Jetpack Stats Not Displaying On Your WordPress Admin Dashboard? Try This Fix

Jetpack Stats Not Displaying On Your WordPress Admin Dashboard? Try This Fix

I signed in to the admin dashboard of my WordPress site only to discover that "Site Stats' is missing from the JetPack menu. No where on the dashboard to access my site stats. The bars in the admin bar have disappeared too.

Immediately, I navigated to the plugins section and noticed that an update for Jetpack plugin. I updated it, yet no changes. I decided to check Jetpack settings and that was where I discovered that it has been disabled. I re-activated it and "Stats" was restored.

wordpress logo

I also discovered that "widget visibility" was disabled too. Only God knows what disabled them though.

Have you experienced such?

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How To Turn On Auto Tagging in Your Google Adwords Account

How To Turn On Auto Tagging in Your Google Adwords Account

If you use Google Adwords for your online ad campaigns, it is highly recommended that you enable auto-tagging in order for Google Analytics to display details about your AdWords keywords and costs. This will ensure that you get the most detailed AdWords data in your Analytics account.

Auto-tagging automatically imports AdWords data into Analytics. Combining AdWords data with the rich post-click information provided by Analytics allows you to see what happened on your site after people clicked on your ads.

When you enable auto-tagging, a parameter called gclid is added to your landing page URL when a user clicks over to your site from an ad. For example, if your site is www.mysite.com, when a user clicks on your ad it appears in the address bar as:


Using auto-tagging exclusively provides several benefits over manual tagging. Manual tagging can be time consuming and will only allow you to see a subset of AdWords data. You can read more about the benefits of auto-tagging.

How To Enable Auto-Tagging in Adwords

To enable/disable auto-tagging:

==> Sign in to your AdWords account.
==> Click the gear icon, and select Account settings.
==> Make sure you're on the Preferences tab, and click Edit in the Tracking section.
==> Select (enable) or clear (disable) the Auto-tagging checkbox.

enable auto tagging in google adwords

==> Click Save changes.


>> Autotagging automatically tags the Source/Medium of your AdWords ads as "google/cpc" in Analytics

>> Manual tags should not be used on AdWords ads at the same time as autotagging as this may result in conflicting data in your Google Analytics reports.

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Nawhere.ng : Get Fuel Easily At The Cheapest Price In Your Area

Nawhere.ng : Get Fuel Easily At The Cheapest Price In Your Area

There is no light, your business is dwindling and you don't know where to find fuel?

You set out searching for fuel and return hours later with an empty tank because all the filling stations in your neighborhood said "NO FUEL"?

Sad, isn't it?

Cry no more for the dark days are over. nawhere.ng is here to return smile to sad faces. It's a web/application site exceptionally designed to take away all your fuel-related worries.

The team at Nawhere.ng, recognize the essence of time and feel bad whenever you waste it searching for fuel. They understand that your business needs to grow and when you patronize black-marketers who charge double of the official price for each litre of fuel, you don't do so in the best interest of that business.

To solve all these problems, ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to announce to you, the arrival of nawhere.ng

On nawhere.ng, you can search for any filling station, selling petrol, kerosene, diesel or engine oil, far or near. You can spot their exact locations using our map. You can read people's comments concerning their conducts, products and services or make yours. And you can compare their prices to make a good choice, all from the comfort of your home.

Could it be any better? nawhere.ng gives you the best - when you hear that fuel is selling cheaper at some filling stations but you don't know where; when the news of fuel scarcity hits the media again or when your mechanic advises you to stick to good quality fuel to help your engine, do not be scared. All you need to do is log on to www.nawhere.ng and make your search.You will immediately get the details of all the filling stations selling fuel around you alongside their prices.

fuel scarcity

If you are on the road driving and you notice your gauge dropping to the base, time to refill right? Just pick up your device, log on to nawhere.ng and search for the nearest filling stations with fuel. It doesn't really matter if you are familiar with the road or not because our map aided guide will lead you to the nearest station.

You want to buy fuel and suddenly you are skeptical. Someone's engine just knocked as a result of adulterated product. No! You don't want that to happen to your beautiful car or generator. And you don't wish it to that man who depends on his keke napeb to feed his family. You want to avoid this because you believe it's unfair for someone to use his hard earned money and buy disaster unto himself. You need a place where direct products are sold not adulterated. Just log on, search for the desired station, go to their down line and read people's comments. You could drop your own review too or ask questions.

And if for any reason, whatsoever, you like using the services of a particular filling station, you could search by name or logo.

Nawhere.ng is potentially powered to cover every nook and cranny of Nigeria which enables you check for any filling station in the country regardless of distance. Every functional filling station must have a place on nawhere.ng.

nawhere logo

At present, Nawhere.ng have covered Lagos, Abuja, Port-harcourt and Ughelli in Delta State. While the team works towards bringing the services to the remaining parts of the country, users are given the opportunity to add filling stations to the portal.

Yes, you can add filling stations by yourself but only for areas yet to be covered.

All these and more are packaged in this fabulous website just for you.

Like Nawhere.ng on Facebook
Follow Nawhere.ng on Twitter

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Free eBook : AdSense Guide to Audience Engagement

Free eBook : AdSense Guide to Audience Engagement

The Adsense team has created AdSense Guide to Audience Engagement to help bloggers lay the foundation to a winning engagement strategy.

In the guide, you’ll learn:

  • How to help your audience become familiar with your brand
  • Best practices to design user journeys
  • How to develop content that resonates with your audience
  • Ways to make your content easy to consume
  • Why you should share the love with other sites by referring to good sources
adsense optimization

To help keep your audience engaged, get your free copy of the AdSense Guide to Audience Engagement.

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Business Loan Beneficiaries in Nigeria Increased From 1,200 to 4,000 By BoI

Business Loan Beneficiaries in Nigeria Increased From 1,200 to 4,000 By BoI

Following the turnout of applicants for its N10 billion facility earmarked for on-lending to small businesses under the Youth Entrepreneurship Support (YES) programme, the Bank of Industry (BoI) has concluded plans to expand the fund size as well as accommodate more candidates under the scheme.

Specifically, the bank noted that due to the high rate of applications received for the YES initiative, it would increase the size of the fund from the initial N10 billion, while considering an increase in the number of would-be loan beneficiaries from 1,200 yearly to 4,000 candidates.

 business loan

Speaking at the assessment exercise of the initiative and inauguration of a seven-man panel to serve on the application screening committee in Lagos, BoI’s Acting Managing Director, Waheed Olagunju, noted that out of the 40,000 applications received, 15,000 or 37.5 per cent were properly completed and thus qualify for consideration for the first segment of the entrepreneurship capacity building programme which is the eight weeks online training component.

We have therefore come to the conclusion that we should provide more opportunities for the youth by increasing the number of would-be loan beneficiaries from 1200 to 4000. Efforts would be made to ensure a fair distribution of the beneficiaries in consonance with the proportion of entries received from the six geopolitical zones”, Olagunju added.

You can read more about the BOI business loan here.

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Nawhere.ng: Now You Can Buy Fuel at N86.5/ltr Without Stress

Nawhere.ng: Now You Can Buy Fuel at N86.5/ltr Without Stress

Wow.... what an amazing discovery!

A help is finally here.

Our consciousness is fully awoken to the plight of Nigerians who queue up under the sun in their quest for fuel just to keep their businesses alive. We consider it our obligation, at nawhere.ng, to bring sustainable solutions to all fuel related issues.

With nawhere.ng, the boring days of aimlessly searching for fuel and other petroleum products are permanently over.

fuel price search nigeria

No more spending of days at different filling stations waiting to buy fuel, diesel, kerosene etc, in times of scarcity, which is seemingly a norm in today's Nigeria.

No more wasting of time at filling stations. No more paying two-times the pump price to get some litres of fuel from the black marketers because they refused to reveal to you the very filling stations that are selling at the moment. No more wearing that frustrated look that surges when one drives out to buy 20 litres of fuel and returns hours later with no success, but rather discovers that he has exhausted the 10 litres he had in his tank before driving out. So disheartening!

fuel scarcity

These and more are fuel-related challenges staring the beloved people of this country right in the face.

Well, nawhere.ng says a big "NO MORE" to this negativity. Nigerians can now take relieving breath because the long awaited solution has, indeed, arrived. You can now save money, time and energy courtesy of nawhere.ng.

We are resolved to proffer satisfying solutions to these problems. And this, we have done by creating this awesome portal through which you can:

  1. Spot the locations of all the filling stations around you and identify with those who have fuel and are selling. So before leaving your home to buy fuel, you already know exactly where to do so.
  2. Can simply log on to nawhere.ng and search filling stations by name, location or logo, should you have preference for the services of a particular filling station.
  3. Can weigh the distance of the respective filling stations against the prices of their products and then make a choice based on your findings.
  4. Can avert the dangers of buying adulterated products as users of this portal are given the opportunity to report any abuse or make recommendations, attributed to a given station and these will be on display for all to see and judge from.
nawhere logo

Nawhere.ng will be officially launched on May 9, 2016 and you can get access to the site and download the app on your mobile devices. 

While we wait for the official launch of this awesome site, feel free to visit www.nawhere.ng and enter your name and email to be notified once it is launched

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Blog Of The Week : Seasoned Life Journal

Blog Of The Week : Seasoned Life Journal

Seasoned Life Journal has emerged as the blog of the week.

This is the sixth blog to be showcased on this blog for FREE since I started the "Blog of the Week" series. Arsenal NewsPaper, Maverick Excel Blog, Naija Single Girl BlogTrend Living Blog and  Dobby's Signature are the first, second, third, fourth and fifth respectively.

Seasoned Life Journal is a personal development/Inspirational blog that is focused on Intentional living, personal leadership and fulfillment. If you are passionate about your dreams and goals and you need guidance to bring them to reality, this is the blog you need.

You will be exposed to practical timeless principles to help you develop clarity, build working system around your passion and deliberately produce consistent results in your business, family, Job, etc.

Abraham Ologundudu is the founder of Seasoned Life Journal. He is a personal development strategist, writer, speaker and trainer.

He helps passionate individuals like you to develop effective personal leadership in other to lead your life to fulfillment.

With his guidance you will begin to maximise your potential, intentionally attract your desired success and ultimately live your dreams.

Check out the blog at : www.seasonedlifejournal.com

You can connect with Abraham via the links below:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ologunduduopeoluwa
Twitter: (@Iamoabraham)
Instagram: @Iamoabraham

What's your take on this?

Feel free to recommend interesting blogs I can feature as the "blog of the week".

>>  Join Bloggers.Ng today! No 1 Nigerian Bloggers Directory.

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Spaceship by Konga Helps You Warehouse Your Products and Manages Delivery Of Your Orders Nationwide

Spaceship by Konga Helps You Warehouse Your Products and Manages Delivery Of Your Orders Nationwide

In a bid to ensure a seamless flow in delivering orders to customers, Konga have come up with a unique service for Konga mall merchants called Spaceship by Konga. Hence, you can now sell on Konga from anywhere in Nigeria without having to worry about how to get your products to Konga drop off center every time you have a new order to fulfill.

spaceship by konga logistics service

If you own a Konga store, the Spaceship by Konga service will provide warehousing for your products and also manage the delivery of your orders nationwide. To drive this service, Konga is in partnership with XL express and Logistics ltd ( http://www.xlafricagroup.com/ ).

Benefits of Using Spaceship by Konga

According to the article on Konga seller academy, below are the benefits of using Spaceship by Konga:

  1. The warehousing service will enable you save the transportation cost you always incur whenever you want to fulfill an order at a drop off center.
  2. You can easily manage the inventory stored with the warehouse service provider with a mobile app. This will help you ensure you restock on time so you don’t run out of business.
  3. The warehousing service ensure your products are safe and secured. Your products are fully insured.
  4. With the warehousing service, you have faster fulfillment of orders and payment remittance.
  5. With the warehousing service your returned item is immediately re-stocked in your inventory.

konga warehousing service for konga mall sellers

How Do I Get Started With Spaceship by Konga?

To get started, you will have to contact XL Express and Logistics. Thereafter, you will fill form, pay for the warehousing plan that suits your store and arrange for goods to be shipped to XL warehouse. Once payment is confirmed, the warehousing provider will confirm your inventory and activate your account.

If you want to subscribe to spaceship by Konga, kindly note that rental cost for the Konga warehouse space starts from N3,000 per month for a cubicle (10.8m x 10.8m x 10.8m).

You can check out the Konga warehousing subscription plans and contact details of XL express and Logistics ltd here.

What's your take on this?

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How To Pay Your Konga Store Monthly Subscription

How To Pay Your Konga Store Monthly Subscription

If you operate a Konga seller account, you are now required to pay a monthly membership fee of N1,000 or N2,500 for 10 live products and unlimited products listings per month respectively.

Failure to subscribe will lead to the suspension of your Konga store i.e your products will no longer be live on site for buyers to purchase until you subscribe to a plan.

According to Konga, the monthly subscription was introduced to ensure only serious and disciplined sellers remain on the platform.

So, How Do I Subscribe?

>> Sign in to your Konga SHQ dashboard at http://shq.konga.com/
>> Click your store name and click on "Settings"

konga mall monthly subscription prices

>> Click the "Subscription" tab and click on “Update Plan”
>> Select a Plan
>> Choose a Payment option. Payment can be made using KongaPay or a Debit card.
>> Provide the details as requested depending on the payment option selected.

You will be notified if payment is successful.

NB: You will receive a notification on your Konga Sellers HQ dashboard once your subscription payment is due.

Recommended : How To Sign Up for KongaPay

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GTBank 737 Code Now Lets You Open Bank Account, Transfer Money, Buy Airtime, Pay Bills, Generate Token, Check Account Balance etc On Your Phone

GTBank 737 Code Now Lets You Open Bank Account, Transfer Money, Buy Airtime, Pay Bills, Generate Token, Check Account Balance etc On Your Phone

In the age of digital revolution, it is the very simple technological innovations that often have the most transformative impact on people and the society. Foremost financial institution; Guaranty Trust Bank plc has once again set a new standard in electronic banking services with the introduction of Bank 737.

Bank 737 is a simple, smart, and safe way to bank anytime, anywhere and on any device. It offers a very simple banking alternative which remarkably does away with virtually all of the limitations of not just conventional banking (going to a bank branch for banking services), but also online banking. While conventional banking requires the physical presence of the customer at a bank branch, and online banking demands Internet access and a mobile application, banking via 737 requires none of the above.

gtb 737 transfer service ussd code

Imagine if opening an account was as simple as dialing a number from your mobile phone or transferring funds was as easy as sending a text message, or paying bills could be done at any time of the day, even long after banking hours.

Imagine if you need to make an urgent transfer online and your data just ran out and you don’t have your hardware token to complete the transaction. Truth is, at some point or the other we have all experienced those moments when we wished banking could be as simple as ABC’s and 123’s. Well, in this case, GTBank has made it as simple as 737.

Bank 737 is a true test of simplicity. GTBank customers no longer need to bother about data or internet connection as the service is built on a USSD interface which enables it work on any type of mobile device. Users are required to simply dial the short USSD *737# from any mobile phone to get started.

GTBank’s 737 offers a wide range of banking services, from money transfer to card less withdrawal, bill payments, airtime recharge and even unique services like token pin generation, checking the status of cheque book request, retrieving internet banking details, amongst others. It is not just about the wide range of services available on the 737, but how the services are delivered; by simply dialing *737# on any mobile phone.

If the simplicity of the Bank 737 is amazing, its speed is even more so. Transactions using the 737 take less than a minute to conclude, meaning it is even quicker than online money transfer. It gets even faster with the availability of short access codes. Among these are *737*0# for account opening, *737*7# to generate token code, *737*37*Amount*Smart Card No# to pay for Star Times Subscription and so much more.

Backing up its simplicity and speed, is its security. The customer is the only one who can access the 737 services for his or her GTBank Account because it only makes use of the mobile number that is linked to the account. Bank 737 also requires customers to personally sign off all their transactions by providing the four last digits of your GTBank Naira MasterCard.

GTBank is regarded by industry watchers as one of the best run financial institutions in Nigeria and across its subsidiary countries. The bank is renowned for its innovative financial solutions, superior financial performance, world class corporate governance standards and excellent service delivery. The bank’s latest E-payment service, known as the 737 banking, is considered a veritable alternative to in-branch banking as it offers a faster, safer and more convenient way toperform financial transactions.

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