Empower3600 Abuja Photos and Videos

Empower3600 Abuja Photos and Videos

The grand launch of the Empower3600 project took place at Sheraton Hotel, Abuja Nigeria on the 25th of June, 2016. I was one of the Nigerian social media experts at the event.

At the event, I talked about how I started making money online during my youth service (NYSC) without relying on Google Adsense, how I make money from info products and how anyone can start making money online from information marketing.

I mentioned tools needed to create an info product, how to package your info products, what kind of info products to create, how to get ideas for info products, how to accept online payments for your info products and how to sell them on Konga, Jumia, Dealdey etc.

There were practical sessions during which those at the event were showed how to create a blog, how to register a domain name,  how to host a website and how to create a website.

Other topics covered by other speakers include :

  • how to use Instagram to make money, 
  • how to make money managing social media accounts for politicians etc
  • how to start importation business, 
  • how to make money designing websites and many more. 

Below are the photos from the events and some videos.

Empower3600 youth empowerment program Nigeria

Belema of TatafoNaija.com

Jenny Chisom of jennychisom.com

Jide Aribisala

jidetheblogger of Ogbongeblog

Joshua Fawole of WowNigeria and Jide Ogunsanya of Ogbongeblog

Joshua, Myself and Elroy of  MobilityArena

Jenny, Myself and Jide Aribisala

Some videos :

You can check out more videos at the #Empower3600 YouTube playlist here. I will also be uploading more #Empower3600 videos there in the long run. So, ensure you subscribe...

If you were not at the event, I bet you missed alot.

See you at the next event holding soon!

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Frequently Asked Questions on C-PROTECT Anti- Glass break Solution and Answers

Frequently Asked Questions on C-PROTECT Anti- Glass break Solution and Answers

What is C-Protect?
C-Protect is Concept Nova’s unique solution to prevent accidents and incidents that may result from glass break or shattering. It is made up of a tough transparent adhesive film and an alarm system.

Is C-Protect’s film bulletproof?
No, not this version.

Where can I get C-Protect?
C-Protect can be gotten from our online shop, our office or from any of our distributors nationwide.

Is C-Protect self-installable?
Yes, with simple Do-It-Yourself (DIY) tools and the manual, you or a tint installer can install C-Protect film on your car.

Does my windscreen need C-Protect?
Gratefully, no!  Windscreens are made to be tamper-proof and thus, do not need C-Protect.  

Is C-Protect for cars alone?
Of course not! C-Protect film can be used on any glass. As a matter of fact, we recommend C-Protect film to be used on accident-prone glasses like windows, doors and partitions.

How long do I need to leave C-Protect to cure?
Curing time for C-Protect film is at least 3 weeks. The longer the time the more adhesive it is to the glass and the more difficult it is to break or shatter.

concept nova anti glass break for cars

How is C-Protect’s film installed?
Like tinting films! See a video sample HERE

Do C-Protect films come in tinted versions?
Not yet. We know you want it and we are working to meet that demand.

Can I be a distributor?
Yes you can. You are welcome to be our broker or franchise partner. So you can earn while you refer or earn while you share.

For more information,visit www.concept-nova/CPROTECT , send a mail to info@concept-nova.com  or call 08150880054

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GlobalHosting247 Offers a Convenient Way to Host Websites in Nigeria

GlobalHosting247 Offers a Convenient Way to Host Websites in Nigeria

If you are looking for reliable and safe web hosting in Nigeria, this is a good place to start hosting your sites. With as low as N1,800/year you can acquire a basic plan hosting with 1GB disk space and 10GB Bandwidth + unlimited Mysql databases, unlimited Sub domains, unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited email accounts and more other features.

Hosting your website with GlobalHosting247.com is easy, you do not need to be a programmer. All you need to know is how to use your mouse to click. From your cPanel, you will be able to install CMS/scripts (wordpress, Joomla, OpenCart, Magento, SMF, & many more others)  yourself. You do not need any knowledge of coding to get started. They can also provide you access to their demo cPanel incase you need to view how their cPanel looks like but you will need to contact them for this.

For payment Options, they accept wide range of options such as Bank deposit, ATM Transfer, Internet/mobile banking, USSD Transfer and Online payment on their website via InterSwitch/Quickteller popularly used online payment processor (Mastercard, Verve & Visa Card).

reliable web hosting company in Nigeria

Visit www.globalhosting247.com for more info. You can contact them by filling the contact us form on their website.

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Canva For Work Magic Resize Tool: How It Works and How To Use It (Video)

Canva For Work Magic Resize Tool: How It Works and How To Use It (Video)

Want to change the dimensions of your design without starting all over? With Canva For Work "Magic Resize" feature, it's simply magic!

The Canva Magic Resize tool simply allows you to automatically create multiple sizes of your design into the templates of your choice. You can use it to automatically turn a 300x250px image to different sizes for different platforms with a click of an "abracadabra" button.

It's particularly helpful if you are creating content for lots of different social media platforms, ad sizes or want to have a consistent look and feel across your marketing materials.

canva magic image resize tool

Once you click on the resize button, canva will open an individual tab in your Web browser for each format/size, so you can edit and save each version.

Below is a video which will show you how I resized an image to different sizes using the Canva resize tool.

You can offer this service on Fiverr.com and make money. wink**

NB: To resize your design in Canva you need a Canva for Work account.

How Much is Canva For Work?

Canva for Work is $9.95 per month when paid annually or $12.95 per user / month.

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The Adsense Privacy Policy Generator I Use and How To Use it (Videos)

The Adsense Privacy Policy Generator I Use and How To Use it (Videos)

make blog privacy policy for adsense

Google Adsense requires that all publishers have a privacy policy page on their blogs that informs visitors specifically about the use of cookies and log files to customize their advertising experience. If you apply for Google Adsense without having this page on your blog, your application will not be approved.

Drafting a page that contains all the required content for Adsense Privacy policy ain't easy but by making use of an online blog privacy policy generator, you can easily generate your own Privacy Policy that fills all of the requirements of Google Adsense.

I've uploaded a video to my YouTube channel that explains how to generate privacy policy page's content.

There is another video that explains how to create privacy policy page in blogger and how to add a tab to the Blogger navigation bar which links to the privacy policy page.

I hope these helps.

Ensure you subscribe to my YouTube channel if you don't want to miss my video tutorials.

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How To Get Payoneer MasterCard in Nigeria via DHL

How To Get Payoneer MasterCard in Nigeria via DHL

This is a guest post compiled by +Ubah Chetachukwu M.D  for OgbongeBlog

In February this year, I stumbled on a post on Ogbongeblog which explains how to open Payoneer account in Nigeria.

Surprisingly, I later got to know that I could withdraw my RevenueHits monthly earnings through Payoneer. (I've been searching for a domiciliary account to withdraw it). Nice.

Well, I signed up for Payoneer Mastercard at payoneer.com and I was approved almost immediately:

“Congratulations - your Payoneer account application has been approved!
Your Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard® card has been shipped to you by: Regular mail
Your card is estimated to arrive between 08 Mar 2016 and 15 Mar 2016”

Unfortunately my hopes were almost dashed when after almost 4 months, the Payoneer mastercard didn't get to me. I then decided to go for the expedited shipping option. This option simply allows you to receive the Payoneer Mastercard in Nigeria via DHL.

I sent a mail to Payoneer email address (customersupport@payoneer.com) to request for the expedition option. I also sent the following details to them  :

Street Address (limit to 60 characters):
Zip Code:
Phone number:

And they replied :

“We are pleased to inform you that your Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard® card was shipped via DHL.
Your card is estimated to arrive between 17 Jun 2016 and 22 Jun 2016.”

NB: I discovered I sent the wrong zip code/ postcode and I quickly alerted payoneer, but I was told that it doesn't matter as long as I gave them my correct address.

An hour later DHL sent me an email:

“CHETACHUKWU UBAH, Payoneer has sent you a shipment via DHL Express. Details and a link to track the shipment are below. If you have any questions contact Payoneer Customer Service at: http://www.payoneer.com/contactUS.aspx Thank you.”

The card was shipped on Tuesday, the 13th of June and it arrived on Thursday, with the tracking code given to me I knew every location of my card, even when it was collected at the facility by the DHL delivery man and delivered at my doorstep.

How Much Does Payoneer Charge for Sending The Card To Nigeria via DHL?

$50 dollars was deducted from my account for this.

$24 dollars was also deducted from me at the ATM too. I guess it's for the annual maintenance fee.

That's all.

How did you receive your Payoneer mastercard in Nigeria? DHl or Normal delivery?

This post was written by +Ubah Chetachukwu M.D She blogs at PromoNigeriaBlog.com. You can add her as friend on Facebook here

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How I Fund My GT Bank Dollar MasterCard

How I Fund My GT Bank Dollar MasterCard

Earlier, I shared info on how you can get dollar MasterCard at GTBank Nigeria. In this post, I want to quickly share with you, how to fund the Guaranty Trust Bank Dollar Card. Funding the card is quite easy. I fund mine via the GTBank Internet Banking or by making use of the GTBank mobile app.


  • Sign in to your GT Bank Internet banking dashboard
  • Click on "Account Transfers"
  • Click on "Own Account Transfer"
  • Select your GTBank dorm account from the "From" drop-down
  • Select your dollar card account number from the "To" drop down
  • Enter the amount you want to transfer
  • Click "Submit"

fund gtbank dollar mastercard

Press the white button on your token device and type the transaction code generated in the space provided to approve the transfer.

If successful, the amount transferred will reflect in the balance of the GTBank dollar card account.

That's all.

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GTBank Dollar MasterCard : Charges, Limits and How To Get it in Nigeria

 GTBank Dollar MasterCard : Charges, Limits and How To Get it in Nigeria

The GTBank Dollar MasterCard is what I now use to make online payments in Nigeria on websites that bill me in US dollars. Hence, no need for converting Naira to dollar when making making payments online at those sites. So far, I've successfully used it to pay for Google & Facebook ads, web hosting, domain registration, Google apps for work, MadMimi subscription etc

Using the GTBank Naira MasterCard makes no sense to me anymore because of the current Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) monetary policy which allows the Naira to float against the US dollar at the inter-bank market, rather than holding on to a fixed peg. What this simply means is that your bank can charge you N330 per US$ today and N410 per US$ the next day. So, to avoid stories that touch the heart, I decided to go for the Dollar MasterCard and also considering the fact that I earn online in US dollars, I didn't have to think twice.

One thing I so much like about the card is that it is NOT linked directly to my GTBank domiciliary account. A separate account was created for the card. I have to move funds to the card by myself from my dorm account to the card's account whenever I need dollars for my online payments. Cool, isn't it?

My GT bank dollar debit card is customized with my name. The card number & expiry date appear at the front of the card while the 3 digit Card Validation Value (CVV2) is printed on the reverse side of the card, beside the signature panel. Validity of the dollar card is 2 years.

gtbank Nigeria dollar mastercard

How Can I Get Dollar MasterCard by GTBank in Nigeria?

Getting the Dollar MasterCard by GTBank is quite easy if you already have a dollar (dom) account with GTBank. You only have to go to the nearest branch to fill the GTBank Dollar Debit MasterCard application form and ensure you have a minimum balance of $50 in your GTBank dom account. You can as well request for the application form to be sent to you via email, fill and scan back to your GTBank account manager.

For non-account holders, you will be required to open a GT bank dollar domiciliary account with the following documents:
  • Completed (USD) Domiciliary account form, 
  • 2 (Two) Referees, 
  • 1 (one) recent passport photograph,
  • a recent Utility Bill,
  • a copy of your Driver's License or International Passport and
  • minimum opening balance of $50.
My dollar card was ready for pick up at GTBank Makurdi branch after one week I submitted my application. Once it is ready for pick up, you will receive an SMS or probably a call from the bank. You MUST ensure you activate the card before changing the default PIN.

How To Activate GT Bank Dollar MasterCard?

Once you get the card, do not change your PIN immediately. You will have to activate it by calling GTCONNECT after which you can proceed to change the PIN. You can ask the customer care rep to direct you to where you can call card services for the activation of your card instead of using your personal phone. On the GTBank phone, you will see the number to dial for you to be able to talk to a rep that will activate your card.

The GTBank card services rep will ask for your bank account number, date of birth, number of accounts on your GTBank profile, name of the last person that paid into your account and amount, the most recent payment you made on your account and other questions just to confirm that the account truly belongs to you.

The rep will then tell you to wait for 10 or 15 minutes before changing the PIN.  Once you successfully change the PIN of the GTBank Dollar MasterCard, you can start using it to pay online from Nigeria and anywhere in the world.

GTBank Dollar MasterCard Charges and Transaction Limits

Transaction Limits

==> ATM Withdrawal: $1000 (or equivalent in the local currency of any transaction)
==> POS: No Limit
==> Web (Online): No Limit


  • Card Issuance Fee: $20
  • Annual Fee: $18
  • ATM Withdrawals: $3.50 per withdrawal
  • POS & Online transactions: Free
  • POS cash advance: $6.25 + 0.1% of transaction amount

NB: The charges are printed on the introduction letter enclosed in the white envelope which also contains your default pin and dollar card.

That's all.

If you know other dollar cards issued by banks in Nigeria that are better than this or have questions to ask, feel free to use the comment form.

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The Gionee M5 Plus : You Can Have It All

The Gionee M5 Plus : You Can Have It All


In a world domineered by different breeds of Smartphones, one would agree that it is increasingly getting difficult to choose a brand because, in reality, they all preach the same sermon. In that sermon are two uncompromisingly clear messages; a sleek phone with beautiful features or a phone with long lasting battery disregarding that question lurking in the corner of our minds; why can’t we have it all?

The new Gionee M5 Plus owns up to the challenge with a specially designed parade of the best of both worlds. The Gionee M5 Plus is set to deliver that long waited answer “You can have it all”.


Gionee m5 plus nigeria image price


One of the marvels of the Gionee M5 Plus is its 5020 powerful Milli Ampere battery that challenges you to a 3 day adventure of heavy usage yet promising to remain half full. Owning a Gionee M5 plus enlists you amongst the privileged few who never worry about battery life or charging at intervals. An addicted phone user will need to do a whole lot more to drain the magnificent long lasting prowess of a Gionee M5 Plus.

The battery power of a Gionee M5 Plus is undoubtedly yet to be unrivalled by any other phone. Even apower bank as important as it is in this clime wasn’t obviously made with a Gionee M5 Plus in mind because the Gionee M5 Plus will comfortably charge one.

The Gionee M5 Plus also has a unique smartpower consumption system that comprise a Power saving night mode, CPU intelligent frequency conversion, and an application that keeps you aware of your energy consumption.More so, the Gionee M5 Plus comes with a fully Metallic battery cover.


Beyond power, the Gionee M5 Plus has got an enormous memory space to offer. Space so gigantic you could almost forget to use the delete option on your phone. The new Gionee M5 Plus has got an incredible 3GB RAM and a 64GB internal memory expandable to 128GB.

The tempting space on the Gionee M5 Plus vehemently lures its user to yearn for more content; movies, games, music, pictures etc. because the space makes every adventure on the phone amazingly realistic and terrific in performance.

If you still need to delete old applications to get new ones or to get optimum performances then you need to reconsider upgrading to a Gionee M5 Plus.

The Gionee M5 Plus connects to your cravings for more and ensures that whenthat more is met, there is enough space on your phone to handle them.


Think of an elegantly Symmetric CurvedDesign, think of a Water Drop AMOLED display, think Gionee M5 Plus. Beyond its ultra slim body of 3.5mm, its 6.0 inches full high definition display, and its fully metallic frame, Gionee M5 Plus provides an extreme touch you can almost feel, all combined in a weight of just 211.5gramms.


The Gionee M5 Plus nurtures your obsession for pictures with a super sharp image quality that gets you to sometimes wonder if your snapshot is really you. Gionee M5 Plus has a 13MP rear Camera and a 5MP front camera combined with a 2.0 aperture ensuring every image reflects excellence.

Gionee M5 plus


How safe can a Gionee M5 Plus be? Is it because it has a finger print security unlock that responds within 0.1seconds or a safe box that ensures your calls, contacts, files, pictures, and messages are secure. Whatever it is, the Gionee M5 Plus provides adequate security for the attraction you will get for using the phone. The Gionee M5 Plus also provides a fingerprint unlock option for your messages, calls, contacts, pictures and files ensuring the phone is fitting to style and unique to you.


Its processor, the Mediatek MT6753, has an average performing central processing unit with a maximum speed of 1,300 GHz’s. Gionee M5 Plus also has a 4G+ Volte for high speed quality phone calls.  


GSM, WCDMA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, Android 5.1, Type C USB, G-sensor, Light Sensor and E-compass, DTS and HI-FI technology.  The Gionee M5 Plus also charges Superfast and comes with a reverse charging ability that can power four other phones simultaneously.

The Gionee M5 Plus is more than a parade of awesome features; it is the whole kit and caboodle of all you could ever wish for in a smart phone.
If you want to have your cake and eat it, then you really should be anticipating the new Gionee M5 Plus.

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Meet Me At Abuja Today at Empower3600 Launch

Meet Me At Abuja Today at Empower3600 Launch

Tha grand launch of the Empower3600 project will take place today at Abuja, Nigeria. I will there LIVE as one of the social media experts.

This is totally FREE for those that will be chosen to attend. Some of the topics we will teach include :

1. Setting up a successful blog
2. Information marketing
3. Website building and design
4. Online reputation
5. Developing a social media strategy
6. How to start your own Importation business
7. Ruthless execution.

You can register for the event at www.empower3600.com

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