Free Airtel 1024MB data bundle : Airtel SocialMonth Free Browsing Promo

I keep getting messages in my facebook inbox asking me about the Free Airtel 1024MB data bundle and I have decided to share it with you. It is the Airtel SOCIALMONTH Gallore, where you Get 1024MB for Free, though not certain if it will last forever!


1. Text SOCIALMONTH to 440, After Sending the Message, You will Receive a Message from 0802 asking you to wait.

2. After about 2 Minutes, You will receive another MSG from 0802 again, And you will be Informed that you have been given a Data Bundle of 1024MB

3. Now Dial *141*712*0# on your Phone and you will see that you have 1024MB untouched.

4. Remove your Phone Battery and Insert it again, Then ON your Phone and start Browsing.


» You can Send the Message to 440 even without having any Credit on your Phone and if you have it wont be Deducted.

» You can Remove your SIM to use with your Modem to Browse on PC.

» I don’t know how long this will last and I just hope it will still be working by the time you will be reading this….


I picked up this info from a forum of a friend of mine, so feel free to join his forum and follow up with discussions about this Free Airtel 1024MB data bundle at:,4909.0.html

I hope this helps….

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