How I Share Blog Posts To Facebook Pages Automatically After Publishing

Today, I will show you how to share your blog posts to Facebook Pages automatically after publishing them on your blog.

There are actually many ways you can do this but in this post, I will recommend you use TwitterFeed as it will allow you to share a blog post automatically to many Facebook pages you have rights to publish to.

How To Get Started

==> Sign in to your Facebook account.

==>  Sign in to
==>  Click on "Create New Feed"
==>  Enter your blog name as the "Feed Name"
==>  Enter your blog URL or your feed URL and click "test rss feed" button to ensure it's OK
==> Click "Advanced Settings" and edit the settings as desired. You can just leave it as it is...

Twitterfeed to Facebook content marketing

==> Click on "Continue to Step 2"

==> Click the "Facebook" Service and click on 'Connect with Facebook"


Allow TwitterFeed to connect to your Facebook.

If successful, you should see something similar to this with a dropdown to select your Facebook page

post to facebook

==> From the drop down, select the page you want to automatically share your blog posts to.

==> Leave the UTM tags as they are. You can add a "campaign" name though. I use that to track the traffic in Google Anaytics.

==> Click "Create Service" button.

Right on this page, you can add more services. Also take note of the expiry date. Once it expires, it will stop posting. So, you will have to re-add the page.

You can click "Facebook" service again, follow steps above to link more Facebook pages.

When you're done, click "All Done" button.

Thereafter, you can click on "Go to dashboard" button to add more blogs to be linked to Facebook Pages

That's' all.

How are you sharing your posts to Facebook automatically?

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Abubakar Umar said…
the problem is that you cannot create account with them anymore
deka uhiara said…
Nice article.
Ken Geoffrey said…
Nice! But how many fb page can be added to it?
Tunde Sanusi said…
Can't really state the exact year i've been using it. Its totally cool
Odama Victor said…
This is great..
Blank screen at step 2. Couldnt complete the process.
Blog Lecturer said…
Nice post Mr Jide, twitterfeed is the best

Well there's another method i use in sharing my blog post to unlimited facebook groups, page and users wall, feel free to read about it here thanks
Nicely written, bt I think its much easier with wordpress as there are plugins like the social autoposter and others to help do that.

I have a blog on that niche, feel free to visit, if u'd like Research Blogger
Favour Abalogu said…
Thanks boss......Useful
Yes... I've been using this for a while..
Miah Michaels said…
Thanks mahn, I've been searching for this. though I've been using IFF, but I'll try this out
uthman saheed said…
Thanks for sharing...twiterfeed is cool and nice.
Anonymous said…
Mr jide pls my URL is not working on the twitter feed its telling me url not parsed. Kindly help me
Jide Ogunsanya said…
Use your feed URL
judith jasky said…
Nice post.
osas agbonifo said…
bro pls whats iff
Ocheme James said…
nice post
Chris Konor said…
a very educating tutorial sir...thanks..

i Look Dope With Chris Konor
Nice one boss. Please how can I generate more traffic for my blog @
Xie said…
Great. But i still think hootsuite is the best.
Ope Tunde said…
Great article
Ope Tunde said…
Boss how can i generate traffic to my blog as a new blogger
I I'll try it again boss just keep up the good work
It's a nice one but on my blog i have been posting on every social media platform i could think of automatically through it uses a technique called (if (ur blog or web) then (the platform)..If what you are looking for is not there, you can create your own recipe...Give it a try
Androsurf said…
works perfectly.. thanks.
Royal Throne said…
Can it work on wordpress too?

Thank you
Is like the facebook share button in my blog is nt really functional. What shd i do
Nwoye Gabriel said…
Nice post baba jide but twitter feed no longer works
Valentine kit said…
it seems they've shut down the site.
Anonymous said…
Hey I used ifttt, bitly nd dlvrit nd it worked but the main problem is that if I click d link on my twitter account it tells me that the link is unsafe...wat can I do is my contact +2348081049975