Can I Pay For Facebook Advertisement in Nigeria With Payoneer MasterCard ?

One of the questions I often get asked, is if one can pay for Facebook advertisement in Nigeria with Payoneer Mastercard. Well, the answer is YES. Like a normal visa/master card, Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard can be used to pay for Facebook ads in Nigeria.

I use my Payoneer funds to clear my Facebook ads bill and it works fine as at the time of publishing this post.  I replaced my GTBank Dollar Mastercard with my Payoneer card as the primary payment method in my Facebook Ads account while my PayPal account remains the secondary payment method.

I get billed in US dollars and I view the transactions in my Payoneer account.


use payoneer mastercard to pay facebook advertisement in nigeria


How To Add Payoneer Card To Facebook Ads Account

Step 1 : Go to the “Payment Methods” section of your Facebook Ads Manager

Step 2 : Click on “Add Payment Method”

Step 3 : Fill your accurate Payoneer Card information


add payment method for facebook advertisement

==> Credit or Debit Card type: Master Card
==> Card Number: 16 number in the front of the Card.
==> Expiration : The expiry date on the Card
==> Security Code (CVV): Look at the 3 number at the back of your card

Click “Continue”

That’s all.

Thereafter, you can proceed to the “Billing” section to check if you have a balance there to pay.

Click on “Pay Now Instead” to clear your debt instantly with the fund in your Payoneer account.

You can check the balance on your Payoneer Mastercard by signing in to

So, if you are unable to clear your Facebook ad debts with Nigerian issued debit cards because of the limits placed on them by the banks, you can try your Payoneer card.

NB :

> Ensure your Facebook account is billed in US dollars and not Naira.
> It’s recommended that the billing address of your Facebook ads accounts matches the billing information of your Payoneer card i.e your own address, used when signing up for your Payoneer account.

If you don’t have a Payoneer MasterCard, click here to get yours. It is FREE.

Anyone else using Payoneer card to pay for Facebook ads in Nigeria?

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