How To Open AdDynamo Naira Account

It is no more news that Addynamo is one of the alternatives to Google Adsense especially for those that have been banned by Google or those who Google has disabled ad serving to their blog. I have used Addynamo for some weeks now on the mobile version of my blog, and have been able to make some money out of it. In fact, am expecting to receive my first payment this week.

If you sign up with AdDynamo as a Nigerian, you can receive your earnings in dollars ($) or in Naira. If you choose dollars, you will have to provide your paypal account to receive your earnings or wait for addynamo debit card to be issued to you. If you do not have a verified Paypal account or can’t wait for the addynamo debit card to be processed, it is better you opt in for the Naira option during registration. This simply lets addynmo pays you in Naira.

So, How Do I Set Up a Naira Addynamo account?

==> Go to

==> Click on the “Publishers” button and click “Sign Up”

==> You will see  the “Sign up” form. Enter your contact details, your blog address as requested on the page

==> Go to the next step. Select Nigeria as your country and change the “currency you will be paid in” to Naira

==> Enter your bank account information in the spaces provided as seen below:

==> On step 3, select your ad preferences, enter the security code and click the “complete registration” button

==> Click on the “Channels” tab

==> Click the first icon by the left to get your ad code, as indicated in the picture above

==> Copy and paste the ad code in your blog.

That’s all.

Keep driving traffic to your blog and when your earnings pass the threshold, addynamo will pay directly into your bank account, mostly during the first week of the month.

I hope this helps.

Remember, DO NOT CLICK ON YOUR ADs and DO NOT TELL your friends to click for you.

If you have contributions to make or questions to ask, kindly use the comment form below.

If you have a mobstac site, you can read:  How To Add Addynamo To Mobstac Blog

NOTE: Minimum payout is N5, 000 as at the time of publishing this post.

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

Pro Nigerian Blogger, Digital Marketer and Web designer. I help business owners to grow their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group here or join my Telegram Group here.

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  1. Thanks for the info Oga Jide. I was discouraged because of the Paypal option, without knowing I can also open a Naira account. Will register now

  2. Brother thanks for this post. I need information about their tweeter package please. After drafting a tweet for a give Ads, what am I supposed to do next. I have drafted a lot of tweet, but each time I log in to my account, the number of tweets still read zero. I really don't understand. Need explanation please.

  3. on the page where there is new channel on the left there is web, mobile and websites, on opening the web site am i to enter my blog site or the site i want their ad? after i copied the code, it is showing addynamo's ad instead of advertisers ads. help?

  4. sup jide

    According to Addynamo..Unfortunately we are not issuing the Ad Dynamo debit card anymore, so it is not possible to receive it in your country.

    My Question : If addynamo wants to transfer money from dollar account to new naira account,are they going to deduct transfer fee,is it better to earn in dollar or naira and please which nigerian bank can i use?


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