Top 13 Nigerian Job Search Websites for latest Jobs Nigeria

At Alexa, you can always know the top sites in the web in Nigeria, ordered by Alexa traffic rank. Yesterday, I decided to find out the top 13 Nigerian Job Search websites on Alexa where you can get latest Nigeria jobs and current Job vacancies in Nigeria. Below is the list I was able to come up with.

They are currently the most visited as at the time of publishing this post and doesn’t mean they are the best. (discontinued)

I decided not to include Nairaland and NigeriaBestForum in the list above because they are not basically for Job search but you can always get latest Nigeria job vacancies at the two forums too.

NOTE : This listing will not remain the same forever. Hence, you too can always look up the top Job websites in Nigeria by yourself at . More so, This list doesn’t mean these are the only top career websites in Nigeria where you can get current jobs Nigeria. There are loads of great job search websites and blogs out there which are not in this list.

If you know of any other Nigeria job search website or blog where one can get career opportunities in Nigeria, be it for graduate jobs in Nigeria, IT jobs in Nigeria, construction jobs in Nigeria, government jobs in Nigeria, bank jobs in Nigeria or even if it is a Nigeria recruitment agency,  feel free to drop the link via the comment form below this post at

I hope this helps…

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In my future posts, I will share with you how to get updates from all Job websites you know without visiting each website everytime. That is, you get all the current vacancies posted to all the websites you know, all in one place.

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Update: You can check out: The site lets you search all Naija job sites in one place. 


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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

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  1. wow!.what a great list. Writing them down now. Cant wait for the tutorial you said you will post regarding how to get job updates in one place. Thumbs up man

  2. Thanks for sharing the useful information. By the way I am a technician. I work for a company but I got an offer from Field & Technical Services. I did research online & found Field and Technical Services LLC have current openings for Environmental Sampling Technician. I am leaving current employer as I am not feeling comfortable with them. So any one can let me know, how is the work environment there?

  3. Hi i think you should also take a look at , i have visited the site an the experience was quite interesting. They offer more than just the latest job vacancies, they have quite a lot of intuitive solutions for job seeker. Check it out

  4. hey guys, there is this site too … It's really great. They collate job vacancies from different job sites, making it easy for job seekers to find job vacancies on one platform and they've got authentic jobs. They also review CVs and provide intuitive solutions for job seekers too. You should check it out.

  5. Jide Ogunsanya, thanks for the list. You have done a great research and I have been searching for such a list for the past 2 weeks until I stumbled on your blog. You are really an expert. Get Hot News in Nigeria and Meet A Date For Chat

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