How To Get Free Articles/Web Content For Your Blog

Are you new into the blogging world but wondering what you will be posting to the blog or you have a blog that has remained dead for a long time all just because you don’t know what to be posting to the blog anymore? Worry no more, because this blog post will show you how to get free web content, free articles for your blog.

If you are really serious about making money online with your blog, you must definitely be ready to work. Your blog must be rich in unique, interesting, search-engine friendly content. This will go a long way in driving massive traffic to your blog and in the long run, making your blog monetizations to be raking in money for you.

Whether you are new to blogging or not, below are ideas of how to get free web content for your blog.

Here are a few ideas:

1. Articles in exchange for links

Many writers will allow you to post their article on your website, in exchange for a byline and a link to their website. Just ask! If you do not know how to ask, just copy the content, EDIT IT in your own way, (DO NOT DO COPY AND PASTE), post it to your blog and make sure you give credit to the original owner of the article. You can simply do this by inserting a SOURCE link at the bottom of your blog post or even talk about the source in your blog post.

Below are a few good sources to start with:

2. Articles about Articles/Ebooks/Softwares

Pick any popular keyword and chances are, you will find thousands of articles about it on the Internet. Lets say for example, you search for MAKE MONEY in Google , you will definitely see loads of results which you can copy and edit in your own way, just for you to be updating your blog. You can even just be writing articles about which articles/ebooks/softwares are worth reading/using, where to find them and why you’d recommend them.

3. Online Interviews/Write For Us…

People love attention. Even busy experts do! Make a list of questions to ask experts, invite opinions, critiques etc. Start encouraging your blog readers to WRITE FOR YOU. You’ll see your pages filling up fast with exciting, keyword rich content.

4. Open Content Encyclopedia

This is a great source of copyright-free content on a broad range of subjects. Check out the Open Content Page at the Open Directory Project:

5. RSS Feeds

RSS “feeds” provide some of the most current and up-to-date information on a variety of subjects. You can use an RSS Aggregators to “suck in” targeted content for keywords selected by you. I installed FeedReader on my laptop and using it to monitor different upates from different websites and blogs without me even having to visit the websites or blogs. I will be talking more on RSS Feeds in my future posts.

Examples of popular RSS feeds include Google News,,,,,

With the few tips above, I hope you should now be able to be updating your blog easily without having to knock yor head over the wall. Remember, nothing sweet comes easily. Be determined, stay focused and you will definitely get there by His Grace.

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I hope this helps…

Cheers !!!.

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

Pro Nigerian Blogger, Digital Marketer and Web designer. I help business owners to grow their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group here or join my Telegram Group here.

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  1. Updating my blog has realy been a problem for me for quite a long time now and with what i have read here now, I am ready to take my blog to the nest level.. Love these tips ..thanks so much Oga Jide. LOve your Blog sooo much. Keep it up sir

  2. That's some great tips from you Jide.
    To add to it, It'll also be useful to start a blog on something you can keep talking about without getting bored. It's easy for new bloggers to give up if they start blogging with the idea of HIGH PAYING KEYWORDS and Make Quick Money Blogging, which breeds nothing but frustration.
    Think of something you can earn the right to write about, either by experience or studying about it
    Thanks BRO.

  3. Thanks Jide for your tremendous post articles that have been helping me on my journey to becoming a great blogger.

    At your free time, you can visit my site and see what you taught me and how i have been putting it to good use.

    Nothing good comes easy.

    Remain blessed.

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