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Access Bank Internet Banking Application Form

Posted on 4/20/2015

You will have to fill the Access bank internet banking application form before you can be enrolled into the Access Bank Online banking services.


Photos of HD Mini Projector Purchased From DealDey

Posted on 4/19/2015

Earlier this year, I stumbled on the HD Mini Projector deal on dealdey. The price was so crazy that I just couldn't think twice before clicking the order button.

The Projector was delivered to my doorstep in Benue state and below are the photos:


Postal or Zip Codes of Lagos and Other States In Nigeria

Posted on

While a friend was trying to fill the Google Adsense application form yesterday, it was required that she enters the Postal code. She followed the link suggested by Google but the link didn't open. She called me and I explained to her, how to get the Lagos post code online.


Codes for Google+, Twitter and Facebook Follow Buttons

Posted on 4/18/2015

Adding the Google+, Twitter and Facebook follow buttons to your Blogger or WordPress blog will make it easy for your blog visitors to easily follow you on those social networks without having to leave your blog.


Konga Free Airtime Promo is NOT from

Posted on 4/17/2015

If you've received a message from a friend, telling you that will give you free airtime if you fill a survey, please IGNORE IT.

Konga has announced on Facebook and Twitter that the message is FAKE and that they know nothing about such promo.


How To Change Twitter Username Without Losing Followers and Tweets

Posted on 4/16/2015

If you've realized that you need a different Twitter handle, probably a shorter one or a more professional one, you can easily change the Twitter username without losing followers and your tweets.


QuickTeller DsTV Payment Guide : 2015 Update

Posted on

I've decided to publish this Quickteller DsTV payment guide to explain how to make dstv subscription payment online at The look of the site has changed since I published similar guide in 2012, hence the need for this update. Just follow me through the steps below:

==> Go to :


Practical Training On ShortCode Business, CallerTune Set Up, SMS Betting and More

Posted on 4/13/2015

Now that the Presidential and Gubernatorial elections in Nigeria are over, it's time to make more money :)

So, I'm using this opportunity to invite you to a 2015 smart mobile marketing bootcamp : a 1-day practical training which will set you on the Mobile Marketing Fastlane to Profit.


Download DW One Page Retro Responsive WordPress Theme Free

Posted on 4/08/2015

Creative Market is allowing members to download for FREE, the DW One Page Retro - Responsive WordPress Theme. You will only be able to download it for FREE this week, after which you will have to pay $49 to buy it at the website.


How I Add Facebook Comment Form To WordPress Blog Without Plugin

Posted on 4/06/2015

Placing Facebook comment form on WordPress blogs is possible without having to install any plugin. I added the Facebook comment form under the blog posts at without using any plugin. You too can. Just follow me through the steps below.


Twitter Trends Explained

Posted on 4/03/2015

It is common for many Twitter users to be tweeting about the same topics at the same time. This usually happens when major events occur and when there is a news about a celeb or public figure that is going viral. When those topics become so popular in discussions on twitter, they "trend" or become "trending topics".


How I Purchased a Software from Clickbank with Nigerian PayPal

Posted on 3/26/2015

This is a guest post compiled by Smart Nwosu  for OgbongeBlog

It's no more news that anyone in Nigeria can now open a verified PayPal account with his/her major Visa/MasterCard issued in Nigeria and use it to make payments online. Despite this, there is still this issue of Nigerians using their PayPal account to pay on Clickbank.


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