Twilk Lets You Customize Your Twitter Background With Friends Avatars

One of the ways you can create a custom background for your Twitter account is by using your friend’s avatars as your background in such a way that the more you mention them in your tweets, the more they appear in a place of prominence on your profile. As at the time of posting this, you can see it in action at: 

So, how do I get started?

To use your friends’ faces on your Twitter background, you can try : Twilk

Twilk is a service that takes your Twitter followers’ profile photos and puts them on your Twitter background. The more you interact with someone, the more prominently they are positioned on your background.

To get started, simply sign-in with your Twitter account to allow Twilk in grabbing your follower avatars. Choose who to include and adjust other settings. Then, click “use background” once OK with the preview that will be displayed for you.

Go to now to get started

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I hope this helps.

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If you do not know what Twitter is, read: What is Twitter and Why Should I Use Twitter

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