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Meet Me At Abuja Today at Empower3600 Launch

Meet Me At Abuja Today at Empower3600 Launch

Tha grand launch of the Empower3600 project will take place today at Abuja, Nigeria. I will there LIVE as one of the social media experts.

This is totally FREE for those that will be chosen to attend. Some of the topics we will teach include :

1. Setting up a successful blog
2. Information marketing
3. Website building and design
4. Online reputation
5. Developing a social media strategy
6. How to start your own Importation business
7. Ruthless execution.

You can register for the event at

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How To Place Links On Texts in Nairaland Posts (Video)

How To Place Links On Texts in Nairaland Posts (Video)

When you create a post on, you can as well link to your blog post or anywhere on the web by copying and pasting your link directly in the post or by creating hypertext. If you don't know what hypertext means, it means text with hyperlink. In computing, hyperlink is a text or an image you can click on, and jump to another document. Links allow users to click their way from page to page.

Below is a screenshot of how I smartly linked to my blog post in a comment on without exposing the URL. This is good for search engine optimization blah blah

add hyperlink on Nairaland forum posts and comments

If you're finding it hard to place links on texts in Nairaland posts or comments, I've created a short video tutorial that will guide you. You can watch the video at :

Using hyperlinks in Nairaland posts is smarter than pasting links directly on the site. The moderators of the Nairaland forum can even see it as spamming, which can make them ban you from the site. So, be smart as you use the forum to drive traffic to your blogs.

About is an online community created by Seun Osewa in March 2005. It is targeted at Nigerians but the biggest in Africa.

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Konga Commission Rates Reviewed. Check Out The Latest Rates

Konga Commission Rates Reviewed. Check Out The Latest Rates

Earlier today, I decided to check through the transaction reports of my store on and I was stunned when I noticed that the commission I pay per sale of my product has been increased by 5%. This ain't funny considering the fact we merchants on are also required to pay membership subscription fee every month.

If you're a merchant, the rates you will be charged will be determined by the plan you subscribed to, with those on the Konga Bronze package paying the highest rate. The new Konga commission rates was published on Konga Sellers Academy but I didn't receive the update in my mail. Strange!

Below is the screenshot of the latest commission rates for sellers on

konga commission rates 2016

What's your take on this?

Is Konga really charging you according to the rates listed above?

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Important Components That Make an Ecommerce Website Successful

Important Components That Make an Ecommerce Website Successful

Due to the presence of several businesses, setting up the website for promotion and sale of products has resulted in increased competition. To stand out from the competition, it is essential to adopt the right kind of content creation, advertising and marketing skills that would help your business to succeed.

With the growing craze of the Internet and social media among people, reaching out to them has now become easy. That is the reason many of the businesses now operate in online mode. Everyone wants to make their website successful. However, only some of them are aware of the techniques, which will be appropriate to their business and how they should be implemented to bring more customers to their businesses.

In this article, we will look at the proven methods that are surely going to make any e-commerce website successful.

make ecommerce website successful

Detailed and Precise Content

Often many business owners neglect the content and put all their energy and focus in marketing strategies. Your web content is the first thing through which you communicate to the online audience. This should be simple, detailed and precise. It should provide all the information about the product or service to the customer in a concise way. Be authentic in listing all the features of the products offered by you.

As there are several businesses of the same domain as yours present online, you need to express how better your product is from other products of the same type. This will give users clarity on your product and help them select your product over the other. To make it more genuine, you can also put a good picture of the product that looks similar to what you offer.

Good Use of Search Engine facility

Ensure that your e-commerce site uses reliable and competent search engine software. This feature is especially useful, if your business maintains a vast inventory of items. Search engine software allows filtering for more refined search options. Web Development Sydney Company uses quality advanced software in improving the quality of your website, reach the target audience in an effective way and maximize your sales.

User-friendly Website

A website that is user-friendly and intuitive in nature is more likely to be preferred by people. The process from browsing to selecting products to making its payment and checkout should be made self-explanatory, easy and simple. Make the shopping as comfortable and enjoyable experience as it can be.

Putting an “FAQ” page is also a good idea that helps in resolving any queries then and there. People love those sites which take less time in loading and processing. So work on this feature to cast a good first impression on them. Once they feel satisfied with the shopping, they would keep coming back to the website again and again.

A business without any specific SEO and marketing strategies will fail to make effective use of the online media. However, informative and rich the content is, if it is not marketed well then it would not yield desired benefits. So, it is better to hire a reliable web development company to help your business flourish.

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Aso Villa Demo Day Registration Closes Shortly

Aso Villa Demo Day Registration Closes Shortly

Registration for the Aso Villa Demo Day closes midnight today.

You still have time to register to pitch your ideas, innovations and technology solutions to the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as he set the stage for the unveiling of "50 most innovative startups" in Nigeria, at the first ever Aso Villa Demo Day.

On that day, President Muhammadu Buhari will host the brightest startups from across the country as they pitch to a wide range of investors and decision-makers in the public and private sector.

2016 Aso Villa Demo Day

Aso Villa Demo Day is aimed at promoting entrepreneurship, innovation, job creation and economic growth through the use of new and emerging technologies. This event will celebrate some of the best Nigerians in technology innovation and creativity and also feature inspiring talks from thought leaders and experts from different economic sectors in Nigeria.

The event is in two phases :

The first, which is christened The Pitch, would feature 100 startups who would be given the opportunity to pitch their ideas before a dedicated panel of judges, investors and sponsors, and it would hold on the 23rd of June at the Landmark Events Center, Victoria Island Lagos.

While the second, called The Unveiling, is where the 50 successful startups from The Pitch will be unveiled and it is scheduled for the 28th of July at the State House Conference Center Abuja.

THE PITCH | Thursday, June 23rd | Landmark Event Center, Lagos.

THE UNVEILING | Thursday, July 28th | State House Conference Center, Abuja.

How Can I Apply for 2016 Aso Villa Demo Day?

Go to :


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Zenith Bank Suspends International Transactions On Naira Cards

Zenith Bank Suspends International Transactions On Naira Cards

Users of Zenith Bank Naira cards will no longer be able to use their cards for international transactions. i.e if you own a Zenith Bank Naira card, you will no longer be able to use it to make payments on websites that accept payments in US dollars and other foreign currencies.

Below is the notice sent out to Zenith Naira cards users :

zenith bank nigeria naira card suspension memo

For international transactions, Zenith bank account holders are encouraged to pick up dollar denominated card from a nearby branch of Zenith bank.

This is a bad news for those using Zenith Naira cards to purchase domain name, pay for Facebook/google ads, shop online at Amazon, Aliexpress etc

Do you know other banks in Nigeria that have taken this step?

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How To Connect Your Blog To Auto Post To Facebook Groups

How To Connect Your Blog To Auto Post To Facebook Groups

Lately, a lot of bloggers in Nigeria are using Facebook groups to drive massive traffic to their blogs. They create Facebook groups, add thousands of members, then auto post to the Facebook groups from their blogs.

Auto Posting to Facebook group will save your valuable time so you can concentrate on other things after publishing new posts on your blog. Besides this, it keeps your Facebook group up to date with updates from your blogs and in return, you get traffic to the blogs.

If you're an admin to a Facebook group, you can connect your blog and start posting to it automatically by making use of

How To Get Started

>> Sign up and Sign in to
>> On the "Automate" tab, click on "Add Route"

auto post to facebook groups

>> Enter your blog URL or Feed URL in the box and click "Find Feeds" button.
>> Once a feed is detected, click on the "+" icon, then click "Continue"
>> Next is to add the Social network you want to be posting to. Click "Add", select "Facebook"
>> Follow the steps till you connect to your Facebook group. Configure other settings as desired.

That's all.

When next you publish a new post on your blog, it will be automatically posted to your Facebook Group.

I hope this helps.

You can check out the list of sites dlvr posts to here.

Do you know other ways to auto post to Facebook groups?

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How To Check Earnings of Adsense Sticky Ads

How To Check Earnings of Adsense Sticky Ads

Recently, I published a tutorial on how to add sticky Adsense ads to Blogspot blogs. If you've implemented it on your blog but don't know how to track the earnings, just follow through the steps below.

1. Sign in to your Google Adsense account on PC
2. Go to " My Ads" > Page-level ads
3. Click "View page-level ads report"

check adsense sticky ads earnings

The report will be displayed for you.

Thereafter, you can click on the date drop-down, to select a date range or one of the quick dates.


Sign in to your Google Adsense account, click on "Performance reports" tab and select "Ad Behavior" as the report type. Anchor/overlay ads and Vignette ads should be listed in the result table.

Below is an example of an overlay ad :

overlay adsense ad

Is the Adsense sticky ads earnings making sense ?

NB: You can also access this report on mobile phone if you switch to "Classic" view after signing in to your Google Adsense account.

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How To Withdraw From Payoneer Account To Your Bank Account

How To Withdraw From Payoneer Account To Your Bank Account

Payoneer offers a "Withdraw to Bank" Service that enables Payoneer account holders to withdraw funds from their Payoneer Account directly to their personal bank account.

For you to use this service, you will be required to provide a bank account in your name or an account that is owned by you. If you own the account but it is not in your name, you may be requested to provide supporting account ownership documentation.

payoneer nigeria withrawal service

How Do I Add My Bank Account To Payoneer?

1. Log in to your Payoneer Online Account.
2. From the menu, go to "Withdraw" and then "To Bank Account".
3. If this is the first time that you are withdrawing funds, click "Add Bank Account" and follow the on-screen instructions.

How Can I Withdraw From My Payoneer Account To My Bank Account?

You can withdraw once Payoneer approves the bank account you added to your Payoneer account as explained above.

1. Log in to your Payoneer Online Account.
2. From the menu, go to "Withdraw" and then "To Bank Account".
3. Select the account to which you are transferring the funds.
4. Fill in the details of the transfer and click "Continue".
5. Fill in the Security Confirmation page and submit your withdrawal request.

There is no setup or recurring (monthly/annual) fee associated with the Withdraw to Bank Service; however, the transfer fee may vary according to the selected country and currency. To find out the relevant fees for your country and currency, please contact Payoneer.

Kindly note that this service is currently not available to all account holder and only available in select countries.

Is the Payoneer withdrawal service available for your country?

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Shocking!! See What I Earned From Domainking Affiliate Marketing Program

Shocking!! See What I Earned From Domainking Affiliate Marketing Program

Affiliate Marketing is one of the ways I make money online in Nigeria. It allows me to earn commission by promoting other people's (or company's) products or services. Whenever I promote a product to others, I earn a piece of the profit for each sale that I make.

Ever since launched in Nigeria, I have been promoting their services especially to those looking for where to buy domain names in Nigeria and where to get cheap web hosting in Nigeria.

According to the affiliate monthly referrals report I received from DomainKing yesterday, I have referred 599 customers so far but my earnings is just N1 "change" (Nigerian currency), not even $1. lol

Below is the screenshot :

Is it really possible to refer 599 customers and not earn anything? I even wonder how a transaction can be 'Pending" since 2015 and not "Cancelled".

What's your take on this?

Feel free to also share your experience with web hosting affiliate marketing programs.

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