Check If Facebook Ads Account Currency Is Naira Or Dollar

If you are using Facebook ads to advertise online in Nigeria, you are expected to know if the billing currency on your Facebook ads manager or business manager is in dollar or Naira. This will really help you figure out how to pay for your Facebook advertising in Nigeria.

Most Nigerian debit cards will only work for Facebook ads payment if your Facebook ads currency is set to dollars. The Facebook Naira to dollar exchange rate applies when Facebook deducts the Naira equivalent of the dollars spent from your Nigerian debit card. If you are using a dollar card e.g GTBank dollar card or Payoneer Mastercard, no conversion is involved. Facebook deducts the exact dollars you owe from the cards.

If your fb ads account currency is set to Naira, most of those Nigerian cards will not work as Facebook will not be able to bill them. Nevertheless, you will be able to add money to your Facebook ad account using most Nigerian ATM Visa and Mastercards via the PayU payment method.

You can click here to check if your Facebook ads account currency is dollars or Naira.

check facebook ads currency if naira or dollar

Dollar vs Naira Facebook Ads Account

If you use Naira Facebook ad account, you will have to be adding money to the account before you can advertise. Facebook deducts from the prepaid balance.

Dollar Facebook ad account doesn’t work this way, no prepaid balance. You can run ads and the charges will be deducted later from your card.

Which do you prefer? Naira or Dollar Facebook ad account?

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  1. hello…I’m unable to promote my Facebook page…I’m using diamond bank visacard…every time I try to pay online,it always decline my card…wat could be wrong?

  2. message.
    Stop Chat
    Please, I contacted Ecobank and they told me to get a domiciliary account before I can run Facebook ads… I was to use my normal account Ecobank MasterCardWh. Is is a must to open the new domiciliary account or what do I do?

  3. Pls I open a personal Facebook Page . i try to pay. Money to boost my page but i am not able to pay in money. And now they send me a bonus of 10$ that I should claim it to use it and boost my page but the problem now is that, they ask me to fill my visa card debit naira to claim the 10$. Of which I have fill the card details but they are demanding that 3digit number at the back of my ATM visa card. Pls is it right to disclose that secret 3digit pin at the back of ATM CARD?

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