How to add LOCATION to Facebook Status Updates ( e.g near Tripoli, Libya)

Lately, you might have noticed some Facebook Status updates with a location line like “–near Marseille, France” under it. Well, it is not magic but a new Facebook feature. I have been using it lately to catch fun while “faking” my location and loads of my friends keep wondering if am really traveling around the world or not. Today, I am sharing the trick with you.

To use this trick, kindly make sure you logged in to Facebook via a Computer. Not sure if this trick work on other devices for now.


Click inside the “What is on your mind” box

Under the box, move your mouse beside the location icon as seen in the picture below and you should see “Add current city”

Click on the “Add current city” and you should see a pop-up asking you to type in your current city.  While typing, some city names might be auto-generated for you. Choose from the list or just type your desired location.

Click OK and Update your status.  You should see the location under your status as seen in the picture below.

If you want to use another location, just click on the “x” next to your current location, then add a new location as explained earlier.

That’s all.

Kindly share this with friends using the Like/Recommend/Tweet buttons. 

If you cannot see the pictures above, I doubt if you will be able to understand this trick.  If you are not reading this post directly at my blog,, you might not see the pictures. Hence, go to my blog to read the original post now.


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