A Right Moment To Grow Small Business In Nigeria

A Right Moment To Grow Small Business In Nigeria

The world we live in right now is a very different world from what we were in ten years ago. Things have changed from economies, to technology, to infrastructure to the government. What is more, is that the small business operator who few years ago was struggling to get their business grow is now a successful business entrepreneur. What is so different now? Very many things are different.

Africa is known to be a third world continent. Many forget that Africa has some growing economies like South Africa, Egypt and Nigeria. These are countries that got independence just the other day but have since independence, grown to an unimaginable extent in terms of development.

In Nigeria for instance, the oil wells are providing a great source of income for this highly populated region. And like Egypt and South Africa, Nigeria is also growing at a rapid speed. There is revenue from oil and petroleum; its subtle beaches bring in a good amount as well as the growing entertainment industry (Nollywood). Looking at our infrastructure one can easily spot a huge difference regarding development.

In short, Nigeria is grown and is still growing and what better place to grow your small business than in a growing economy? I understand it is a risk setting up a business in a developing country than in a fully developed country, but the truth is, the higher the risk you undertake in a business deal, the higher the returns you get.

Why is this the right moment to grow small businesses in Nigeria? Before, it was very difficult for small businesses to get financing. The government policies were harsh for small and medium enterprises to grow in this country. Now is the right time; it is the right moment to develop your small business.

The trick is utilizing available resources properly. Regardless of the industry you have decided to venture in, ensure that you put all the available resources into proper use and exploit them fully.

The level of technology and infrastructure is improving in Nigeria, so take this opportunity to put your business on the next level, if poor technology and infrastructure were the barriers to your business’ success.

Another important thing is the shift in interest to technology as many people are spending more time online; it is a perfect moment to make your business available online.

You can do so by getting listed in an online business community like infoisinfo where you can connect with users and also connect with other business owners.

Today getting financing is very easy. The loan interest is reduced to reasonable rates. Again, microfinance organizations have cropped up widening the options of business financing. So you are not limited to access financing from banks but also make use of the microfinance organizations.

Additionally, the government policies are not as harsh as before, which means that this is an opportune moment to make your entrepreneurial dream come true. Also, business knowledge has become very easy to acquire.

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How To Make Facebook Ads To Display On Blogs and Mobile Apps ( For Advertisers )

How To Make Facebook Ads To Display On Blogs and Mobile Apps ( For Advertisers )

Facebook Audience Network was recently expanded to include support for mobile web; now making it possible for Facebook advertisers to extend the scale of their Facebook campaigns beyond Facebook, mobile apps and into mobile websites.

What this simply means is that if you advertise on Facebook, you can make your ads to display on Facebook, in mobile apps and on the mobile view of blogs.

For you to advertise on Facebook Audience Network, you must enable "Mobile News Feed" placement and the ad type must be one of the types below :

==> mobile app install ads,
==> mobile app engagement ads,
==> website conversion ads and
==> website click ads.

If you’re already running mobile News Feed campaigns, all new campaigns will automatically be opted-in to the Audience Network. You don’t need to upload new creative (your ad's images and text). Ads in the Audience Network use the same images and text as Facebook ads that run in News Feed.

Keep in mind that the Audience Network is designed to extend Facebook ad campaigns and can't be purchased by themselves. So, you cannot enable your ad to run ONLY on Audience Network for now. You must opt in for "Mobile News Feed".

Facebook audience network placement

You can add a call-to-action button to your creative. The mobile ad will show the specific call to action that you chose while creating your ad. For example, if you selected "Play Now" when creating your ad, the button on the Audience Network will also say "Play Now".

If no call-to-action button is selected, install ads will default to "Install Now" and engagement ads will default "Open Link". The link ad will also keep the same call to action that you chose when creating the ad. If no call to action is selected, it'll default to Open Link.

I hope this helps.

If you don't know how to create a Facebook ad, you can watch my video here.

You can read how to opt out of Facebook Audience Network ad placement and how to measure performance of ads on the F.A.N.

I will also try to come up with a new video where I will show you how to create Facebook ads that display on mobile apps and blogs. Till then, keep reading Ogbongeblog and make sure you are subscribed to email updates.

My next post on F.A.N will be a tutorial on how a blog owner can generate and place Facebook Audience Network ad codes on his/her blog.

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Mobilitaria Nigeria Tech Blog Approved To Display Facebook Ads

Mobilitaria Nigeria Tech Blog Approved To Display Facebook Ads

Facebook has approved the Nigeria Tech Blog, Mobilitaria.com to display Facebook ads after opting in for the Facebook Audience Network for mobile web. Hence, Mobilitaria can start earning money from Facebook adverts displayed on the blog.

It took three working days for Facebook to approve the blog for the F.A.N for mobile web. The approval notification was sent via email and also displayed via the developer"Alerts" section of my Facebook app developer dashboard.

The blog has also been approved for Direct Support. This tool allows you to communicate directly with members of the Audience Network team via Support Cases.

You can read more about Facebook Audience Network for Mobile Web here.

Has your blog been approved to display Facebook ads?

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Blog Of The Week : Naija Single Girl Blog

Blog Of The Week : Naija Single Girl Blog

Naija Single Girl has emerged the blog of the week; the first time a blog owned by a female Nigerian Blogger will be featured.

This is the third blog to be showcased for free on this blog, since I called for submission of Blog URLs here.  Arsenal NewsPaper and Maverick Excel Blog were the first and second respectively.

Naijasinglegirl blog is run by the self-acclaimed 'Chairlady of single girls in Nigeria' popularly known as NSG.

The blog started out as a personal blog but has slowly evolved into a lifestyle blog.

NaijaSingleGirl blogs about every issue imaginable, from her experiences as a single girl in Nigeria, her boyfriend hunting experiences, her job interview experiences which always turns out sour, to her opinion on general happenings in Nigeria. e.g How she feels about Linda Ikeji’s Banana Island Mansion.

The blog is sub categorised under three major sections.

Convos: Where no hold barred topics are discussed. e.g Is using MTN cheat to browse a sin?

Features: Which may or may not include guest submissions.

NSG Journal: Which is NaijaSingleGirl’s documented diary.

naija single girl blog

When she is not blogging about how she wasn't served food at a wedding after she paid for an expensive asoebi, she is telling her readers that Sheraton Hotel male toilet, Accenture Headquarters car park and Banana Island backyard gate are three of top twenty five places to meet a rich husband in Lagos and sometimes.

She also writes provocative posts like an open letter to MTN or Emeka, whoever he is.

Her blog about page states “She is on a quest to find a good man, a good job, good food, good money and all other good things life has to offer.’’

Many at times, her male readers says she is the voice of the hustling Nigerian youth.

Her female readers on the other hand would say she has a way of revealing the darkest secrets of Nigerian ladies in the most hilarious way.

She was voted last year as the best humour blog in Nigeria and the best personal/lifestyle blog in Nigeria by the Nigerian Blog Awards.

Lest I forgot to mention, she runs the blog anonymously so you can propose to her at your own risk...lol

You can check out her blog at : www.naijasinglegirl.com

You can however follow her on Twitter : @Naijasinglegirl
On Facebook at Naijasinglegirl
Add her on Instagram @Naijasinglegirl

Let me hear your view via comments. 

You can as well drop your blog url, what it is all about and your social media links. 

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Managed WordPress On GoDaddy.com. What It Means

Managed WordPress On GoDaddy.com. What It Means

"Managed WordPress" is simply GoDaddy's web hosting account with WordPress installed.

Once you sign in to your GoDaddy account and click on Manage, you will be able to easily set up a new WordPress site, manage an exisiting one you've set up with GoDaddy Managed WordPress or migrate an existing WordPress site to GoDaddy.

Right there, you can as well restore files and database from the last 30 days, change dns settings, delete your site and content etc You can as well easily see the database URL, username and password of your site, which can be used to connect to phpMyAdmin.

managed wordpress hosting on godaddy

Setting up an new site with GoDaddy "Managed WordPress" is quite easy. You only have to select a domain name to use, then enter the username and password to use for the new site. Thereafter, GoDaddy gets to work creating your website, and in just a few minutes or less you’ll see your brand new dashboard.

It also makes WordPress migration easy too. After providing login and FTP details of your existing WordPress site, GoDaddy will install a plugin on your existing site and copy your files (including wp-config) and databases.

godaddy wordpress hosting

Managing sites you've set up with "Managed WordPress" is quite easy too. Just click on "Manage" and GoDaddy places you directly in the WordPress admin panel, so there's no complication and nothing superfluous.


Performance-enhancing caching
Automatic updates through WordPress' built-in functionality
A plugin blacklist to make sure you don't inadvertently install website-damaging plugins
Enhanced security through restricting file access
The latest version of WordPress automatically installed in the root directory
sFTP and phpMyAdmin access
30-day storage of automatic backups

Because of these accounts' optimized configurations, there are also some limitations to be mindful of.


Managed WordPress does not support WordPress MU/Multisite
Its hosting back-end does not come with a control panel, so tools like Cron jobs are not available
You cannot install a number of blacklisted plugins known to harm your site.

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How I Update Facebook Status With "Via OgbongeBlog"

How I Update Facebook Status With "Via OgbongeBlog"

If you're my Friend on Facebook, you would have noticed that most of my Facebook updates are now tagged with "Via Ogbongeblog". If anyone clicks on the "Via OgbongeBlog" link in the News Feed, it takes the person directly to Ogbongeblog.com.

Well, Facebook Feed Dialog makes this possible. You can also be posting to Facebook with "Via your blog name". It's so easy.

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Introducing SpeakingPost.com Discussion Forum

Introducing SpeakingPost.com Discussion Forum

SpeakingPost.com, is a general internet forum open to everyone to hold conversations in the form of posted messages. The online discussion site simply allows people to post messages and comment on other messages.

You don’t have to register in order to start a thread or make a comment. You can decide to just appear “Anonymous”.

The forum has a version for all African countries, though at this time, not all the country forums have been activated. As at the time of publishing this, South Africa and Nigeria Discussion boards are enabled.


  • Users with google adsense accounts can specify their publisher ID and have their ads display on all the threads/topics they start

  • The forum is fully moderated to ensure that posts (topics and comments) do not violate Google Adsense Terms and Conditions which could lead to a ban/suspension of users’ adsense accounts. By full moderation, I mean that all posts are reviewed and approved by a moderator before they can appear on the site.

  • Each user has a referral link in his/her profile which he/she can use to invite users to the site. If an invited user does not have an adsense account, then the referrer’s ads will appear on the referred user’s threads about 20 – 30% of the time.

You can check it out now at www.SpeakingPost.com

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Messages and Events Now Integrated With Facebook Page Plugin

Messages and Events Now Integrated With Facebook Page Plugin

Facebook has introduced two new features for the Facebook Page plugin: messages and events.

With the integration of Messages with the Page plugin, people can now easily message your business without ever leaving your website. This allows you to bring the conversations you have with people on Facebook to other places on the web and on mobile.

For example, if you're a local shop owner, people can start a dialogue about a purchase order on your Facebook Page or on your website via the messages tab.

Below is a sample integration on desktop view of my blog :

messages tab in facebook like box

With events in the Page plugin, people can now discover and interact with events from your Page, right on your website.

For example, if you're promoting an upcoming concert, you can create an event from your Page and feature it on your website, while managing the details from one place.

Key features include:

  • One place to manage event details: Any modifications you make to the event on your Facebook Page will automatically be reflected on your website within the Page plugin.
  • Subscribe functionality: People can now subscribe to your events directly from your website, and they'll be notified whenever you create a new event in their area.
  • A more social events calendar: People who are connected to your Page can now see 
which of their friends are going to the same event, bringing social context to the event calendar on your website.
  • A localized experience: For events being organized in multiple cities, the most relevant event will be highlighted for a given person based on where he or she is located.

Check out the developer documentation here for details on how to easily implement this functionality.

If you already have the Facebook plugin on your blog, all you need to do is to add the attribute below to the code.



data-tabs=“messages, events" will display "messages" tab before events and timeline (posts from the Page's timeline) will be hidden. 

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FAN Ads Now Let You Earn Money From Your Mobile WebSites

FAN Ads Now Let You Earn Money From Your Mobile WebSites

Facebook has announced the expansion of the Audience Network to include support for mobile web, bringing the value of native ad formats and people-based marketing to a new set of publishers and enabling 2.5 million Facebook advertisers to reach more of the people they care about on mobile devices.

What this simply means, is that publishers can now monetize their high-quality content with Facebook ads and advertisers can now expand their campaigns beyond Facebook, mobile apps and into mobile websites.

Prior to the announcement, Facebook Audience Network (FAN) only allowed app developers to monetize their mobile apps by tapping into Facebook's powerful advertising platform. Now that it has been extended to mobile web, you can now monetize your iOS and Android apps, as well as mobile websites with targeted ads.

With Facebook Audience Network (FAN), you can now get instant access to diverse demand from 2.5M Facebook advertisers. Facebook takes care of showing the right ad to the right person - improving your user experience and maximizing your revenue potential.

Unlike other networks, the Audience Network rewards quality publishers based on the value they create for advertisers.

facebook ad examples

Facebook Audience Network Ad Types

The Audience Network gives publishers and developers the option to choose between three different ad units: banners, interstitials and native ads.

All three ad units have access to the same great targeting and advertisers, since the ads are automatically rendered to fit the unit you chose. 

For mobile websites publishers, you can choose from high performing native ad units, 300x250 medium rectangle, and 320x50 banners to deliver ads from Audience Network. Each format is a simple JavaScript integration into your mobile website.

It is worthy of note that Facebook interstitials ads are not available for mobile web i.e for apps only. 

You can check out FAN ad examples here

I have joined the audience network for mobile web and now displaying the Facebook banner ad and native test ad on my mobile tech blog - mobilitaria.com pending final approval. 

Below is the FAN native test ad below a blog post on the mobile view of the blog :

You might not see the test ads until it's fully approved by Facebook. Only admins of my Facebook mobile website can see them while pending approval. 

Facebook Audience Network Payment

Payments are extracted when you accumulate at least $100 in revenue. You'll receive payments on the 21st of each month for the previous month's balance.

Facebook Audience Network Policies

In order to ensure that publishers are offering a high quality advertising experience, Facebook requires that all apps serving Facebook ads are in compliance with the Audience Network policies.

All apps and sites in the network will be reviewed by automated systems as well as manually checked for quality and compliance. Facebook promises on-going quality review to ensure continued adherence to the policies and native ad design guidelines.

How To Get Started

To get started, follow this guide to set up Audience Network in your apps and mobile websites.

Note : 

When adding the banner code to your blog, set testmode="true" if you want to see Facebook test ads. If you can see test ads, your implementation works correctly and people will be able to see ads in your app once it's live after approval by Facebook.

You will be notified by email and Facebook alert when your app is approved. Approval might take few business days. 

You can check out the Audience Network FAQs

Later, I will share info on how to add Facebook ad codes to your blog, how to check your earnings etc. Subscribe to email updates if you don’t want to miss the tutorials. 

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Introducing : Gionee M5 Mini With 4000mAh Battery

Introducing : Gionee M5 Mini With 4000mAh Battery

The Gionee M5 Mini will not just be a new introduction to the Gionee Family; it will be a thoughtful add to the world of Smartphones.

From a dimension of 143.5mm and 71X 9.6mm, the Gionee M5 Mini has been specifically designed to merge the best of two worlds by giving an unforgettable Smartphone experience for the longest possible time.


Splendid! With a screen built from the HD IPS technology (High definition In-Plane Switching), the Gionee M5 Mini ensures high-quality views from every angle on its liquid crystal display (LCD).


Solid! Its processor, the Mediatek MT6580, has an average performing central processing unit with a maximum clock speed of 1,300.00 MHz. With four cores, it is super-efficient for multitasking. Built on the Reduced Instruction Set Computing (RISC) model strategy, instructions are executed quicker than the popular Complex Instruction Set Computing (CISC) design strategy.


Rich! Inbuilt is the Digital Theatre System, a compilation of multichannel audio technologies capable of discrete 5.1 and 6.1 channels of surround sound.


Exquisite! The Gionee M5 Mini comes with a 5MP front camera with a technology to enhance facial beauty and a rear camera of 8MP to take every precious moment.

Gionee M5 Nigeria


Sophisticated! Users also have the liberty to connect their phones to other devices like flash drives, keyboards and other devices to allow for ease and practicability. The phone has got a reverse charging technology that allows it charge other phones with its OTG cable.


With 4000mAh battery, it gives a standby time of nearly two weeks, a nonstop 22-hour audio experience of music and an uninterrupted 18hours of talk. One will wonder why it still comes with a smart power notification for optimum power usage. It also charges super fast. A brief ten-minute charge lasts for almost two days on standby, one hour thirty minutes of talk time or over two hours of music.


GSM, WCDMA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, Android 5.1, internal memory of 16GB ROM+ 2GB RAM that can be extended to 128GB.

Don’t take your eyes off the centre stage for the Gionee M5 Mini that is coming up next. A combination of two worlds: nothing short of today’s concept of a Smartphone, plus a dependable power supply that gives peace of mind.

You can buy the Gionee M5 Mini at : Konga Online store.

You can check out the Gionee M5 with 6020 mAh battery here.

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