having to pay for delivery might be hard, hence you might have to top up your wallet with some funds if you wish to use the N1,000 bonus.

Won’t it make sense if you only need to add N200 to the N1,000 bonus in your wallet, just to buy a N1,200 deal that can be delivered to you for free?

Well, below are ten deals you can check out:

  1.  Dental Scaling and Polishing for N1,500
  2.  Fish BBQ, Asun, Chicken or Turkey and Chips for N1, 200
  3.  Usams Dual USB Car Charger for Mobile Phones & Tabs for N1, 500
  4.  4Pc Nylon Spring Clamp Set for N1,000
  5.  Blackspur 11pc Precision Screwdriver Set for N1,200
  6.  Diamante Optical Mouse | Silver for N1, 600
  7.  USB Clip-on WebCam for N1, 500
  8.  Casserole Dish with Lid for N1, 400
  9.  Beaudy Professional Hair Straightener for N1, 500
  10.  Drinking Water Pump: Manual Pump For Bottled Water for N1, 450

So, head over to now to order for the deals that interest you before the deals end.

Did you receive the N1, 000 bonus? Have you been able to buy a deal with it? Let me hear from you via comments. 

You  can check out :”How To Add Money To DealDey Account“. 

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

Pro Nigerian Blogger, Digital Marketer and Web designer. I help business owners to grow their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group here or join my Telegram Group here.

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  1. See gobe here o, I receive the N1000 and just top with up with N700 and order for item worth N1700 only for them to tell me that my total amount is N2,200. The extra N500 is for shipping to Lagos.
    You can imagine rubbish, Dealdey that is in backyard here, want collect N500 to give me the item I order for.
    Make them collect their N1000 naira and keep my change for me till when I go buy bigger thing there.

  2. This dealdey people are fraudster, I will not advise anybody to top up dealdey wallet because, since I was given the 1000, the 700naira I top up has not reflected in the account for over two weeks now, I have mail them show them the receipt I obtain through GTB internet banking. They refuse to answer me, not even acknowledgement email from them.
    Thank God is just N700 I use to test them.

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