Want To Open Liberty Reserve Account FREE? Here Are The Steps..

You’ve stumbled on online investment programs that pays into Liberty Reserve accounts? You’ve stumbled an articles, that claim you can use Liberty Reserve to open and verify a Paypal account? You’ve read somewhere that you can be making money online by buying and selling LR? No matter what the case may be, you will need to create your own Liberty Reserve account.

Creating a Liberty Reserve account is free and very easy. Just follow the steps below:

==>  Go to Liberty Reserve Website.

==>  Click the “Create Account” link  on the top page of the website. You should see a form like the one below:

==> You will have to fill your account information, security information and choose whether to enable API in your account or not.

Account Name: You can enter your nickname or business name here. Anytime someone wants to transfer LR funds to your LR account, whatever you enter as the “Account name” will be displayed on the payment confirmation page. This will enable the person transferring the fund to confirm that the LR account number truly belongs to you.

The “Security Question and Answer” is very important. Please, take note of the question you selected and the answer provided. You will need them in retrieving your password, should in case you forget it.

Personal Welcome Message: Whatever you type here is known by you alone. This helps in detecting fake Liberty Reserve websites. If you log in to the real Liberty reserve website, it will be displayed for you but you will not see it if you log in to a fake Liberty Reserve website.

Account function: leave this option exactly the way it is. Do not enable API.

==> Enter the verification code in the space provided

==> Click the “Agree” button to move to the next stage of your Liberty account registration

==> You should see a new page displaying your password, login pin, master key and security question and answer. Write all these info down somewhere. Very Important!

==> Log in to the email address you entered during the registration process. Check for an email from Liberty Reserve and write out your LR account number

==> Go back to and click on “Login

Login form for Liberty Reserve

==> Enter the Liberty Reserve account number sent to your email and use the on-screen keyboard to fill in your password, which I told you to write somewhere

==> Enter the displayed code (turing number) and click the “Next” button

==> You will see the “Personal Welcome Message“. If it is what you entered earlier during registration, tick the confirmation column and click “continue”

==> You will see your main account balances. Just click on “Login PIN

==> Use the on-screen keyboard to fill in your “Login PIN” and click the “login” button

==> You will now see a page containing your contact details. Fill the form appropriately and click the “submit” button once you are done.

So, What Next?

You MUST change the password, login pin and master key issued to you by liberty reserve.

==> click on the “settings” link and change the password, login pin and master key to the ones you will not forget.

That’s all.


==> Always check the welcome message whenever you log in to your liberty reserve account. If you can’t see the welcome message, that means you logged into a fake LR website. Beware!

==> You might be receiving some fake emails claiming to be from Liberty Reserve. Please, do not click on any link that asks you to update your account details etc.

I hope this helps.

If you opened your Liberty reserve account in Nigeria and want to fund it, check out: Websites where you can fund Liberty Reserve accounts in Nigeria.

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

Pro Nigerian Blogger, Digital Marketer and Web designer. I help business owners to grow their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group here or join my Telegram Group here.

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  1. i hope you are aware of the deceitful face book post on top of this post, these fraudsters are trying to destroy ur hard earned reputation… these people are thieves unless you will tell me that you have tried their methods, i mean halima faliliat and her fake and selfish methods.

  2. Pls bro….i just cant figure how to fund my account, how i can use my fund, what business i can do with the account, who to do the business with how i can convert my funds to naira. Do i have to fill in my account number? Pls unfold these questions for me…GGMYB

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