How To Make BIS Work With UC Browser

Recently, I shared the UC browser download link in the post “UCweb Download: Free Mobile Browser For Phones and Tablets” but some Blackberry users still complain to me that the browser deducts their airtime whenever they use the browser on their Blackberry phone. Hence the need to come up with this tutorial on how to make BIS work with UC browser.

If you set the network settings of the UCweb browser on your Blackberry phone to “BIS“, your airtime will remain intact whenever you use the browser to surf the internet and download wallpapers, music, videos etc to your phone.

How To Get Started

==> Launch your UC browser
==> Select “Menu
==> Scroll down to “Settings“. Select it.
==> Scroll to “Switch Access point” as seen in the picture below:

==> Select “BIS” from the available options
==>Select “OK

That’s all.

Your UC browser should now work with your BlS without deducting anything from your airtime.

If you still have problems making it work with your BIS, feel free to let me know via the comment form.

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

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  1. Good day sir! The UC browser is not working with BIS on my BB Tour, I changed the accesspoint to BIS it's still the same, it only works on WAP setting which deducts my money with no mercy.

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