How To Activate Globacom GPRS Internet Settings on Mobile Phones

Have a Globacom SIM but not seeing the G (GPRS) sign on your phone and wondering why? Well, it is simply because your SIM card has not been provisioned for mobile internet browsing. Unlike other networks,as at the time of publishing this,  Globacom SIM cards are not pre-provisioned for internet browsing. You must subscribe to at least one of the Globacom Internet Plans before your Glo SIM can start displaying the G sign on your phone.

So, How Do I activate my Glo SIM?

You can activate it with the N100 bundle which gives you 10MB with which you can connect to the internet for 24 hours (1 day).

You can load N150 to your phone, then text “51” to 127.  N100 will be removed from your balance and you will receive a text message confirming this. Your N50 balance will be on your phone.

Then, you will have to switch off your phone, remove your battery, re-insert it and switch on your phone. You will then have to wait for the G sign to appear on your phone. This might take up to 24 hours atimes but you do not have to worry because your subscription will not start reading untill you connect to the internet.

I don’t really know why its is like this but might be for security reasons. You just have to be so patient for this one time. Thereafter, you will always see the G sign on your phone.

Once the G sign comes up, you can connect to the internet and start surfing. Depending on your type of phone, Globacom configuration settings might be automatically pushed to your phone. If not, you can also request for it.

How to request for Glo wap setup/ wap settings

Text Y to 4321

ALERT: Very Important

If you connect to the internet via Globacom gprs settings or wap settings, you will be charged 5k per kilobyte but if you connect using the  gloflat settings and have an active bundle subscription on your phone, you will only be charged from your bundle and your credit will not be touched..

So, what is the gloflat settings?

If you can create a configuration profile on your phone with the 3 important parameters below, you can then start enjoying the Globacom Internet bundles on your phone.

APN ( Access Point Name) = gloflat
username = flat
Password = flat

Make sure you make the settings the default in all applications.

You can click here to read how to Configure Nokia C3 to browse with Globacom for ideas on how to configure your phone using the gloflat settings.

This sound somehow complex and just hope Globacom will come up with a single access point instead of the different access points they have out there. ( glowap, gloflat, etc).

That’s all.

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You can click here for more info on the Globacom Internet Plans for mobile phone/ tablet users. These bundles work fine on iPad too.

Globacom offers the cheapest Internet bundles as at the time of publishing this post and hope they will keep it up.


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  1. Great post. I have a Glo SIM and have been wondering why it has not been showing E on my Nokia c3 without knowing i will have to subscribe first. Glo is just to stingy, they just dont want us to browse free. Anyway, will try this tips of yours. thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi, i saw ur posts and was happy about it. and please can u help me on how to configure my nokia N900 for free browsing on any network? i will be very grateful. my name is EFE

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