How To Create Mobile Edition of Blogger Blog with BloggerTouch App

Recently, I created a mobile edition of my blog,,using the Blogger Touch app, so as to allow Opera Mini/IPhone/IPod Touch/Android users to easily access my blog. Though, when such Opera Mini users view my blog, they DO NOT see my Adsense ads but am ok with that because my readers satisfaction matters a lot to me.

What is Blogger Touch App?

Blogger Touch widget, after been installed to your blog, redirects your blog page into mobile/iPhone version automatically if visitors visit your blog from iPhone, iPod Touch, Andriod or Opera Mini. Blogger Touch is a blogger version of WPTouch.

Features of Blogger Touch App

Support Google Analytics
Support Adsense (Disabled Now, but the admin said it will be enabled in the future)
Support Search Widget
Support Pagination
Support Pages
Support Comments
Support Labels
It’s Free!

So, How Do I Create The Mobile Edition of my blog?

If you want to create such mobile edition for your blogger blog, you can get it done in some simple steps.

1. Go to

2. Enter your blog address in the box provided. If you are using a custom domain, click on the custom domain link. Then click “Go“.

3. You will be asked to sign in with your Google account. Sign in with the Gmail you are using for your blog.

4. You will be asked to enter an id, ENTER anything you like ( maybe your blog name , if still available)

5  Click on ADD CODE, and add the code to the sidebar of your blog.

6. After you might have added the code to your blog, click NEXT to verify.

7. Click on the VERIFICATION button.

That’s all

You can now view your blog with Opera Mini browser or an Iphone/IPod Touch or Android device and you should see it been rendered in a mobile version.

You can view the mobile version of my blog here: and see what my blog looks like when viewed with Opera mini browser.

If you will like Adsense to be displayed on your mobile templates which Blogger introduced recently, read:

I hope this helps…

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