Konga Rolls Out Warehousing Infrastructure Project For Merchants in Nigeria

Konga Rolls Out Warehousing Infrastructure Project For Merchants in Nigeria

E-Commerce Giant to Offer Distributed Warehousing to 60,000 Online Merchants

Konga, Nigeria’s largest online shopping mall, is rolling out an extensive warehouse infrastructure project across Nigeria to service thousands more online merchants, it announces today. ‘Fulfilled by Konga’ will enable thousands of Nigerian online sellers, who currently sell through Konga, to store their merchandise in Konga warehouses and subsequently have the orders delivered by Konga’s in-house fulfillment team. The new initiative is set to reduce merchant order processing times from 40hours to 3hours - 90% reduction.

‘Fulfilled by Konga’ has been introduced to significantly reduce delivery times for customers across the country, and to make order fulfillment for its 60,000 merchants easier and more reliable. At present, merchants have up to three days to drop off their items at a distribution site, where Konga’s team will go on to deliver the item on their behalf. With today’s news, items can be selected and shipped on the same day. For Lagos deliveries, items can be delivered within 24 hours; a service that has been in beta for some months and has already seen a 98.5% success rate.

Konga’s flagship distribution centre in Lagos is an ultra-modern 60,000 sqft warehouse and houses over 200,000 items. With the launch of ‘Fulfilled by Konga’, plans are now in place to double its size to 120,000 sqft in 2017 as well as country-wide infrastructure project to build fulfilment centres in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja, as well as in Port Harcourt.

konga Nigeria warehouse

Speaking on the launch of ‘Fulfilled by Konga’, CEO Shola Adekoya says: “Konga has cemented a name for itself as an engine of Commerce & Trade in Africa, and the infrastructure project we are currently deploying has been developed to act as a catalyst for the entire e-commerce market in Nigeria. ‘Fulfilled by Konga’ is a dynamic solution that makes the process of doing business easier and more effective for our tens of thousands of merchants, whilst our customers will benefit from far shorter waiting times for their orders.

Warehousing and distribution is notoriously challenging in Nigeria; we have set ourselves a Herculean task of building a network of technologically advanced warehousing sites across Nigeria, that will bring speedy, cost efficient sales solutions for our growing number of merchants looking to do business online, and will act as a considerable boost to Nigeria’s growing ecommerce sector”.

Nigeria currently ranks 90 in the world Logistic Performance Index ranking and Konga’s activities will further improve performance in this sector.

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Why Most Nigerian Bloggers and Entrepreneurs Will Never Make It

Why Most Nigerian Bloggers and Entrepreneurs Will Never Make It

This is a guest post compiled by Paul Samuel for OgbongeBlog

As Entrepreneurs, the only that makes us smile more than getting a business idea is getting profit and getting lots of it.

Unfortunately, most Nigerian Bloggers and entrepreneurs only open their business for such aims and nothing more; they all want to make PROFIT, not Impact.

Which leads to a big problem; a communicable one that it is spreading among them all.

Of course we all want to make profit, but that does not mean we should produce counterfeit or copy others ideas just to sell to market who lacks those basic ideas.

This is prevalent in the Nigerian blogosphere.

If you look at the American style of blogging you will see that blogging to them, is a way to share with the world your ideas, experiences and struggles you have gone through to achieve a certain purpose. This creates a community around these bloggers, because people want to learn from their personal experiences and they are very valuable.

why nigerian bloggers don't make money online

Here in Nigeria, most bloggers see blogging as a way to post what is easy just to make money. No impact, no sharing of ideas, experiences etc. If you look left and right, all you will see are entertainment blogs posting same gists, news, gossips etc.

They may say it is all about passion and that is what they are passionate about. As far as ai am concerned, blogging is not all about passion, it is all about you.

I read SEO techniques only from a certain site not because they are ranked first in Google, but because it was a human being that wrote the articles which include his experience and struggles. They are not copied or robot written articles like the ones many of us do publish on our blogs.

Remember as a blogger you are not a big website, this goes for many health bloggers who behave like health websites. Stop posting as if you have tried everything you post and post the thing you have tried. Let people love you for your experiences and since everyone is unique, that will be something new.

As an Entrepreneur, or a blogger the only way you can make it is to make something new or something improved and attractive. Take Bella Naija or Linda Ikeji and Jide Ogunsanya for example, these people came when blogging was so new to Nigeria and in fact they brought something new and attractive to Nigeria that people loved.

So you cannot start a blog now and just expect people to love it. People will only love it if it gives something different and attractive.

As for many Entrepreneurs, learn from Mark Zuckerberg, this man impacted the world through his social media platform which practically connects people irrespective of distance or network. So long you have internet access, you can talk to someone in Africa even if you are in Bangladesh and now he makes billions from it. Every software and appliance created from MS Word, to Blenders, to Computers to air-conditioners was created as something new and to impact and improve people's lives...

That is why the big names of today are known and trusted. Not because they went for something that will make them profit big time, but because they went for something that will improve the standard of living or thinking in the world.

So you as an Entrepreneur or Blogger, instead of creating what others have created before, you can just improve what has already been created, bring out your own ideas into it. Rather than being an entrepreneur which is making his own brand of soap, or assembling cars, you can create something more than just doing what the Americans have done. Made in Nigeria will not make sense if it is not something improved on and REALLY made in Nigeria.

So rather than sitting and searching for a post on another blog to share, sit and ask yourself that if someone wants to make a reference to my blog, how will he describe it?, how will he describe me?.

Life isn't made for those who are searching for the easy things to do. It was meant for those who are here to remodel it to fit their own perspective.

Stay Healthy, Stay Wise..

This post was compiled by Paul Samuel He blogs at NewsPhases.com

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Need WordPress Plugin That Filters Posts By Tags In Admin Panel? Check This Out

Need WordPress Plugin That Filters Posts By Tags In Admin Panel? Check This Out

By default the WordPress "all posts" page only allows you to filter posts by dates and categories. Hence, if you want to filter your WordPress posts by tags, you will definitely not find it easy to do.

But guess what? There is a WordPress plugin that lets you filter posts by tags right in the WordPress admin panel. It also makes it very easy to filter WordPress posts by author, date range etc. It simply gives more custom filter option in list pages (posts/pages/any custom post types).

I use the plugin on my WordPress sites and I've decided to share it with you.

How To Filter WordPress Posts By Tags With WordPress Plugin

>> Sign in to your WordPress admin panel
>> Install and activate Easy Filter WordPress Plugin
>> Go to WordPress "Settings" and click on "Easy Filter"

>> Enable "Custom Filter"; enable "Taxonomy" option and select "Tags" as seen in the screenshot below :

>> Click "Save Changes"

If you go to the "All Posts" page, you should now see the "Tags" filter option as seen in the screenshot below:

>> Click the "view all tags" dropdown, select the tag you want to display it's posts and click the "filter" button.

That's all.

I hope it works for you.

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Why Natural Latex Mattress Is An ideal Choice?

Why Natural Latex Mattress Is An ideal Choice?

Mattresses have been around for ages. The pre-historic folks have been using straw, leaves animal skins and horse hair. Mattresses were regarded as important furniture even in those times. With development in every field mattresses too have gone under a lot of changes. Mattress technology has given users variety of synthetic materials.

Why is mattress significant?

People spend 1/3rd of their life sleeping. Improper mattress can cause crick in the neck or low back pain. Just imagine the exhausted mornings due to sleepless nights with turning and tossing. These issues can get reduced with sleeping on an ideal mattress. So to enjoy a good night sleep, it is necessary to have a comfy mattress.

Types of mattresses

Buying a comfy mattress is not difficult but buying BEST is challenging. Sleeping is a necessary activity to keep oneself healthy and renew the body. A good mattress is the one, which is comfy as well as firm enough to support the body properly, while sleeping.

In mattress technology, the materials used to prepare mattresses are foam, latex and visco-elastic. These new mattresses are easy to maintain because you can eliminate the debris that penetrates inside the surface with ease. Due to increase in production and globalization, mattresses have become inexpensive.

natural latex mattress

Why natural LATEX?

Latex is a natural material, which includes unique organic properties anti-bacterial, anti-dust mites and hypo-allergenic. No microbial organisms can survive on this material. Basically, latex is derived from rubber tree sap. It is firm, has more buoyant feel and durable. In addition, it resists to pressing down and so does not form body impressions. Due to its highly elasticity and buoyant qualities, you can roll easily from side to back or side to belly. This prevents disruption in natural sleep patterns.

Users report that sleeping on latex mattress has given them a chance to experience superior comfort level, which cannot be attained with usual inner spring mattress. Due to its pressure equalization property, you can avoid back issues, tossing and turning, and sleep disorders. Enjoy a fantastic sleep every night!

How natural latex is produced?

Sap from a rubber tree called Hevea Brazilensis is used to make natural latex. This rubber tree is cultivated in several tropical areas and Malaysia. A milky white thick liquid is collected in buckets, which seep out from diagonal cut made on rubber tree barks. This milky sap is then processed, emulsified, heated and vulcanized. This liquid sap turns into a flexible and solid form.

Which process gives the best natural latex? 

Two methods are used – Dunlop and Talalay. Both processes are similar but the new method Talalay includes flash freeze step that results in slight soft, less supportive feel. Alternatively, Dunlop process gives a mattress, which is fairly firm and more buoyant in feel than Talalay latex.

Dunlop latex is cheaper than Talalay latex and so you can save money but the preference depends on your needs and budget. You can get the best from both by making combo mattress with Talalay latex as top layer and Dunlop as the core. Thus you get basic comfort and good support with Dunlop and the soft Talalay on top provides a luxurious feel.

Features of natural latex mattresses

  • Durable – Latex lifespan ranges from 12 – 20 years. Its shape and elasticity remains the same, after all these years of usage.
  • Odorless – Pure nature latex comprises of six non-toxic chemicals, which has not displayed unpleasant smell to its users, until now. 
  • Pleasant sleeping experience – Movements of rolling are hardly noticeable because latex has a tendency not to contour strongly, when your partner moves. Therefore the total sleeping experience is very enjoyable in comparison to foam and spring mattresses. 

Visit Mattress Inquirer website to learn the basics, before investing. Therefore take time needed to compare, styles, brands and functions between different models, before paying. Buying a mattress is a huge investment that involves not just money but your health.

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Excellent Tips On How To Choose A New Mattress As Per Your Physique And Lifestyle

 Excellent Tips On How To Choose A New Mattress As Per Your Physique And Lifestyle

Getting a good sleep is dependent on various factors such as room temperature, stress level and comfort, however for getting it right, it’s important to start with basics and mattress you sleep on is the first building block for a peaceful slumber.

Need of A New Mattress

If you wake up achy or tired in the morning or if your mattress looks lumpy of saggy, it’s time to get rid of that old mattress. Moreover, if you sleep better at hotels than your own bedroom, your mattress is not giving you adequate relief; you need to buy a new mattress.

Replacing mattress can be a tedious job however. Not only because there are hundreds of models available from which you can choose, but the comfort of each person may vary and what is luxury for you may give backache to your partner. 

Besides that, cost is another important factor and a good mattress can cost you thousands of dollars. Therefore, you need to check various options before finalizing anything and in-depth coverage of mattresses can be found at bestmattress-brand.org.    

new mattress for good sleep


How to Choose A Good Mattress

Selecting Core of Mattress

The very first decision to be made is about the mattress's core which gives the support. There are four basic types: foam, latex, air-filled and innerspring. If you want a mattress that can give you bouncy feel, then you should go with innerspring mattress. 

In this one also, you can choose how springy you want the mattress to be with variation between 12 (the firmest and thickest) and 18 (the most compressible and thinnest).

If you prefer extra firm base, then, your search ends at memory foam mattress, which has less spring and which doesn't budge or sink beyond top layer.

Latex mattress are like memory foam ones with respect to its firmness, but it has more spring back than mattress foam one. This mattress can be your choice if you are looking for a dust mites and mold resistant mattress. These mattresses are long lasting and can last up to 15 years or more.

If you are looking for something different and want customization, then you should consider air filled mattress. This mattress has 2 side by side partitions and allows firmness of mattress to be customized according to what you and your partner wants.        

Consider About Your Lifestyle

Beside the type of mattress, it’s important to pay attention to your lifestyle, which includes your sleeping style and whether you sleep alone or with your partner. 

If you sleep on your side, then you'll require a surface which gives a lot of pressure relief or which has ability of dispersing while providing support to your body weight. In this case an innerspring mattress provides more relief than a latex or foam mattress.

If you sleep on your stomach, then you need an enveloping form mattress and will give you the best support. In this case, you should go with a dense air filled, latex or innerspring mattress. 

If you sleep on your back, then you need something in middle i.e. a surface which gives you support and can keep your spine aligned. You should consider doing princess and the pea impression for finding the best one for you.                         

If your partner keeps in tossing and turning all the night, then you should consider an innerspring mattress having pocketed coils, or latex , memory foam or a dual chamber air filled one as these mattresses provide good "motion isolation". However, remember that these models can be actually less relaxing for a restless sleeper.

Allergies issues

If you have allergy issues, then you should choose latex and form mattresses as these mattresses are mold and dust mite resistant. However, if you go for air topped with fiberfill or innerspring one, make sure to encase an allergy resistant cover in it so as to keep irritants at bay from you.


Health is what mattress the most and good sleep is vital to stay healthy, fit and refreshed. Sleeping on a good mattress that is suitable to your physique relives your whole day’s pain and makes you refresh in morning for new day. 

Therefore consider all above mentioned things before finalizing anything and most importantly, compare prices of various suppliers and choose the one available at the least possible cost.

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Getting a Good Night’s Sleep – Solutions to All Your Sleep Disrupting Problems

Getting a Good Night’s Sleep – Solutions to All Your Sleep Disrupting Problems

Good sleep is one of the most essential things to lead a healthy life. Sleep deprivation not only affects your physical health, but also the mental health. Interrupted sleep or inability to sleep can be really annoying.

It can seriously affect you by accelerating the growth of tumor, making you feel hungry frequently, increasing your weight, affecting your mood, making you underperform at office and home and impairing your memory etc.

There are several health issues that can affect your sound sleep. The good news is that most of the problems have solutions.

Highlighted below, are sleeping problems and their solutions .

1. Bruxism

Do you wake up in odd hours of night with painful jaws? You may have been grinding your teeth in the night. This problem is medically referred to as Bruxism.

Solution – Fix an appointment with your dentist. You may be prescribed with a teeth guard to be worn at night. This will prevent you from clenching your jaws in the night. You should avoid drinking alcohol before going to bed. If you have the habit of chewing gum, you should say good bye to the habit.

2. Frequent Urination 

Frequent urination while sleeping is medically called as nocturia. This is common when you get older.

Solution – Avoid drinking too many fluids and water before going to bed. If the problem persists men should have their prostate checked. Women can have urinary incontinence problems. Doing Kegel exercises may help in solving the problem.

3. Sleep Apnea 

This condition refers to uneven and abnormally loud snoring. Soft tissues grow in the throat and this blocks air passage at times leading to repeated stoppage of breathing.

Solution – You should meet an otolaryngologist who will recommend devices like CPAP device and nasal blocks etc.

4. Restless Leg Syndrome 

If you feel itching, prickly or tingling sensation in your legs while sleeping, it is called restless leg syndrome.

Solution – Consult your doctor to find the cause of restless leg syndrome. The cause could be diabetes, anemia or vitamin deficiency.

sleeping problems and solutions

Other issues that affect your sleep:

1. Late heavy dinner : Eating a heavy dinner late in the night is one of the causes for inability to sleep or sleep disturbance.

Solution – Avoid eating late. Avoid eating foods containing too much fat and too much protein. Avoid caffeine and alcohol intake.

2. Smart devices - Logging into your social networking accounts and chatting in the nights will surely affect your sleep.

Solution - – Keep your smart phones away from your bed. Just listen to your favorite music or read good books. Avoid watching TV in your bedroom.

3. Temperature : Is your room very hot or very cold? This can affect your sleep.

Solution – If it is too hot, wear clothes that are breathable and that can wick moisture. If it is too cold wear woolen clothes and use blankets to cover you.

4. Light : Light has the ability to affect the internal clock and prevent you from getting a good sleep.

Solution – Keep the lights off. Keep the window curtains closed.

5. Irregular routine : Going to sleep at different time everyday can cause sleeplessness.

Solution – Go to bed at the same time every day, including weekends.

6. Wrong mattress : This is an important reason not to be ignored.

Solution - Buy the right mattress, preferably memory foam mattress, to get good night’s sleep. You can get the best mattresses from www.sleepjunkie.org.

Make sure you find the problem for your disturbed sleep and find the solution for it. Get rid of the problem as soon as possible. Sleep well to enjoy a good health.

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Internet Business & Investment Opportunities Seminar To Hold in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja

Internet Business & Investment Opportunities Seminar To Hold in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja

Are you looking for real internet businesses you can invest into in Nigeria?

Are you willing to be empowered on how to start business in Nigeria, full time or part time so you can be financially independent?

If yes, then you should try all you can to attend the Internet Business and Investment Opportunities Expo put together by Today's Leaders Consulting.  The business expo will take place in Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

This is an opportunity where some people lives will be changed forever.

However I am sorry to inform you this opportunity is not for everyone.

Before you ask me why I said it is not for everyone. Let me answer you. Not everyone is willing to make sacrifices to change his or her live, and I really feel for many people who are not ready to seek knowledge. This year alone, I have attended training worth N250,000 and bought books worth N40,000.

Listen to me, everything you have can fly away, you can lose all your money but nothing can take your knowledge from you.

If you're ready to make sacrifices to become empowered, then you should attend the Internet Business & Investment Opportunities Seminar.

At the seminar, the organizers promise to show you a business where you can invest 220 euros (150k) and earn millions of Naira in less than a year. And according to them, your investment will be refunded to you whenever your are no longer interested in the business.

They also promise to mentor you via a dedicated whatsapp group until you make your first million, and you can make more millions over and over in the business.

If you're interested in the investment opportunity but don't have the N150,000, don't worry.

The organizers also promise to show you other investment opportunities which you can join with N8,000 or N22,000. You will also be exposed to a free skills Investment programme where you learn any business of your choice for free and also get paid in dollars for telling your friends about the organization, your Investment is N6600.

More so, you will learn more about :
  • Real estate Investment that you can start with N2000.
  • Online Importation Business - You investment is N10,000
  • Recharge Card Printing Business - Your investment is N10, 000 for the software or N70,000 for the machine.
You will also learn how to market your business in this 21st century.

You really do not have an excuse not to start a business after this training.

nigerian business coach
Convener & Business Coach


Date :  21st, 22nd October 2016
Venue: Chemline House, Obasa Close, behind Forte oil, Oba Akran, Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos
Time : 10am

Date :  23rd October 2016
Venue: Money Mart Centre, opposite DSTV multi choice, Plot 1398B, Tiamiyu Savage Victoria Island, Lagos.
Time : 1pm

Date :  10th, 11th, 12th 13th November 2016
Venue: Presidential Hotel, Birabi St, GRA Phase 1, Aba road, Port Harcourt.
Time : 1pm

Date :  10th, 11th, 12th November 2016
Venue: Presidential Hotel, Birabi St, GRA Phase 1, Aba road, Port Harcourt.
Time :  11am

Date :  13th November 2016
Venue: Presidential Hotel, Birabi St, GRA Phase 1, Aba road, Port Harcourt.
Time :  1pm

Date :  26th November 2016
Venue: Bayelsa Guest House, opposite Federal Ministry of Justice, Central Business Abuja District, FCT.
Time :  1pm

Date :  13th November 2016
Venue: Suite B16, Pasty Plaza, Opposite Redeemer's School or by RCC, Jabi, Abuja.
Time :  10am

Date :  1st, 2nd and 3rd of December 2016
Venue: Suite B16, Pasty Plaza, Opposite Redeemer's School or by RCC, Jabi, Abuja.
Time :  10am

Date :  4th of December 2016
Venue: Suite B16, Pasty Plaza, Opposite Redeemer's School or by RCC, Jabi, Abuja.
Time :  1pm

Note: Same thing will be taught each day. So, just pick one of those days to attend...

Gate Fee

Gate fee is  N10,000

50% discount if you pay before the date so you get to pay N5000.

How To Pay

Pay into :

Today's Leaders Consulting.

After payment, send your payment details to 08032887817

Note: If you can't attend in person you can get all the manuals for N10,000.

Enq: 08032887817

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Access Bank Reduces International Spend Limit To $200 Per Month

Access Bank Reduces International Spend Limit To $200 Per Month

The battle for defence of the Naira value has widened, affecting existing monthly international spend limits on all existing Naira debit cards (ATM cards). While some banks have suspended the use of their cards for online foreign transactions, Access Bank has instead, reduced the monthly international spend limit to $200.

The update was sent to my email and users have been encouraged to apply for any of the dollar denominated debit, prepaid or credit cards to facilitate international transaction needs.

Instead of setting international withdrawal limit for Access Bank Naira debit cards, the bank no longer allows the use of the card for withdrawal outside Nigeria.

access bank visa card international spend limit

Below is the summary of the new spend limits on Access bank Naira debit cards:

International POS Transaction - $200 per month
International Online Transaction - $200 per month
International ATM Withdrawal - Not Allowed

This is still better that the GTBank Naira Mastercard International spend limit which is currently pegged at $100 per month.

What's your take on this?

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How To Post On NairaLand Nigerian Forum

How To Post On NairaLand Nigerian Forum

For those who keep asking how to post on Nairaland Nigerian Forum, I've created a short video that will guide you on how to create a topic on Nairaland.

You will be required to login to Nairaland before you can create a post. So, if you don't have an account, you can register on Nairaland to get started.

You can watch the video below :

Kindly note that you cannot delete post on Nairaland once you submit it. Only the Nairaland moderators can hide your posts.

About Nairaland Nigerian Forum

Nairaland.com is an online community created by Seun Osewa in March 2005. It is targeted at Nigerians but the biggest in Africa. You can follow me on Nairaland via : www.nairaland.com/jidetheblogger

Recommended : How To Create Links On NairaLand

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TwitterFeed Will Stop Working Soon

TwitterFeed Will Stop Working Soon

After setting up a Twitter account for a blog I just created for a client, I decided it will be cool to integrate the blog with TwitterFeed so that whenever a new post is published on the blog, it gets tweeted automatically on the Twitter account.

Unfortunately, TwitterFeed will be shutting its doors on October 31st, 2016 according to the notification placed on the site. What this simply means is that, if you're using TwitterFeed to auto-post to Facebook pages, Twitter, LinkedIn etc, all the integrations will stop working by the end of this month.

Twitter feed shutting down

Users have been advised to try Dlvr.it or Buffer. You can as well try NetworkedBlogs or IFTTT.com

I will really miss TwitterFeed. How I wish they can monetize the service instead of shutting it down totally. :(

Do you know good alternatives to TwitterFeed?

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