FCMB’s Response to CBN Sanction over TSA Funds

FCMB’s Response to CBN Sanction over TSA Funds

FCMB’s Response to CBN Sanction over TSA Funds

First City Monument Bank (FCMB) has officially responded to the sanction imposed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) over Treasury Single Account (TSA) Funds.

The statement issued by the bank reads:   “Yesterday, the Central Bank of Nigeria announced a temporary suspension of FCMB along with eight other commercial banks from access to the foreign exchange market.

This suspension is based on the Treasury Single Account Directive, which stops banks from holding funds on behalf of government entities and instead, effect daily remittances to the CBN. For our bank, this scenario is based on our non-payment/transfer of the remaining $125m NNPC fund with us to TSA.

As a financial institution with strong corporate governance rules, we have always fully disclosed the outstanding TSA funds in our books and have continued to work assiduously to fulfill our outstanding obligations.

The members of the NNPC Management Team have been kept fully in the picture on the funds. This development is really because of lack of foreign exchange availability and the prevailing fall in oil prices rather than concealment or willful non-compliance by FCMB. It is actually a widespread industry issue.

In conjunction with the other institutions, we are working closely with the Central Bank of Nigeria for an amicable and mutually beneficial resolution of this scenario.   As an institution, our fundamentals remain strong, our franchise is still growing and we remain firmly committed to our professional values”.

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TweetChat With EllaeCreative Holds 12pm Today! Join Me!

TweetChat With EllaeCreative Holds 12pm Today! Join Me!

Join me today by 12pm for an insightful Tweet chat with @EllaeCreative .


Just follow the hashtag #EllaeTweetChat on #Twitter and add the hashtag to your questions.


Looking forward to your questions.

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Owing The Gionee M5 Plus Is a Privilege

Owing The Gionee M5 Plus Is a Privilege

About three weeks ago, I read about the Gionee M5 Plus phone, and I felt indifferent as I habitually feel concerning all phones. I refuse to allow myself be cajoled with advertisements that display awesomeness but in reality,were flawed with imperfections.

I struggled to believe the claims promised by the phone but bought it anyway, hoping that for once; a phone will meet up to those unbelievable statements.It was going to be an exciting venture especially since I had by a side, a friend James, a die-hard critic of everything, especially phones.

The first thing we discover is that the Gionee M5 Plus has a very powerful battery life. We never understood the 5020 Milli Ampere battery feature until we used the phone for over three days and didn’t remember to charge. All through this period, the phone was heavily in use thanks to James who installed three battery-devouring games; “Darkness Reborn, Dungeon Hunter, And Zombie Catcher.”

gionee m5 plus batter

Secondly, the memory of the Gionee M5 Plus is one of a kind. I’m not a game freak, James is. But, I couldn’t possibly resist playing a game on the Gionee M5 Plus. Its 3GB RAM, and 64GB internal memory makes gaming seamless and extremely real. I remember having to collect five series of the Game of Thrones movie after I was lashed by my colleagues for not being in tune with trends.

Well, my Gionee M5 Plus phone didn’t even feel it. There is enough space for all my files, songs, videos, apps, games, pictures and even more on the Gionee M5 Plus. This is particularly remarkable because I hate deleting old files to get new ones. Multi-tasking on my phone is now fun compared to my old phone that hangs every now and then.

Thirdly, the security promised by the Gionee M5 Plus is not a joke. All contacts, messages, calls, pictures, and files can be securely kept in a safe box. This is no ordinary safe box for it will require your fingerprint to get access. The phone feels very secure particularly because no one, not even James can access the phone without my consent. The Gionee M5 Plus also provides an easy to use mobile security application against theft.

The Gionee M5 Plus then birthed in me an obsession for pictures and Selfies. In just three weeks, I have taken over 200 pictures; that’s more than my entire life album. Yes, that is how bad I have been with pictures. Now I really love seeing myself through the eyes of my phone camera; I actually look more charming. I wouldn’t blame myself too much because the Gionee M5 Plus has got a 13MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera, why wouldn’t anyone be obsessed with the quality sharp images.

gionee m5 plus image

Another thing that caught our attention was the beauty of the phone.

It has got a marvelous fully metallic frame and battery cover. It has a symmetrically curved design; you cannot but notice a person holding a Gionee M5 Plus phone. The Gionee M5 Plus has been a very useful conversation starter for me, especially with ladies. I just drop my phone on the table and like a recorded script, they tell me, “awwwwwn, I love your phone, what brand is it? Such beauty, can I see it?

The beautiful slimness of the Gionee M5 Plus holds at 8.4mm,and its weight is just 211.5 grams with a 6.0 High Definition Amoled Display.

Finally, the Gionee M5 Plus is a machine. If not for James, I probably wouldn’t know the engine embedded in the Gionee M5 Plus. Its MediaTek 6753 Chipset processor has eight cores with an astonishing speed of 1.3GHZ; this is obviously the secret behind the great gaming and phone quality.
The Gionee M5 Plus has got GSM, WCDMA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, Android 5.1, Type C USB, G-sensor, Light Sensor and E-compass, DTS and HI-FI technology.  The Gionee M5 Plus also charges superfast and comes with an inbuilt power bank ability that can charge four other phones simultaneously.

Finally, when you have a phone with incredible features, a powerful 5020 Milli Ampere battery and a sleek exterior, like the Gionee M5 Plus,you are not just lucky, you are honored.

Be like James, he’s currently eating popcorn while watching War craft on his new Gionee M5 plus.

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How To Lock Pdf File With Password For Free Without Acrobat

How To Lock Pdf File With Password For Free Without Acrobat

You can limit access to a PDF file by setting passwords and by restricting certain features, such as printing, editing, copying of texts, images and other content. There are many ways you can achieve this on Windows and Mac but in this post, I want to share with you how to password protect a pdf file without acrobat software on Windows PC.

Unlike Adobe Acrobat which will cost you money once your 30-day trial expires, you can opt for the free PrimoPDF software which also allows users to lock pdf files with password.

Once installed, PrimoPDF allows you to encrypt entire documents without any price tag. Additionally, it lets you set permission passcodes for tasks such as editing, copying, and printing.

How To Get Started

Head over to primopdf.com or filehippo.com to download primopdf software and install on your PC

Open the pdf file you want to lock, go to "File" > "Print"

If installed successfully, you should see "PrimoPDF" in the list of printers. Select it and click "Print"

Once the software opens, click on "Change" next to "PDF Security" as seen in screenshot below :

password protect pdf file

Tick the "Open Password" and "Permissions" check boxes and set your security options as desired.

pdf password lock software

Click "OK" when you are done with the settings.

Click "Create PDF" to create the file.

Save to your desired location on your PC.

Open it and you should be prompted to enter a password as seen below:

That's all.

You can also use PDFMate free pdf merger software and if you a Mac user, you can lock pdf file with a password on your Macbook by making use of "Preview". It offers similar support and PDF encryption. Just "export", check the "encrypt" box and set your password.

I hope this helps.

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SimpleLink Lets ATM Card Holders Pay For Your Goods & Services Via a Link

SimpleLink Lets ATM Card Holders Pay For Your Goods & Services Via a Link

I am pleased to introduce SimpleLink to you.

SimpleLink, a product of SimplePay; is a payment solution that allows you to receive payment with a link.

As the Pioneering Link Payment Solution in Nigeria, SimpleLink is design to make it easy for small businesses to receive payment for their goods and services with a link. The payment link can be sent to customers as SMS, on Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc.

It is ideal for social media and offline merchants. Our objective is to make payment simple and to power social media commerce in Nigeria.

How Does SimpleLink Works?

1. Signup on SimpleLink.ng.

2. Enter your product or service.

3. Generate payment link and share to customers via SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram etc.

4. Customer clicks on the payment link you shared.

5. Checkout page pops up with items the customer is paying for, customer enters card details, delivery address and makes payment.

6. On payment customer receives invoice via email and you (merchant) receive notification of payment and delivery address by email.

simplelink online payment solution Nigeria


1. Sell with a link anywhere, no website needed.
2. Zero setup fees.
3. Send automated invoice to customer.
4. Less transaction service charge compared to other payment solution.
5. Forget about technology and focus on gaining traction for your business.
6. 24/7 customer service.
7. World class security in compliance with PCI Security Council standards.


It is free.  No registration fee. CAC registration not compulsory. Vaild ID is required (Drivers license, International passport) .  Fixed service charge of 1.5% + N10 is applicable.

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Nigeria Wins Medal Galore at Festival Of India

Nigeria Wins Medal Galore at Festival Of India

The much-anticipated ­Festival Of India has­ come to stay. Period­!

The parade was a to­tal showstopper, as t­hree gigantic hand pu­lled chariots from th­e ancient city of Ori­ssa towered high into­ the Lagos skyline. O­nly a cluster of bird­s flew higher. But wa­it, these were not bi­rds at all; they were­ drones -cameras in t­he skyes! After all, t­his was the only way ­the event could have ­been filmed. The para­de was a human sea st­retching as far the e­ye could see.

Igbokiti from Western­ Nigeria slugged it o­ut with the Kerala Sa­maj – an ethnic group­ from Southern India.­ While the Durbar Hor­semen raced with thei­r Punjabi counterpart­s from Northern india­ – heavily bearded, P­owerbiking, turbaned ­and screaming Punjabi­s who added spice to ­the blend! What enter­tainment! This showst­opper could be Nigeri­a’s premier internati­onal tourist attracti­on. The Igbokiti cult­ural group won 1st ­prize in the Parade ­category, while the O­riya Samaj won 1st­ prize in the Chariot­ Design category.

But we’ve only just s­tarted! What about th­e Indo-Nigerian EXPO ­that followed? And th­e concert nko? Phase ­two of the Festival w­as an international E­XPO, with up to one h­undred and fifteen co­rporate bodies, ethni­c exhibitors and reta­ilers taking stalls a­t the TBS grounds. Th­e Lagos Ministry of C­ommerce also accompan­ied 15 SMEs to the ve­nue, to help showcase­ their works in the i­nternational arena.

S­ponsors like MTN, Air­tel, GTB, Godrej and ­Z-World were bustling­ with activity. The f­ood court occupied a section of the ground­s and you could buy a­nything from Briyani,­ capatis, assorted ma­salas, you name it.  Honestly I was a bit ­of a greedy pig. I as­ked for a takeaway pa­ck so my wife would k­now what she just mis­sed! As I moved along­ the stalls I encount­ered the much-adverti­sed fashion and jewel­ry section. Yes, all those Bollywood saree­s, Punjabi suits, tri­nkets and whatnot whe­re all available at a­ffordable prices. All­ the stalls of the Fe­stival of India were ­beautifully decorated­ and the prize of bes­t stall went to the R­ajasthani Samaj. A word of advic­e to the organisers h­ere. Never plan such ­an event in the rainy­ season. Twice it sta­rted drizzling and I was afraid for the wo­rst. Luck shinned on ­them that Saturday. B­ut it was risky.

Finally dusk ushered ­in the final leg of m­y adventure at the Fe­stival Of India – the­ concert. The perform­ances began with colo­urful children from t­he various Indian Sam­ajas and cultural sho­ws from all over Indi­a. Up-and-coming acts­ like Aditi (Nigeria)­ and Pandey (India) w­ere also given an opp­ortunity. Pandey surp­rised and thrilled th­e Nigerian audience w­ith his rendition of ­Emergency from Dbanj ­and other Nigerian so­ngs in Nigerian langu­ages. Top Bollywood s­tar, Yuvika and Anup ­Jalota, as well as Ni­geria’s Sammy Okposo,­ Tee Mac and his Gold­ Convention, Ara and ­Pasuma were in a clas­s of their own. Nolly­wood personalities su­ch as Desmond Elliot ,Tina Mba and Saheed B­alogun to name a few,­ spent precious momen­ts sharing thoughts w­ith their Bollywood c­ounterparts in the sp­ecial Artists’ green ­room.

The surprise of the d­ay must have been whe­n Yamuna, a Nigerian ­dancer (Eastern Niger­ia), who had studied ­in India, took the le­ad in the Indian clas­sical dance category.­ Yamuna was brisk and­ controlled, with int­ricate finger gesture­s, characteristic of ­the complex Kathak st­yle. Even the Indian ­audience was held spe­llbound by her footwo­rk. Yamuna had chosen­ a particularly diffi­cult repertoire and I­ believe this is what­ earned her the title­. While Nigerians awa­it medals in the ongo­ing Rio Olympics, we’­ll just have to make ­do with this! Well-do­ne madam for making u­s proud.

I interviewed Bolaji ­Rosiji, Chairman of G­aurapad Charities (th­e official sponsor of­ the Festival) and Ch­airman of the Festiva­l organizing committe­e. He had this to say­: “Now that the festi­vities have taken off­, we’re asking Nigeri­ans to please join us­ as we embark on a co­llaborative project f­or the revival of our­ SMEs in Lagos State.­ We need to come out ­of this unprecedented­ economic crisis by b­uilding Nigeria from ­the bottom up. The la­rgest economy in Afri­ca (Nigeria) and the ­second largest SME ne­twork in the world, I­ndia, will partner fo­r mutual benefit".

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Domain Redemption Period : Meaning, Length and Fee

Domain Redemption Period : Meaning, Length and Fee

Wondering what domain name redemption period meaning is? Well, it's simply the status that most TLDs (.com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, etc.) enter if they are not renewed in time. It is the last stage of life cycle of a domain name when the owner of a domain name can redeem an expired domain name.

Once your domain name expires, you will have a non-guaranteed 27-day expiration grace period after the actual expiration date during which you can renew domain, i.e., reactivate the domain name at the regular domain price. The actual grace period can be different for each individual domain name registrar and domain name extension.

If you do not renew the domain within this grace period, it may be placed into auction for a week.  If not sold ( the domains are seldom sold at auctions), it enters a "redemption period" at the Registry.

In order to reinstate it at this stage, there is a $200 redemption fee plus a regular renewal cost for the domain (you can check it here), if domain is registered at Namecheap.

If the domain is not re-instated at this stage within 41 days (domain redemption period length), it enters a PendingDelete status at the Registry. On the 6th day, the domain in question would be released to the public for re-registration.

Normally, generic TLDs get released to the public approximately 80-85 days after the expiration date *if not* auctioned off.

Once a domain name is released to the public, anyone can re register it and the registration is carried out on a first come, first served basis.

Redeeming a domain is more time consuming and complicated than if the domain was renewed during the first 30 days of expiration. For this reason, it’s important to keep your domain name contact information up to date as attempts are made by domain registrars to email the various contact email addresses on a domain name before the domain expires.

You can check expiration date of a domain name by performing Whois Lookup via any Whois Lookup tool in the web. You can try: http://whois.icann.org/en

NB : You can check the domain redemption fee at godaddy and other domain registrars via the domain pricing page of their websites.

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How To Hide A WordPress Widget On Mobile Devices

How To Hide A WordPress Widget On Mobile Devices

If you've added lots of widgets to your WordPress sidebar or footer, I can bet it will make your site look cluttered when viewed on mobile devices. If you really want a great user experience for your readers then I highly suggest you hide some widgets from the mobile view of your responsive WordPress blog especially the irrelevant ones.

I simply accomplish this on Mobilitaria Tech blog by making use of css media queries. Alternatively, you can make use of WordPress plugins that can stop a widget from displaying on mobile devices.

CSS media queries are used for altering the properties of the website according to the device’s specifications. These queries allow me to target style based on different properties of devices such as screen resolution, width and orientation.

Let's say for example, I want to hide AdSense Matched-content unit from displaying when my WordPress blog is viewed on a mobile phone, all I need to do is to get the ID of the widget and add the code below to the "Custom CSS" file of my site :

@media screen and (max-width: 480px) {
 #text-12 {
  display: none;

In the example above, the code for the Adsense matched-content was added to a WordPress text widget whose ID is text-12.

You can add the CSS in “Appearance => Theme Options => "Custom CSS” or install JetPack WordPress Plugin, activate "Custom CSS" via JetPack settings and add the css above to "Edit CSS" via "Appearance".

Alternatively, you can make use of the plugins "Widget Options" or "ZigWidgetClass"

If you install "Widget Options" plugin, go to "Appearance" > "Widgets" and navigate to the widget you want to hide on mobile devices. Then, set the options as seen in the screenshot below :

Do you know other easy ways to hide WordPress widgets on mobile screens?

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Ti-Kon 2.0 - Locate, Monitor and Recover Your Car With Ease

 Ti-Kon 2.0 - Locate, Monitor and Recover Your Car With Ease


That was the sound of a slap to my face while trying to get into my car last Saturday. I had just finished at the salon around 9 pm and was heading home to rest after a stressful day at a friend’s wedding.

I turned around to see who dealt me that heavy slap and found myself face to face with a masked man who said “give me your keys now.” What! He was asking for keys to the brand new Kia Sorento hubby gave me for my birthday three weeks ago. I shuddered at the thought of my beloved baby taken away from me.

With trembling hands, I searched my handbag, crying, panting and sweating all at the same time. As soon as I got out the keys, he snatched it, entered the car and sped off.

I was rooted to one spot till I remembered to call my husband in panic. On telling him, he laughed and said “Babe, relax, the Concept Nova Ti-Kon Tracker was installed in the vehicle the moment it was bought.”

He was not in the country, so I had to get in touch with the company’s recovery team myself. In less than 48 hours, I got my car back. What a relief!

You know what? This tracking experience just got better!

With its new Listen-In and Panic Button features, Ti-Kon 2.0 now allows you to listen-in on conversations in your vehicle and call for help with the inconspicuous panic button.

tikon car tracking machine

Guess what? You get all these and more for less in the Concept Nova 12 for 12 Promo.

From August 12th to 23rd 2016, customers get the all new Ti-Kon 2.0 at a whopping 12% discount.

To get yours, click here, send a mail to info@concept-nova.com or call 08150880054.

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Warble Alerts : Email Notification Tool For Tracking Twitter Hashtags, Keywords etc

Warble Alerts : Email Notification Tool For Tracking Twitter Hashtags, Keywords etc

Warble alerts is an alternative to Google alerts which make it easy for anyone to track Twitter keywords, phrases, #hashtags, @mentions and more. It's a perfect Twitter monitoring tool for people who don't have all day to spend on Twitter.

By making use of Warble alerts, you won't miss any important tweet regarding a particular hashtag, keyword or phrase that happen when you’re working, sleeping or just too busy. All you just need to do, is to set up an alert and the alerts get delivered to your email once a day and you can read them on any device whenever you want.

Uses of Warble Twitter monitoring Tool

  • Set up custom, once-a-day alerts for almost anything.
  • Discover new, relevant content that you might have missed otherwise.
  • Monitor brands and brand engagement.
warble alerts

Warble is free to use, integrates directly with Twitter and sign-up is easy.

To get started, go to https://warble.co

Sign in with your Twitter account and set you your alerts for free.

If you want to gain more control over the type of alerts that you receive eg exclude retweets, set up alerts for tweets in a certain; you may configure your search according to Warble’s supported operators listed on the alert creation page.

Are you using Warble alerts? Do you know alternatives to Warble?

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