How To Group Blog Posts into Labels (Categories)

Labels allow you to group your blog posts into categories. Labels are handy if you blog about a lot of different subjects, since readers can then choose to view all of your posts on, say, "Blogging Tips" at once. Or Adsense Tips, or Money-Making Tips, or whatever you happen to be writing about. Today, I am sharing with you how to categorize your blog posts i.e how to add/apply labels to your blog posts.

How To Get Started

Login to your blog dashboard and click on the gray Post List icon (that looks like a sheet of paper) next to the blog you want to edit the labels for as seen in the picture below

You should now see a list of all posts on the blog

Select/tick the posts you want to add a label to (i.e posts you want to put into a category e.g blogging tips)

Click "New Label" as seen in the picture below

You should now see a new window similar to the one below where you can enter the label (name of the category)

Enter it (preferable in small letters) and click OK.

That's all.

Follow the same steps if you want to add another label to the post or to other posts.

If you view the posts you added the label to, the label will be listed with it. You will see it right under the post as seen in the picture below.

Clicking on the label will take you to a page containing only posts with that label.

You can grab the link of the label and link it to a tab in your navigation bar as explained in "How To Add Tabs To Blogger Header".

I will explain how you can get labels links in my future posts. I will also share with you how to change and remove label from your posts. Just make sure you subscribe to this blog if you do not want to miss the tutorials.



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cool dear
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