Top 7 Android Apps You Must Have On Your Android Device

This is a guest post compiled by Ahmed Onawale

Google play store is the arsenal of Android apps and games, if you have been there you would realize that there are tons of free android apps available for download, though there are some that are paid apps. I don’t know what the future holds, but right now as far as am concerned, Android comes top among other mobile phone OS when it comes to apps. In this post, am sharing with you, my top 7 Android apps.

1. MX Player

I believe this is the most powerful video player ever made for Android. MX player allows you to play videos in any format with different screen resolutions, resume videos from where you stopped even when you restart your phone, import downloaded subtitles to videos and customize it based on how you want it to display, switch between software and hardware decoder, stream online videos and much more you would discover when you get your hands on it.

Download MX Player for Android Here.

2. Titanium Backup

Titanium backup is a life saver, I stopped saving android app .apk files on my phone or Macbook since I started using Titanium backup app. Backing up and restoring installed android apps has never been made easier, you can backup multiple data from one app and restore the app with or without it’s data even when you are on another android ROM or another android phone / tablet by copying the titanium backup folder from your phone SD card to the other phone’s SD card. Your phone must be rooted before you can use titanium backup.

Download Titanium BackUp for Android Here.

3. Noozy

I used to believe that Xenoamp app is the android music player app that would get me glued to music on my phone than I used to, but recently I stumbled on Noozy. Styled with Windows Metro UI and a black background, noozy has a well designed and categorized music library and bundled with windows phone lock screen with music controls on it which you may choose to enable from the app settings. Beside that, noozy also play video files.

4. eZPDF Reader

There are loads of PDF reading apps available for android but eZPDF reader stands out with its amazing functionality and features that would take your reading experience to another level. Among the features of eZPDF reader are voice-reading which reads out the content of the pdf file to you while you listen, take snapshots of pages from the PDF file, auto flipping pages and more.

Download eZPDF Reader here.

5. Press Reader

Simply put, Press reader allows you to download and read newspapers from over 2,100 countries including Nigeria on your Android phone / tablet.

Download Press Reader for Android Here

6. Smart Office 2

You may have used Microsoft office software on a computer before, Smart Office 2 app offers almost the same features and functionality that a Microsoft Office software would provide on an Android device. Among that, there are other things it featured some of which include cloud storage, community, presenter, print room, etc.

Download Smart Office Lite for Android Here

7. Evernote for Android

Evernote remains the best note saving app for Android. why? because it is available on other platforms. it allows you to save note including pictures and other files anywhere and access them anywhere and anytime.

Download Evernote for Android Here

If you have an Android phone, are these apps also on the list of your top Android apps? Do you know of other Android apps that should have make this list? Please, let me hear from you via comments.

This post was written by Ahmed Onawale. He is a technician specialized on mobile phones and computer, he often blogs out his mind at TechSentral on topics related to tech mobile and blogging.
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  1. Thank you for the app ideas Guatam. We recently had a contest in the DISH call center where I work, and I won a new Galaxy III; now I need some apps, and I didn’t know where to start. Titanium Backup sounds vital, and I have heard a lot about Evernote, but the others are new to me; I will have to check those out. While I have only had the phone for a few days, I already have a favorite app I would like to recommend. It’s called DISH Remote Access, and with it I can stream live TV shows and DVR recordings right to my phone. It comes in pretty handy on those late nights I am stuck at work and there’s no work to do. Check it out; you might have a nice spot on your list for it.

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