Konga Launches Digital Goods and Services

Konga Launches Digital Goods and Services

Nigeria’s largest online mall, Konga.com, has launched a lifestyle and services platform on its site to give a wholesome shopping experience to shoppers. This is in line with its commitment to constantly adding value to the lives of customers. The initiative will also give merchants the opportunity to grow their existing offline businesses.

Speaking about the lifestyle and services section, Konga’s Director of Special Projects, Mark Russell says:

“Konga has cemented its place as a platform of choice when it comes to quality and trust.  We wanted to ensure that those same fundamental principles are part of every Nigerian's daily life, if you are servicing a generator, ordering great food, increasing your education or relaxing at a Spa, you have the right to expect exceptional quality delivered by professionals you can trust, that is where Konga's new 'Lifestyle & Services' section comes to your rescue.

We've done the hard work for you, to ensure that every product or service you see listed has been thoroughly checked, and is continually rated and reviewed.  We know when times are tough every kobo counts, we don't want people to waste time and money on sub-standard services, or experiences that don't meet their expectations.

So just as millions of Nigerians are already saving time & money on mobile phones, laptops, grocery items and much more on konga.com, we want to extend our guiding principles to Nigeria's everyday needs, with the same levels of trust, safety and security.”

According to the Director, Marketing& Customer Experience, Mayowa Adebayo: “We have built convenience into completing transactions and have created a platform that ensures customers’ funds are safe until they redeem purchased services using KongaPay. KongaPay is one-of-a-kind payment processor that ensures that the process, from the purchase of a service to redemption, is seamless, secure and satisfactory.”

Konga is constantly looking for ways to give shoppers the best online shopping experience because of its belief that Nigerians deserve the best services that add immense value to their lives. Konga’s lifestyle and services is another pointer to this.

konga online shopping logo

About Konga.com

Konga.com is Nigeria’s largest online mall. The company launched in July 2012 with a mission, ‘To Become the Engine of Commerce and Trade in Africa’. The company has recorded very rapid growth and in just 3 years, konga.com has built an operation that leads the market in customer satisfaction, merchandise shipped and innovation.

Konga began operations as a first party retailer investing in inventory and infrastructure to support the birth of ecommerce in the region. The company has now evolved to become Nigeria’s most vibrant online marketplace with close to 30,000 merchants registered and selling on the platform. With over 200,000 products listed on the site, spanning various categories including Phones, Computers, Clothing, Shoes, Home Appliances, Books, healthcare, Baby Products, personal care and much more; Konga is Nigeria’s largest online marketplace.

Konga has offices in Lagos, hubs in South Africa and China; with warehouses and distribution centers all over Nigeria.

See more details on konga.com.

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Garanntor : The First Nigerian Web Hosting Company to Host All Its Infrastructure in Nigeria

Garanntor : The First Nigerian Web Hosting Company to Host All Its Infrastructure in Nigeria

If you are in need of a web hosting company in Nigeria that could meet your hosting requirements, allows you pay in Naira for website hosting services & domain name registration, has a physical office which you can walk into and is always there to provide 24/7 support, then you need to give Garanntor a try. I was at their office at Opebi Lagos, in December 2015 and to be honest with you, I was impressed with their offerings.

Garanntor is an accredited domain registrar and the first web hosting company in Nigeria to host all its infrastructure in Nigeria without ever hosting outside the country, and it offers Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions to developers, SMEs, NGOs, corporate and government organizations.

With Garanntor, Nigerians now have access to affordable, fast, premium data hosting services which include, but are not limited to – domain names, virtual private servers, cloud servers, web hosting, web security, cloud solutions, content delivery network, application hosting, cloud storage, disaster recovery and co-location.

Garanntor’s infrastructure is engineered to deliver services that are in line with global standards and their pricing is affordable. Web hosting services at Garanntor Nigeria starts from N125 per month as seen here.

cost of hosting website in nigeria at garanntor

If you're also looking for where you can pay for cheap domain name registration in Nigeria, you should also try Garanntor. As at the time of publishing this post, you can buy .com.ng domain for as low as N1,150 and .ng domain for as low as N9,500.

price of domain registration in nigeria at garanntor nigeria

I am currently subscribed to Garanntor reseller web hosting plan which simply allows me to create a number of cPannel administrator interface systems and then rent them out to those that pay me for web design and management.

garanntor nigeria web hosting company

With the number of hosting companies we have in the world today, it is commendable to see a Nigerian company doing things differently.

You can check out Garanntor at : www.garanntor.ng

If you prefer to pay in USD, you can check out : www.garanntor.com

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Winner of doroblog.com and Ogbongeblog Template is Olajide Idowu

Winner of doroblog.com and Ogbongeblog Template is Olajide Idowu

On Valentine day, I offered to hand over doroblog.com domain name + Ogbongeblog design to a lucky blogger.  After going through all the comments on the blog post, I've chosen Olajide Idowu (aka La Ji De) as the winner.

nigerian blogger olajide idowu

Below is his comment :

I hope he will be able to put it into good use as stated in his comment.

In addition to the domain name, I will set up the blog for him using Ogbongeblog's design.

I will be giving out more free custom domains in the long run. So, always check this blog if you don't want to miss the freebies.

If you would like to SPONSOR the free domain names, kindly mail me.

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Social Media Week Lagos 2017 Holds On Feb 28 - Mar 3, 2017

Social Media Week Lagos 2017 Holds On Feb 28 - Mar 3, 2017

The 2017 Edition of Social Media Week Lagos will kick off on Tuesday, Feb 28 2017. The week-long conference which ends on Friday March 3, will be held at Landmark Centre, a state of the art event space in Victoria Island Lagos, Nigeria.

Informed by Social Media Week’s Global theme for 2017, “Language and The Machine,” locally the SMW Lagos theme, “The [new] Language of Technology: The Future of Communication in Africa,” will explore how technology is creating a “new language” and way of communicating and what this means for the future of communication in Africa. Conference programming and content will look at how this “new language,” through online video, messaging apps, voice interfaces, and the like allows us to share our stories, share our competencies and increase our efficiencies.

The Social Media Week Lagos 2017 will be a mixture of keynotes, panels, workshops, and networking events/mixers that explore a wide range of topics including business, entertainment, education, technology and politics. The event will bring together thought leaders, key stakeholders and the public to explore issues that are important for the modern world. There is so much to learn from professionals and it is a perfect opportunity to network; see and be seen.

There are ton of sessions to choose from and I can bet that you will not be able to attend all.

Pulse Nigeria will host a panel session themed "How Digital Video Is Changing Us". The panel which includes  Blogger Sisi Yemmie, will explore the emergence of digital video in Nigeria and Africa. The panel will discuss how consumer behavior directly affects what's produced and how that content is distributed as well as how the migration from traditional to digital TV has encouraged short format videos amongst other topics.

sis yemi social media week lagos 2017

You can also attend :

Facebook and Instagram for Content Creators and Publishers
When: Tuesday, 28 February 2017
Time: 2:15pm - 3:30pm
Where: Masterclass Suite
More info: https://socialmediaweek.org/lagos/events/facebook-instagram-content-creators-publishers/

social media week, lagos africa

You can check out the full SMW 2017 Event Schedule.

About Social Media Week Lagos

SMW Lagos is the largest, tech, new media and business conference on the continent of Africa. It is a world class conference with attendees from across Africa and around the world. Annually over 12,000 people participate in the conference which garners hundreds of press mentions and has a social reach of 810 million.

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Get Free .com Domain Name + OgbongeBlog Template As Valentine Gift

Get Free .com Domain Name + OgbongeBlog Template As Valentine Gift

UPDATE : Winner announced. Info here

Happy Valentine fam!

I want to give out a .com domain name  and my Ogbongeblog template design to a lucky winner as Valentine gift.

I registered the domain name in 2014 but I've not used it till this moment - and I keep renewing it since then. So, I wanna let go of it.

The domain name is : doroblog.com

valentine gift for bloggers

I've already set it to work as a custom domain for a blogger blog but if the winner choose to use it for a WordPress blog, no problem. I can change the DNS settings,

If the winner decides to use it for a Blogger blog, then I will install my blog design for free on it too.

So, if you're interested, drop a comment and tell me how you will use the free domain name if I hand it over to you.

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AlterCam Software Lets You Change Voice, Add Effects and Record Webcam Video

AlterCam Software Lets You Change Voice, Add Effects and Record Webcam Video

Are you tired of every video feed looking the same? Would you like to hide your face when skyping?Wish that you could change the way your webcam videos appear? Now you can do all that and more with the Altercam software.

AlterCam lets you add lots of cool visual effects to any Live webcam feed in real-time. Capable of handling HD resolutions, AlterCam is ready to help you edit everything from one-on-one video chats to large conference room meetings.

Whether you're Skyping from a laptop or video conferencing over your PC, AlterCam helps you customize your video presentations with ease.

With Altercam you can:

  • record webcam video with or without effects
  • change how your voice sounds in real-time
  • capture desktop video with or without webcam overlay
  • add or draw your own pictures over/under the video
  • stream any video to the virtual web camera
  • apply real-time effects to your video stream  eg black and white color effect, blur effect etc
  • broadcast your desktop or the selected window only with or without webcam video
  • add text, images, another video source (like ip-camera, webcam, desktop video, video file) over your webcam stream
  • remove background with Chromakey and several other algorithms
  • upload your captured video to YouTube, share pictures you shot

altercam webcam software

Altercam has over 50 effects you can apply to your webcam video which includes the "mosaic effect"  that can be used to hide your face. You can even turn on several effects at the same time e.g "Fish Eye + Avatar". When using Altercam, you can see the live preview of your virtual webcam video with effects applied.

webcam video effects

With the assistance of AlterCam's virtual web camera, users can also broadcast pre-recorded video files in real-time. I've even tried using it with OBS software to broadcast a video on my laptop to Facebook Live - and it worked.

Altercam uses your video card's GPU power to calculate all the effects, therefore the software will not slowdown your PC!

You can download Altercam for free but the free version adds "AlterCam.com" watermark to the video stream. If you would like to remove the watermark, you will have to buy a license for the Altercam software. The licensed version also removes nagging screen and supports custom image overlay.

You can get Altercam software here.

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How To Send Summary Of Your Latest Blog Posts To Your Feedburner Email Subscribers

How To Send Summary Of Your Latest Blog Posts To Your Feedburner Email Subscribers

If you are using Feedburner to send your latest blog posts to the inbox of your email subscribers, you can offer a short summary that will include links that can redirect subscribers to read the full posts on your blog. This can easily be done, by activating the Feedburner "Summary Burner" feature.

The Summary Burner simply allows Feedburner users to offer a short summary of their content and direct subscribers to their websites for the rest of the story. It allows users to append an optional "Teaser" message to each content item - and it works for WordPress and Blogger blogs.

Below is a sample of a recent post delivered to my Feedburner email subscribers:

blog post summary for email newsletters subscribers

How To Activate Feedburner Summary Burner

Sign in to Feedburner. If you are new to feedburner, burn your feed and activate email subscription.

Click on "Optimize"

Click on "Summary Burner"

Click "Activate"

You can edit the "maximum length" and "teaser" as desired. Below is a sample.

feedburner summary burner

That's all.

If you are using Blogger blog, you can also check out how to add read more to feedburner email newsletters.


>> How To Set FeedBurner To Display POST Titles To Email Subscribers Instead of Blog Title

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How To Stop Facebook From Posting Automatically To Your Twitter

How To Stop Facebook From Posting Automatically To Your Twitter

If you notice that whatever update you post on your Facebook timeline or Facebook page automatically appears as a tweet on your Twitter, then it's more likely

that you've linked your Facebook account to your Twitter account.

If URL that starts with fb.me appears in some of the tweets, it simply means that the connection was done at : http://www.facebook.com/twitter

So, if you want to stop Facebook from posting automatically to the Twitter account, go to the URL above, look for the connection and click on "Unlink from Twitter" as seen in the image below :

unlink twitter from facebook

That's all.

You can also link your Facebook page to Twitter right there too.


>> How I Post Tweets from Twitter To Facebook Fan Page and Timeline

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Flutterwave Developer Program Starts On March 1, 2017

Flutterwave Developer Program Starts On March 1, 2017

Flutterwave is partnering with Heroku, Trustwave and NIBBS to organise a developer program this March, for African developers. The Flutterwave Developer Program is for passionate, innovative, resilient and persistent developers who want to grow their level of experience in implementing payments seamlessly and securely into their products or platforms.

Participants will be exposed to Flutterwave's leading edge technologies and solutions. They will work hand in hand with Flutterwave's engineers to build new solutions. As part of the training, participants will be given the freedom to create new projects using Flutterwave's APIs.

The program will run for four weeks, after which, the developers will become certified to work with Flutterwave's platforms.

flutterwave program for african developers

Certified Flutterwave developers will earn a percentage of the transaction fees for merchants they integrate, and will possibly be recognised and rewarded with benefits as Flutterwave Partners (that's if their integration transactions rise above a certain threshold).

The program's starting March 1, 2017. If you're interested, apply here.`

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How To Open An Online Store In Nigeria at Konga.com (Video)

How To Open An Online Store In Nigeria at Konga.com (Video)

Gone are the days when you must set up a website for your business before you can start selling your products online. These days, there are lots of online marketplace where you can list your products and sell conveniently to anybody anywhere in Nigeria. One of such platforms is Konga.com

At Konga.com, you can open an online store where you can list your products and start selling to millions of Nigerians. The store will have a unique URL which can be accessed by anyone that has access to the internet.

As a seller on Konga.com, you can list products, set your own prices, choose whether or not you accept POD and set your return policy and delivery method. You will be able to manage your inventory and sales orders, receive payouts and you can exchange messages with buyers who may have questions.

sell on konga nigeria online shopping store

If you want to sell on Konga, you will have to sign up as a merchant at Konga Seller HQ. You can get started as explained in the video below:

It's exactly a year now, that I created my own store at Konga.com. When I signed up last year, I went through a basic training and completed the new merchant orientation assessment before I could start listing my products on my Konga store. You will likely go through the same process before you can start selling on Konga.

For more info on how to manage your product listings, manage orders, register your bank account, and much more, check out the Konga Seller Academy.

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