5 Factors for Recovering Your Search Engine Rankings after Suspension

This is a guest post compiled by Olawale Daniel. 

As you all know, ranking well on Google search engine requires much work from your side; you need to write great contents, you need to provide your users great experience in your copy, you need to make sure that your post is of high value to everyone that come visiting the web page, you need to share your posts with social media friends for engagement; anything lesser than this won’t help you at all! but with all these things being put in place, some websites were still ranking poorly on search engine pages due to one or two things that’s unknown to the site webmaster.

In this post I shall be talking on these things in order to help your blog get back to its actual position and reclaim your position for better search engine positioning.

Here are the things that might cause your website to rank lower in search engine pages and necessary steps to take for correcting the problem:

1. Too Many Crawling Errors

Having as many errors on your website would certainly influence your search engine ranking position badly and you must take action against it before time went by. Take it or leave it, crawling errors is one of the major reasons why your web pages ranks poorly!

Google does make sure that it delivers the best to its searchers and that’s why they spend large amount of money in improving the Webmaster Tools page for better web management by webmasters like you and me – it is highly advisable that you pay a visit to the webmaster page for help on how your site ranks.

In your webmaster tool crawl error page, you will find the lists of pages that Googlebot finds uneasy to access for your corrections – after correcting the errors on that page with the suggestions from Google, you can take action to resubmit the page for reconsideration or wait for the next crawl to get the page indexed again but you should note that getting such page back on Google is not a guarantee by Google, you just have to do the right thing at the right time.

2. Robot.txt files blocking GoogleBot

You may not know that this matters when it comes to search rankings but you have to know that that your website is being de-indexed from Google search pages. Recently, I experienced this on one my website pages that talks on the pros and cons of automated seo services and the tips shared here are what I implemented to get back my rankings.

Google de-indexed the page and I have to check for things I have done wrong to get that treatment until I found a video published by Matt Cutts of Google Webspam team that talks on it exactly and now, my site page is ranking well on Google after the implementation of the tips I’m sharing here.

3. Not Redirecting Your Page Properly

Moving your website page to an entire different url in negative way could also caused the particular page to rank poorly on search pages. The reason being that, the page will turn to a 404 page in lieu of offering your readers the information they requested for.

In order to avoid losing your visitors because of moving from one url to the other, it is SEO-wise that you should use 301 redirects (“RedirectsPermanent”) for the site or web page in question with your website .httaccess file. Using the .httaccess file will help your smartly redirect users, Google bots and spiders to the new page without losing visitors, rankings and authority of the page.

4. Bad Website Structure

Structuring your website for search engine bots and real visitors must not be taken care with neglect. You need to make sure that your site is in accordance to Google webmasters guidelines for website structure.

Google bots can’t read in-text contents in HTML, images, DHTML, or other rich media such as the Silverlight which is made with Microsoft code; these types of contents, Googlebots and other bots may have challenge crawling them if they are on your site.

5. Not Submitting Your Sitemap Regularly

It is of great benefit if you have good sitemap submission plans in place for your website. Submission of your website sitemap will help search bots to see necessary pages on your website and respect them accordingly. With that in place, those pages can get ranked and indexed faster with the help of your sitemap submission.

However, it is not highly encouraged that you should be submitting your website sitemap frequently because it can have negative impact on your blog or website. Do this thing often and not much and you will get good result.

This post was written by Olawale Daniel. He is the current editor for

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