How To Add Google Adsense 970×90 ad unit to Blogger Blogs

Recently, Google launched a new, larger 970×90 ad size, also known as ‘super leaderboards’, giving you the opportunity to attract brand advertisers looking for large spaces to engage with users. This larger ad size is another visually impactful placement for advertisers to promote their products and services even on wider screens.

The new super leaderboard ad unit can show up to four text ads organized in a column layout but, as with other ad sizes, the number of text ads per unit may vary per impression. This new will fit perfectly in the header or footer sections of your blog.

If you are interested in adding this new “super leatherboard” to your Blogger blog, you must ensure that the entire width of your blog is wider than 970 pixels. You can read “How To Determine Width of Image that will fit into Blog Header” and “How To Adjust Widths of Entire Blog and Sidebars” for you to know the size of your blog header and how to increase your blog’s width.

Now, let me assume that your Blog header or footer is wider than 970 pixels. Follow the steps below in adding the 970×90 ad unit to your Blogger blog

==> Log in to
==> Click on “My Ads” tab
==> Click the “New Ad Unit” button to create your ad
==> Name your ad unit and select “970×90 Large leatherboard” from the “Ad size” drop down box

==> Click the “Save and get code” button
==> Copy the ad code

==> Log in to your Blogger dashboard
==> Click on “Add a Gadget” link in the header region of your blog
==> Click on the “HTML/Javascript” gadget
==> Paste the copied ad code in the box. Leave “Title” blank
==> Click “Save“.

View your blog and you should see the ad unit on your blog.

NOTE: If you enable image and rich media ads for this unit, display ads in the size of a 728×90 unit might be displayed initially if Google doesn’t have a 970×90 rich media in their inventory.


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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

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