How To Transfer Domain Name to Namecheap from DomainKing.ng

How To Transfer Domain Name to Namecheap from DomainKing.ng

If you can't wait for domainking Nigeria to fully restore services, you can move on to any of those domain name registrars out there. So, in this post, I want to share with you, how to transfer domain to Namecheap from DomainKing.ng. Just follow me through the steps below:

1. Click here to see if you can access your domainking.ng domain names at ResellerClub website.

2. Sign in to ResellerClub to turn off the domain privacy protection and theft protection as explained here.

3. Check out how to get the epp code of your domain name which is needed during the namecheap domain transfer process.

4. Sign up for a new account at Namecheap.com and sign in after registration completes.

5. Go to Namecheap domain transfer page or navigate to "domains > "domain transfer"

transfer domain to namecheap from domainking.ng

6. Enter the domain name you want to transfer to Namecheap.com and click the "transfer" button.

7. If Namecheap shows that it is eligible for transfer, proceed by entering the epp code in the "authorization code" field and select "yes to all"

namecheap domain transfer authorization code

8. Click the "add to cart" icon and click on "view cart" button

9. Set the number of years you want to pay for and if you want it to "autorenew". You can also enable or disable "whoisguard" protection.

namecheap domain autorenew and whoisguard protection

10. Click confirm order button.

11. Fill in your Namecheap profile completely as required and click "continue"

12. Select your preferred namecheap payment method and click continue.

13. If payment is successful, you will be redirected to a page similar to the screenshot below:

namecheap domain transfer payment successful

14. A Transfer Approval email will be sent to the domain’s Admin email address listed under Whois. This may take a few hours to arrive (and please be sure check your spam folders just in case). Confirm the transfer by clicking the link in the email and selecting “I approve” in the approval form.

15. ResellerClub-EST will also send an email to the domain's admin email address. You are not expected to do anything with the email if you want the transfer process to continue.

That's all.

The transfer will take place within five (5) calendar days unless the current registrar of record denies the request. You will receive a notification from Namecheap when the transfer is complete.

You can locate the domains that you're transferring to Namecheap in your account. Go to Domain List, then select Filters -> Pending Transfer.

Note 1 : Under normal circumstances, when a domain is transferred out, the nameservers associated with the domain remain the same - they will not automatically changed to Namecheap DNS. So, if you are using third-party DNS (like your hosting company DNS or private DNS), the domain transfer will not cause any issues as the DNS server settings will remain the same during transfer but if you're using your previous registrar's default DNS service, the transfer process may cause temporary downtime of your website and/or email service interruption because the old Registrar’s nameservers will stop responding to any queries for your domain. So, do not forget to change the domain nameservers to Namecheap default nameservers once the transfer completes.

Note 2 : Per ICANN's Policy on Transfer of Registrations between Registrars, domains that are less than 60 days old or were transferred between Registrars within the last 60 days cannot be transferred. Please wait at least 60 days before transferring.

I hope this helps.

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How To Transfer Namecheap Domain To Another Namecheap Account

How To Transfer Namecheap Domain To Another Namecheap Account

Namecheap.com offers a "change ownership" feature which simply allows users to transfer Namecheap domain to another Namecheap account. You will definitely find this useful if you offer domain name registration services to clients. Once you push the domain to another account, the new domain holder becomes responsible for all the payments regarding the domain.

Follow me through the steps below on how to transfer domain ownership at namecheap.com :

1. Sign in to Namecheap.com, select Domain List from the left sidebar and click on the Manage button next to your domain:

namecheap domain list

2. Go to the Sharing & Transfer tab and find the Change Ownership section. Enter the email address or Namecheap username of the new domain owner and click on the Change button:

namecheap transfer push

3. Just fill in your account password for authorization and select Registrant Contact in the modal window that appears. The process is free of charge.

namecheap domain registrant

An email invitation to become a new owner of the domain will be sent to the email address associated with the destination Namecheap account. Only after a user clicks the confirmation link in the email, the domain will appear in his/her account.

NB : Inform the user to fill his/her Namecheap account details properly else the domain push will not go through. Fill the address and contact info here.

That's it.

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How To Shop Online in Nigeria at Konga.com

How To Shop Online in Nigeria at Konga.com

Shopping online in Nigeria makes life a lot easier; you’ll be saving a lot of money from deals online, plus you’ll have access to a wide range of other advantages like doorstep delivery, payment on delivery, buyer protection warranties and so on.

To get started, all you need to shop online is a computer or a mobile phone with the internet connection and probably a credit or debit card. If you’re scared of using your cards online, don’t worry, most online shopping stores in Nigeria do accept direct bank deposit or transfer and payment on delivery.

In this post, I want to quickly show you how to buy things online in Nigeria at Konga.com

shop online in nigeria at konga.com

If you are a new user,go to Konga.com to sign up for an account.

After you sign up for a Konga account, sign in to access your Konga account at Konga.com

Once you are signed in, click on your name and navigate to your profile.

profile konga online shopping site

On the Konga profile page, scroll down to the delivery addresses section and click on "add delivery address"

delivery address for konga online shopping

Fill in your phone number, address and click "Save changes".

You can as well set it as default delivery address for your orders.

Thereafter, scroll up and type a description of your desired item in the search box. Alternatively, you can search by category on the homepage.

search konga nigeria online shopping site

Your search will bring up many results. Click on the one you like, review the product details and if you are satisfied and ready to buy it, click on "Add to Cart"

add to cart on konga.com

If you want to buy more items, use the search box as explained earlier or browse through the online store - then add them to the cart.

Once you are ready to pay, click on the cart icon and click on "Proceed to checkout"

checkout konga

On the checkout page, select the delivery address you want to use, select your payment option and click on the place order button.

place order konga online store

If payment is successful,  you will be redirected to a payment success page.

You can proceed to the Konga order history page to see the details and status of your order.

The order will be delivered to the delivery address probably within a week. You will likely receive a call by the delivery agent too.

It’s that easy!

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How To Disable WhoisGuard and DomainLock For Domain Names Registered Through DomainKing.Ng

How To Disable WhoisGuard and DomainLock For Domain Names Registered Through DomainKing.Ng

If you want to transfer domain name to another domain registrar, you will be required to turn off "domain lock" and "whoisguard" and also provide the epp code of the domain name. Both features simply help in protecting your domain names from accidental transfers and identity theft.

Prior to NIRA shutting down Domainking.Ng, I was able to disable "domain lock" but unable to disable "whoisguard" on domain names I registered through the domain registrar but now that I can access my domain names through Resellerclub, I can now easily disable both features.


First, you have to ensure you can access the domain names you registered at domainking.ng at Resellerclub as explained here.

Thereafter, sign in to your account at ResellerClub .

Click on "Manage Orders" > "List/Search Orders"

Click on the domain you want to disable it's WhoisGuard and DomainLock.

Click on "Privacy Protection" to turn off "WhoisGuard"

Click on "Theft protection" to turn off "domain lock".

Save Changes.

That's all.

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Check Out Demo Of New Responsive Emporio Blogger Theme In Blue

Check Out Demo Of New Responsive Emporio Blogger Theme In Blue

The Emporio theme is one of the new Blogger themes designed to look great and automatically adjust to any screen. I simply like the way it display blog posts in grids on the homepage and archive pages.

Well, I've customized it a bit with a touch of blue color and you can check it out at : www.GistDrop.com

I uploaded a logo instead of the blog title and description and added a background image to the new Blogger theme.

new blogger theme responsive emporior

I also added social media icons at the footer section of the blog, below the "Powered by Blogger" (which can also be removed).

nigerian entertainment blog design in blue

Further customization in progress.

Subscribe below to free tips on how to customize the new Blogger themes so you can always receive the tips right in your email inbox whenever I publish them on this blog. If you are not seeing the subscription form, click here.

What's your take on this?

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Blogger.com Adds New Themes For Users To Choose From

Blogger.com Adds New Themes For Users To Choose From

The popular free blogging platform, Blogger.com has announced the addition of four blog themes to the default blogger templates that Blogger users can choose from. Each theme comes in a variety of colors, is fully customizable and can be added to your blogger/blogspot blog with just a few clicks.

The new Blogger themes aren’t just designed to look great, they’re designed to work great too. Each one has been built to automatically adjust to any screen and load quickly, so you can rest assured that your readers will be able to easily see your work whether they’re on a computer, phone or tablet.

The names of the new themes are : Contempo, Soho, Emporio and Notable.

You can check out live demo of the new Emporio theme at Gistdrop.com

Here’s a quick look at the new designs:

Contempo Blogger Theme

As good for a photo as it is for a story, Contempo puts a fresh, modern spin on life’s many adventures.

contempro responsive blogger theme

Soho Blogger Theme

Spare and simple, Soho is a gallery built to showcase your latest photos, designs or musings in their best light.

soho responsive blogger theme

Emporio Blogger Theme

From projects to objects, Emporio can take any array of posts and display them in a neat and tidy way.

emporio responsive blogger theme

Notable Blogger Theme

Whether you’re feeling pithy or profuse, Notable is your notepad for scribbles, stories, and so much more.

notable responsive blogger theme

If you want to try one of the new Blogger themes for your Blogspot blog, visit your blog dashboard and select the "Theme" tab. Right there, you will be able to select one of the new themes, preview and apply to your blog.

You can share feedback with Blogger at Blogger forum, or on Twitter @Blogger and with #gHelp and #BloggerStyle.

Let me know what you think about these new responsive themes for Blogger blogs.

Subscribe below to free tips on how to customize the new Blogger themes so you can always receive the tips right in your email inbox whenever I publish them on this blog. If you are not seeing the subscription form, click here.

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How To Get EPP Code of Domain Names Registered Through DomainKing.ng

How To Get EPP Code of Domain Names Registered Through DomainKing.ng

If you want to transfer your domain names which you registered through domainking.ng to another domain registrar, you will be required to provide an authorization code also called epp key - which you can only obtain from domainking.ng.

Many domainking customers have not been able to get the epp codes of their domain names since NiRA shut down domainking.ng but guess what? There are tricks you can use to obtain the epp code of your domain name registered through domainking.ng. Follow me through the steps below:

Method 1

Use a whois lookup tool to check where domainking registered your domain name.

If you see "public domain registry in the whois info, then send an email to compliance@publicdomainregistry.com requesting for the epp code of the domain name which was registered by their reseller "domainking.ng".

Ensure you use the email address you used when you signed up at domainking.ng. Also tell them to help you disable "whoisguard" and "domain lock" on the domain name so that the domain transfer can be successful.

Once your request is verified, they will assist you.

Method 2

Login to your domainking account as explained in my previous blog post. Click here to read the tutorial.

Click on "Manage Orders" > "List/Search Orders"

Click on the domain name which you want to obtain it's epp code

Click "Domain Secret"

A window will pop up. Proceed to copy the code.

Then, use it to initiate your domain transfer from domainking.ng to another registrar of your choice.

I hope this helps.

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How To Login To Your DomainKing Account To Access Your Domain Names

How To Login To Your DomainKing Account To Access Your Domain Names

Ever since NIRA shut down domainking.ng for not been able to provide services to their customers, alot of domain name registrants have been stranded as they can no longer access their domainking.ng account for them to be able to do the needful required in the transfer of their domain names from domainking.ng to other domain name registrars.

Well the good news is that, there is a an alternative way to login to your domainking.ng account for you to be able to access the domain names registered through domainking.ng.

Once you access the account, you will be able to disable whoisguard protection, disable theft protection and get the epp code needed for domain transfer.

How To Get Started

Go to : http://domainkingdk.myorderbox.com/customer

login to domainking nigeria to access domain names

Click on "forgot your password"

Enter the email address you use to sign in to your domainking account and click "send reset instructions"

Check your email for password reset link

Click on it to reset your password

Sign in and click on "Manage Orders" > "List/Search Orders"

You will see your domain names.

Thereafter you can proceed to do whatever you want with the domain names.

If you want to transfer them to garanntor.ng, kindly mail support@garanntor.com and they will help you with the process.

Kindly let me know if this helps.

Please, share the info with your friends.

Watch out for my tutorials on how to transfer the domain names to other domain registrars eg garanntor.ng, namecheap.com.

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Google Trains 1Million Africans in Digital Skills In 11 Months

Google Trains 1Million Africans in Digital Skills In 11 Months

Today, 16th of April 2016, Google announced that it has reached the 1 million milestone in its Digital Skills programme and has set itself to train even more Africans in digital skills in the coming year.

In addition to the new target, Google is extending its commitment to the #digitalSkills4Africa programme by assisting local communities further in several ways. First, Google will provide offline versions of its online training materials to reach individuals and businesses in low access areas where it is unable to hold physical training sessions. Additionally, Google will provide offline versions of the content in languages like Hausa, Swahili and IsiZulu.

"The Web is a driver of economic growth, and is transforming society as a whole. People must be equipped, through training and re-skilling to make use of the tools, and take advantage of it for entrepreneurship, employment and e-inclusion. A digitally skilled Africa is good for everyone - for our economy, for entrepreneurs and individuals. And yes, good for internet companies like Google” says Google Nigeria country Manager Juliet Ehimuan-Chiazor.

According to her, the goal of the web training initiatives is to enable more people across the continent better understand how to leverage the Web tools for growth - to give them access to better employment and/or the skills to start their own businesses.

Having 1 million digitally skilled young people in Africa is good for everyone. If young people have the right skills, they’ll build businesses, create jobs and boost economic growth across the continent” says Bunmi Banjo, Growth Engine & Brand Lead, Sub-Saharan Africa.

digital skills for africa initiative by google i
L – R: Smart Akande, Legal Adviser, Office of SSA to the President on sustainable development goals, Moni Udoh, Director ICT, Ministry of Communication, Bunmi Banjo, Head of Brands and Digital Skills at Google Nigeria, Ife Adebayo, Special Assistant, Innovation & Entrepreneurships, office of the Vice President at the Google Digital Skills for Africa 1M Milestone Announcement that held earler today at The George, Lagos.

beneficiaries of digitalskills4africa by google
L – R: Oluwamayowa Oshidero (Ibadan), Vanessa Morris (Lagos), Tele Williams-Aina (Lagos), Vanessa Mbaramah (Coutonu) , Segun Abodunrin (Lagos), beneficiaries of the Google Digital Skills for Africa Training at the Google Digital Skills for Africa 1M Milestone Announcement that held recently at The George, Lagos.

The Google digital Skills programme offers 89 courses through the online https://digitalskills.withgoogle.com/ portal, and Google works with 14 training partners covering more than 20 countries to offer face to face training.

The programme will also be addressing needs for small business owners, who are looking to better understand how to take advantage of the web across Africa. Google will add web-focused skills training for SMEs across Africa as part of this initiative.

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Whois.Net Lets You Perform WHOIS Lookup of Domain Names

Whois.Net Lets You Perform WHOIS Lookup of Domain Names

Whois.net is one of my favorite whois lookup tools I use to obtain information about domain names. I can quickly use it to see who owns a domain name or to see if it's available for registration - and it also works perfectly for .ng domain names. It's simply a tool you can use to ask the question, who is responsible for a domain name or an IP address?

The free whois lookup tool lets you see a collection of data about a registered domain name, its name servers and registrar, the domain name creation date, the domain name expiration date, the contact information for the registered name holder, the technical contact, and the administrative contact – to list a few.

Among other things, it can be used to identify parties who are able to correct problems associated with a registered domain.

You can access the whois tool at : www.whois.net

whois lookup tool for domain names

Alternatively, you can try : www.whois.com.ng  (for .ng domain names)

If you've registered a domain name and you don't want your personal contact info to be accessible to anyone who searches the Whois database, you can activate WhoisGuard privacy protection for your domain names. It is very affordable, and it’s FREE for the first year at Namecheap and other domain name registrars.

Do you know other whois look up tools you can recommend?

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