How To Upload Feedburner Emails List As Facebook Custom Audience

If you are using Feedburner widget to build email lists on your site, you can upload the emails of the subscribers as Facebook custom audience. Once uploaded to Facebook, Facebook will match the people on your list to people on Facebook. Thereafter, you can use Facebook ads to target them.

You can even go further by creating a look-alike audience of the feedburner email list in Ads Manager and Power Editor and also use it for your Facebook adverts. You can use both lists to easily build your Facebook fan page if you’ve created one for your page. Targeting a custom audience is even cheaper and coverts better ….

How To Get Started

Download your Feedburner email list as explained here.

Go to the Facebook ad manager “Audiences” page :

Click the “Create Audience” dropdown and select “Custom Audience”.

Click “Customer File”

Click “Choose a file or copy and paste data”

Click “Upload File”

Edit the “Audience Name” to any name you want ot just leave it as it is

Click Next

Upload only the email as seen in the screenshot below.

Click “Upload & Create”

Click “Upload Anyway” if you see anything of such

Click “Done”

Then chill till the availability changes from “not ready” to “ready”. This might take some time though.

Once it is ready, you can select the custom audience and use it for your Facebook ads.

I hope this helps.

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