Why There Is Mass Migration To Dubai

Just a visit to Dubai would compel you to relocate to the city no matter where you’ve been before.

Though most people who move to Dubai do so because they have been offered mouth-watering jobs, they get to fall in love with the city eventually. As Dubai continues to develop steadily and gracefully, opportunities for career growth are a constant feature of the city.

There seems to be something for everyone in Dubai regardless of where you are from even if it is a small village in Ghana or a hamlet in Nigeria.  Not only are there numerous available positions in Dubai, you are likely to find jobs in Dubai that pay more than what is obtainable in other developed cities of the world.

Hence, the reason people are willing to forgo their already established lives and relationships for an unknown future in Dubai even if they live and work in a conducive and sustainable environment back home are not far-fetched.There are some amazing opportunities in Dubai that can fast-track your career and there is still some decent money to be made, provided you don’t let yourself get too caught up in the glitzy lifestyle.

Some expats come to Dubai with the intention of just spending a year or two in the flamboyant city but end up living there for a decade. For people who come with an open mind, Dubai has so much to offer.Your best bet in moving to Dubai is to work at Dubai which does come with a work permit. With this, you can get a residence visa and an Emirate ID card, which will ensure that you live in the Dubai for up to two years at least.

Another attractive feature of the city is the fact that it doesn’t require that you pay a percentage of your monthly remunerations to the government. Invariable, you don’t have to pay income tax on salaries unlike the heavy taxes that comes with working in Britain or United states.

The climate in the city is another talking point. In Dubai you don’t have to be scared of turning to a pillar of ice during the winter season. However, cars and buildings in Dubai are equipped with air conditioning even bus stops are air conditioned. There are also swimming pools in many places, so cooling off does come easy.

Again, Dubai is a coastal city which makes it easy for you to take a dive in the sea when you are not working especially if taking a swim in the pool would not reduce the heat you are experiencing.

Thanks to persistent decline in rents, reduced government fees and fines, and freezing of school fees, Dubai has become even more affordable in 2019 compared to the previous year with rentals and prices of groceries and restaurants declining on a year-on-year basis.Fall in inflation, stronger dirham and substantial increase in purchasing power of residents help in new index.

Among other top cities, Dubai overall is 45 per cent cheaper compared to New York because rents in the emirate are lower by 57 per cent, groceries by 38.4 per cent and restaurant prices by 41 per cent compared to the US city.Dubai is 33 per cent more economical than London because rents, groceries and restaurants costs are less by 38 per cent, 37 per cent and 10 per cent, respectively.

When you compare Dubai to other global cities such as London and New York, Dubai is certainly among the top for ease of doing business, low cost for investments and to start new business.

Dubai’s multi-cultural setting is a huge contributing factor to the mass movement of people to the oil rich city. The society makes it possible for you to create an awesome new community of friends or acquaintances from different countries. It means even when you don’t know anyone in Dubai as a foreigner; you can still thrive in the city. Simply put, Dubai is home away from home

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Relocating to Dubai is a stress-free process, as long as a job is waiting for you there, the rest becomes easy. If you are interested in living in Dubai, then don’t hesitate in making that move. Let workatdubai help you make the best decision of your life. From your Job application to visa processing, we are with you all the way when you sign up with

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