Buy The Gionee P8w And You Will Realize It's A Gift

Buy The Gionee P8w And You Will Realize It's A Gift

If you ever find a phone so beautiful, so good, yet so affordable like the Gionee P8w, hold on to it because, another may not surface anytime soon. The Gionee P8w is the complete package. You may want to check it out…

The Package

Gionee P8w android phone

The Gionee P8w with 5.0 HD IPS Display allows you enjoy a clear and wide angle visual.

The P8w adopts a 3D back-arc design that gives you an incredible palm feeling. 

Here’s the space for its dual SIM and memory card.  Exquisite yet modest.With 16GB ROM expandable to 128GB, you’ll have plenty of space for your music, games and memories.

It has a delicate back cover

The P8w has a 5MP front camera and 8MP rear camera.

Black beauty! Sleek and Smooth.

There’s more. The contents of the box.
We have the … Charger and cord

The manual and warranty card

The silky transparent pouch and an extra screen guard.

The battery


And surely the Gionee P8w.

Now, everything!

The P8w is simple yet elegant.  It’s easy on the eyes and on the pocket. Visit the nearest Gionee store today.

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Unboxing The Gionee M6...What a Powerful Piece Of Magic!

Unboxing The Gionee M6...What a Powerful Piece Of Magic!

In the world of smartphones, one phone particularly stands out: the GIONEE M6. A peek into this article will tell you why. Stay hungry, because we are about to serve you the Gionee masterpiece.

gionee m6 android phone image

The Gionee M6 Specifications. 

gionee m6 specifications

Let’s open the box.

To unravel the mystery

and here it is… The GIONEE M6 phone.

The phone did not come alone, it’s packed full.  Let’s see what the pack holds for us.

Now to the charger you may need to use once every 3 days.  The reason is simple; a Gionee M6 with a 5000 Milli Ampere battery can last for 3 days on a single charge. Awesome, right?

gionee m6 usb cable and charger

Earpiece! Nice looking.

gionee m6 earpiece

The Gionee M6 comes with a non-removable battery, hence, the ejector pin…

The pouch with poise!

Let’s try it out with the phone. Perfect Fit!

All right!! There’s also the Warranty and manual with an extra screen guard.

Now, everything.

Let’s get back to the phone. This is the speaker vent and charging port at the bottom.

Then the SIM hole, Volume and Power button.

On the other side is the space for Memory card.  You may not need it though because the Gionee M6 has got a 4GB RAM and a 64GB ROM, enough space for everything you need.

Earpiece hole!

The Gionee M6 comes with an 8MP front camera

And a 13MP back camera

Now let’s power this baby.

And test our fingerprint…

Incase you missed it, here is the full package.

The Gionee M6 phone has got a lot to offer; long lasting 5000 Milli ampere battery, fingerprint security, a 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM amidst others.

You should be getting ready to purchase yours. Visit the link below.

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Introducing ONM - Guaranteed Way to Online Income in 2017

Introducing ONM - Guaranteed Way to Online Income in 2017

Joe Okoro, Toyin Omotoso, Olu Aijotan, Abiodun Romiluyi, Gboyega Ademiluyi are not strange names to anyone in the online business world in Nigeria.

Yes, they are among the top internet marketers in Nigeria, no doubt. And they make good money doing this. But one thing you certainly don’t know about these folks is that, they now generate a substantial amount of their income from ONM.

I’m sure you are curious. “What again is ONM?”, “I hope it’s not another MMM in disguise.”

Be assured that ONM is not a ponzi or get-rich-quick scheme. It is a guaranteed and legitimate way of making consistent income online.

In fact, if you are here looking for how to invest in some funny online programs that will make you money overnight without doing anything, please back off. You have to work.

Like other legitimate internet business, ONM involves selling. And using the internet, you can sell large amounts of any product within a very short time and make a lot of money.

Just think of what it means if you have a product that gives you a profit of #5,000 each. Selling this to just 100 persons monthly gives you a net income of #500,000. That is impossible if you sell offline but with the internet, you can sell to hundreds of customer in a single month and make so much.

With the advent of the internet and digital marketing, you can be in your room, advertise your goods to millions around the world, order your product from the online store (with your Nigeria ATM card), and your product gets delivered to your customer via your courier company. And in that instance, the next tone from your phone is credit alert.

What business model can be easier? From running advert, to making order, to payment and delivery, all done online, without seeing your customer or the products you sell. That is simply incredible.

In 2017, one of the goals of our fast-growing team is to train serious-minded, goal-driven Nigerians, who have passion for success, to become financially free, through online marketing.

But the question is, how do you do that? How do you acquire the needed skills?

This is what Joseph Oguntola, along with 3 top internet marketers will be teaching you at a Special Event, coming up in Lagos on Saturday, 28th January 2017 and in Benin City on Saturday, 25th February, 2017.

Participation is Free but Limited ONLY to the First 100 Registered Persons.

If you have not done something like this before, it is natural to conclude that it is not possible. But your findings at the seminar will surprise you. That is a promise.

earn income online in nigeria

Register now at: https://goo.gl/DHjanO

You will learn :

  • How to get hot-selling products to market?
  • How to set up the online selling system and start making money almost immediately

The training and follow-up video tutorials will also teach you:

  1. Blog Design and Set Up
  2. Catchy Landing Page Design
  3. Setting Up Auto-responder
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Online Advertisement
  6. And many more.

  7. To register for free, click this link https://goo.gl/DHjanO

    Would you take advantage of this rare opportunity? The choice is yours.

    Again, welcome to 2017.

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    My itel it1516Plus Android Phone : Unboxing Photos, Specifications and Price

    My itel it1516Plus Android Phone : Unboxing Photos, Specifications and Price

    Today, I'm sharing with you, the specifications and unboxing photos of the itel it1516Plus Android smartphone which I received from iTel Nigeria in 2016.

    The dual SIM Android phone features non-removable 50000mAh battery and supports OTG reverse charge i.e can be used as a powerbank to charge multiple 5-pin digital devices. My copy of the device came with a FREE OTG adapter.

    The itel it1516 Plus runs Android 5.1 (Lollipop) on a 1.2GHz quad-core processor. It comes with metal back cover, 8GB built-in storage with microSD support,  and features a 5.0-inch IPS Display with a very modest 480 x 854 pixels resolution.  However, it comes with 1GB of RAM, 2MP front camera and 5MP back camera with autofocus.

    Now to the itel it1516 Plus retail box :

    Mine comes with free OTG adapter, USB cable, power adapter, earpiece and pouch/cover.

    The flip cover provides screen protection for the smartphone.

    The non-removable metal back cover. You can only remove the upper part which houses the memory card and sim cards slots. The speaker is at the back of the phone.

    The phone comes with physical soft keys (Recent Apps, Home, Return) at the bottom of the screen. The 2MP front camera, earpiece and indicator light sit at the top of the screen. The itel it1516 Plus front camera is aided by a flash for low-light selfies.

    The itel it1516 Plus headset/headphone jack is at the top of the phone

    And this is the 5MP back camera with LED flash and it supports autofocus.

    The itel it1516 Plus supports dual SIM : one normal SIM card and micro SIM card. The slot for the memory card is directly on top of the micro sim card slot.

    The itel it1516 Plus micro-USB port and microphone, at the bottom of the smartphone

    The itel it1516 Plus power button and volume control are on the right hand side of the phone. You can take screen shot on the itel it1516 Plus phone by making use of the lower volume button and the power button.

    itel it1516 Plus Specifications

    Model: it1516Plus
    Operating System: Android 5.1
    CPU: Quad-core 1.2GHz

    Dimension: 145.5*72.8*9.95mm
    Display: 5" IPS screen
    Resolution: 480*854

    Camera: Back 5.0MP AF/Front 2.0MP
    Memory: 8GB ROM + 1GB RAM, Memory card up to 32GB
    Colour: Silver/Champagne/Grey

    Battery Capacity: 5000mAh

    How Much is itel it1516 Plus in Nigeria?

    The price of the itel it1516 Plus in Nigeria is N27,000, although this price varies according to stores and location.

    You can buy the itel it1516 Plus in Nigeria at 3C Hub, Micro Station, Slot, Spectrum, Xright and at other mobile phone shops in Nigeria.

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    5 Reasons Why You Should Host Your Website Locally

    5 Reasons Why You Should Host Your Website Locally

    More than 98% of Web hosting companies in Nigeria host their customer’s websites on servers overseas or resell services of other foreign webhosting companies. They should not be mistaken for local Webhosting companies, as their servers are domiciled outside the country.

    Local Web Hosting in a nutshell, means servers are resident locally in Nigeria and support is local. Here are some reasons why you should consider hosting locally:

    1. SPEED

    Local hosting enables your website run about 3 times faster than hosting overseas because of ultralow latency. It is vital for you to pinpoint your business' needs before settling on a decision between hosting your website locally or overseas. Latency is better and faster when you host locally because local traffic is routed locally through the Internet Exchange Point of Nigeria.

    2. PRICING

    One of the drawbacks of hosting overseas in this current economic situation is due to the current devaluation of the Naira i.e. the ridiculous increase in exchange rate, you find out you are paying up to 4 times more now for the same service as opposed to 12 months ago. Hosting locally beats this issue and you pay less because local hosting is not influenced by FX.

    cheap web hosting in nigeria


    Knowing where your information and client data resides is vital, and the data privacy laws of the country where your data is being hosted. To avoid the complexity of international Laws, once important information is being hosted outside the country the Laws of the land no longer apply; for example, if you host your data with an international service provider and they were to be involved in a case of national security and had to shut down because of a motion against them, you might lose access to your data because the laws of the hosting country will be applied against you.


    It is said that Nigeria loses billions annually from hosting abroad. Hosting locally enables you grow the economy and also enables local hosting companies to export services and in turn generate revenue for the country.


    When hosting locally you will also notice a better quality of support when you need it the most. For example, time difference and language will not be an issue. Using a reputable local company to host your website means you have easier access to quality support. 24/7/365 telephone, email, and/or chat support and could resolve any issue for you on the spot, where possible. One phone call connects the small business owner to a customer care rep instead of an automated phone tree.

    Finally, it is advisable that you host locally rather than overseas, if your target market is local. Hosting your website locally will ensure more uptime for your website, high speed loading time for your web pages, and faster browsing for your local visitors, along with greater access to expert support and optimum access for your target market, creating great user experience.

    Perhaps right now,more than any other time would be good to reassess your website hosting.

    For reliable and affordable local hosting in Nigeria, go to www.garanntor.ng

    local web hosting in nigeria garanntor


    www.garanntor.ng is a local hosting company offering a wide range of services from Web Hosting, Domain Registrations, Virtual Private Servers, Cloud Servers, and Hosted Emails.Through professional partnership, Garanntor and Rack-Centre are providing world class standard Web hosting, virtual servers, cloud servers, Cloud Storage and IT Co-location services.

    • Guarantee 99.9% uptime
    • Servers are hosted locally at Rack Centre carrier-neutral data centre, the most connected Tier III design certified  data centre   in Lagos, Nigeria
    • Multiple redundant links
    • Garanntor owns its servers and network including IP ranges, ASN and fully supports them locally
    • 24/7 premium support

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