How To Remove Mobstac Code from Blogger/Blogspot Blogs

Mobstac has been powering the mobile version of OgbongeBlog for a while now but I have decided to stop using the service. I have removed the code from my blog, hence, you will no longer be redirected to the mobstac-powered mobile version of Ogbongeblog if you access with your mobile phone.
Henceforth, you will be redirected to the Blogger-powered mobile version which is very easy to set up with Blogger mobile templates. You will now find it so easy to comment on the posts even anonymously and you will also find it so easy to navigate the categories via the top menu bar. Below is a preview:

How to Remove Mobstac Code

Log in to or

Go to Design  (Old dashboard) or Template ( New dashboard)

Click on Edit html to see the Edit html box

(If you are using the new blogger dashboard, you will still have to click on “proceed” before you will see the edit html box.)

Once you are in the “edit html” mode, use CTRL F to find <head>

Right under the tag, you should see the mobstac script as highlighted in the picture below

Gently selecting the code from the opening tag and hit the delete button.

Click on the SAVE button.

If you added the Mobstac gadget to your sidebar, from your dashboard, go to Layout and delete the gadget.

That’s all.

If you view your blog on opera mini and other mobile devices, your blog should now redirect to your Blogger powered mobile version of your blog provided you have activated blogger mobile template.

Wondering Why I Deactivated Mobstac?

Well, before now, mobstac offers a basic FREE service which allows you to create a mobile version of your blog with adsense also integrated in it. Today, I received an email message from the CEO, that they have decided to stop the free service. Looking at the new price plan, I realized it will cost me $25 per month for me to be able to intergate adsense with mobstac.

For now, if I complare this with what I earn monthly in adsense from mobstac powered version of my blog, it doesn’t make sense. Hence, I just have to opt out till I think I have enough traffic that can earn me alot from mobile viewers.

I just hope Blogger will soon make Adsense to start displaying on blogger mobile templates when viewed with Opera mini browsers.  As for now, I will have to be managing the adsense for mobile that displays when my blog is viewed on high end devices and some default browsers (excluding Opera mini).

I hope this helps…

If you have questions to ask or have contributions to make, kindly make use of the comment from below.

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

Pro Nigerian Blogger, Digital Marketer and Web designer. I help business owners to grow their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group here or join my Telegram Group here.

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  1. That was a smart move. I hope blogger will not also discourage us from using their service. But:
    1.) which template are you using in your blogger mobile version
    2.) how was it possible for you to display your name as an hyperlink in the mobile version that you are currently using.
    3.) i need a material that adequately teaches HTML editing in blogs

  2. Happines will surely be for a man who goes for hunting a rat but catches an eliphant. Please, I need your assistance on how to design a blog perfectly. I'm a student of Unilorin studying zoology, but suprisingly, I'm a journalist and writer. I won the best writer for Nigerian Ass. of Science Student (unilorin branch2010/2011). My articles are mainly on science, medical, animals, social life, crime and terrorism just to mention but few. Repeatedly, I need ur assistance on how to design blog and many more!

  3. Thanks Jide. This is great info, indeed! I started implementing the mobstac application two months ago without knowing what I was getting into – until I realised one day that it was not displaying my pages on my mobile device. I wanted to remove it repeatedly but was not successful in doing so. Now I know how to go about it – thanks to you! : Website to Download Mozat Messenger

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