How To Activate Facebook Text Messages: Update FB With Text Messages From ANY Phone

With Facebook Text Messages, you can enjoy facebooking with ANY phone in as much as you can send and receive text messages with the phone.

You can text Facebook to update your status, message your friends, or send a poke on the go. You can also choose to receive texts with messages, pokes, and wall posts from your friends right when they happen. (Standard text message rates apply.)

To get started, Login to your Facebook account via a Computer and visit:

You will be asked to choose your country and your “mobile carrier” as indicated in the picture below:

Thereafter, you will have to send “F” to 631 from your phone. A code will be sent to your phone which you will have to enter in the box as seen in the picture below.

Once it is verified, you can start updating your status with just text messages to “631“. Remember, Standard text message rates apply.

More so, you will be receiving free alerts on your phone when anyone comments on your status, sends you message etc. You can also put a STOP to it anytime you want and you can also customize the type of alerts you receive.

You can always change the settings anytime at :

One more thing I love about it, is the fact that you can choose to be receiving the Status updates of some of your friends directly to your phone i.e you can choose to be receiving the updates of your boyfriend/ girlfriend, husband/wife whenever he/she updates… cool..right?

I bet you will love this.

Want to know the different codes to use if you want to update, send a message etc, check:

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