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While hunting for best hosting with free ssl that are alternatives to SiteGround, I stumbled on A2 Hosting. After reading some interesting a2hosting reviews online, I decided to subscribe to the Power + Managed VPS hosting plan which cost me $41.57 for the first month with recurrent amount set at $62.99.

With the plan, I can create new cPanel accounts for each website I want to host (via WHM) and set up A2hosting letsencrypt free ssl for each site via cPanel. Setting up the free ssl is not as easy as it is at SiteGround though, but it works and are renewed automatically every three months.

With siteground web hosting, it’s a one-click installation via cPanel but at A2hosting, it’s automated and it will only work when your domain has fully propagated, which is only possible after you might have updated your domain name to point to a2hosting nameservers.

At, when Let’s Encrypt free ssl is enabled for your account, you do not have to do anything else. The entire process of generating, installing, and renewing SSL certificates is done automatically but if there is another SSL certificate of any type already installed (for example, valid, expired, or self-signed certificates), the Let’s Encrypt installer skips the domain and does not generate a certificate.

To see if Let’s Encrypt is enabled for your account, you will have to click on the SSL/TLS icon in the Security section of cPanel. Then click Generate, view, upload, or delete SSL certificates. Let’s Encrypt will appear in the Issuer column on the next page unless non-Let’s Encrypt certificates were previously installed.

a2hosting letsencrypt free ssl



Let’s Encrypt is part of an initiative to encrypt as much World Wide Web traffic as possible. It is designed to make creating, installing, and renewing SSL certificates a simple and straightforward process.

NB : If you are looking for web hosting company in Nigeria with free ssl, you can try garanntor web hosting.

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