How To Increase Ad dynamo Pay Per Tweet Earnings

This is a guest post compiled by Michael Okeje 

Ad dynamo introducing the “Pay  Per Tweet” feature has made life sweet for those of us that have huge number of Twitter followers. In this article, I would be giving you some steps to really increasing your  earnings with Addynamo.

When I started with Addynamo “Pay Per Tweet” program, I always made something small until I got to know those guys at Addynamo actually wanted us to earn more than I thought. Why you feel you get less when you use their ads on your blog is actually because they made advertising cheap and they also earn less from advertisers. Their introduction of the Twitter feature has now made it possible to earn something really good.

Steps To Earning More With Ad Dynamo

1. Build  Your Twitter Presence: One of the best ways to convince those at Addynamo you deserve more is to build your Twitter presence. You need to have a very good number of Twitter followers. Now I am not talking about going to buy followers online but building a presence that makes you a Twitter master.  Twitter is a place where people follow you either for what you do or just that they like you.

I have a twitter account @naijabbdotcom that has close to 23k followers who are always after the news I give out on happenings in Nigeria. I have a huge number of clicks on my tweets and retweets too. Do you think Addynamo would not want to cash in on that?. They would pay you well when they see you do have a say. If you buy followers, they might just be there and do nothing really. Advertisers wants results via numbers of clicks and the only way they can pay you well is when they get that.

2. Charge Well : Before charging for tweets, you need to understand the  organisation or person who actually owns the tweet. There are some tweets that you can charge like $2-$5, N300-N750 for and some others you have to charge big, as much as $25 or N3,000. I have even had tweets of N4,000 and my next tweet I have charged N18,000.Sometimes in a tweet, you are made to know how much you should charge.

Recently, I got a tweet asking me to charge $0.005 per my twitter followers which I actually calculated and saw it was like $120 or N18,000 and I just obliged. Addynamo wants you to earn well if you are a big name in the social media. Learn to charge well if you know you are a brand.

3. Link  More Than One Twitter Accounts: Addynamo  allows you link more than one twitter accounts. I currently have four and plan to add more when I can build a good list and a “brand”. I am working tirelessly on sweet niches that I can have followers want to visit my links and do a lot of retweets.

4. Do Not Accept All Tweets:  I try as much as possible not to accepts all tweets I see in my dashboard  Sometimes I know its not what my followers would click on so I just let it go. I love to make money but I also am not greedy. If the tweet does not apply to my followers, I will not attend to it but dismiss it right away.

Earning with Ad dynamo can be sweet and I can say they are our own

I hope this helps.

This post was written by Michael Okeje. He is a website and mobile app developer. He is also an online marketing expert and a blogger. You can follow him on Twitter @michaelokeje and visit his blogs and
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