6 ways to get new bank account number in Nigeria banks

The 13 digit account number formerly been issued by most Nigerian banks has been replaced with a new 10 digit account number in compliance with the Nigerian Uniform Bank Account Number standard (NUBAN), an initiative of the Central Bank of Nigeria’s (CBN) to implement a uniform Bank account numbering scheme across all deposit banks. The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has set June 2011 as deadline for banks to fully comply with the Nigeria Uniform Bank Account Number (NUBAN) scheme.

So, How Do I Get My New Bank Account Number?
There are a number of ways through which your new account number will be communicated to you.

  • SMS: by now, you would have received a SMS on your mobile phone with your new 10 digit account number.
  • Statement of Account: your 10 digit account number will be clearly displayed on your monthly account statement by now.
  • Internet banking): you can also confirm your new account number anytime, anywhere in the world by simply logging into your online banking account.
  • Instant alerts: your account number will be displayed on any alerts received by email or SMS for every transaction on your account
  • Direct Mail: a letter will be sent to your validated address which will confirm your new account number to you.(This applies to corporate customers only). This letter can also be picked up at your bank branch.
  • In branch: you can also walk into any Bank branch in Nigeria and ask the Customer Care rep to give you your new 10 digits account number.

Some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

–          How about my old cheque book?
You can continue using your old cheque book until you run out of cheque leaves. Upon request, your new cheque book will have your new 10 digits account number.

What happens to my old account number?
Your old account number will still be maintained in the Banks record and used for internal operations only as from the effective date of NUBAN, but every such account number would have to be mapped to a NUBAN code as an Alternate Account Number.

–         What happens if I should transact with my old account number?
Because your old account number is mapped to your 10 digits NUBAN code as an alternate number, your transaction will still be completed even if you use your old account number.  However, it is advisable that you get your 10 digit account number immediately.

–         Will the new NUBAN account numbers have effects on ATM cards
No, NUBAN account numbers have no effect on our ATM cards.

–        Will the new NUBAN Account number be changed at a cost.
No, NUBAN account number is free.

–      Will a request for cheque book with NUBAN account number attract charges.
Yes it will, at the standard cheque book issuance rate of your bank.

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