Supercar.ng Set to Add Value to Online Selling and Buying of Cars in Nigeria

Supercar.ng Set to Add Value to Online Selling and Buying of Cars in Nigeria

Supercar.ng is an online car marketplace that offers an all-inclusive solution that makes it the one-stop hub for the buying and selling of cars online. Apart from the platform being easy to use and mobile friendly, it is designed to offer great user experience and value for money.

On the platform, you can shop for varieties of cars based on your budget, brand or model from any location. It also allows users sell any vehicle (cars, buses and trucks) with ease. There are no monthly subscription fees, individual car sellers only pay a token of N100 and advert will run for 60 days compared to other platforms where seller pay N2000 and run for just 30days.

Another feature that differentiates the platform from other car dealer websites is the car loan. Supercar.ng connects buyers to verified local car loan providers for reliable car loan quotes. As such, getting car loans becomes easier, faster and more convenient.

buy and sell cars in nigeria

In addition, users can also get quality car parts and accessories at the most affordable rates on supercar.ng. Hence, the platforms take off the stress of searching for reliable car parts off you. Getting desired car parts is just a click away.

Supercar.ng is aware that getting a good mechanic to service or repair your car is very rare, for this reason, the platform connects you to verified mechanics from different locations across Nigeria.

That is not all; you can access car insurance service that helps you save up to 20% on the average insurance premium service. An offer most can users find irresistible.

The platform is reliable as all cars are verified before they are uploaded on the site.

You can connect with supercar.ng on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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DomainKing.Ng Contest : N250,000 + Other Rewards Up For Grabs

DomainKing.Ng Contest : N250,000 + Other Rewards Up For Grabs

Last year, Some Nigerian bloggers won Innjoo Leap, Infinix hot smartphone and other amazing prizes in the DomainKing.Ng #DKNGLuckyBlogger contest. Fast forward 2016, DomainKing.NG is willing to offer up to N250,000 and other rewards to winners of the #DomainKingNGRocks contest.

This season, DomainKing is offering huge discounts on domain Name Registration and web hosting services till 18th December 2016. You can save up to 94% on all the services you purchase during promotional period. No web hosting company offers this kind of discount apart from DomainKing.

It doesn’t stops there!

DomainKing is also giving away Cash Prices of up to ₦250,000 to 13 lucky winners.

web hosting company in nigeria domainking

The Grand Prizes for the contest are:

1st prize – ₦100,000

The winner of the 1st prize will be rewarded a CASH PRIZE of ₦100,000

2nd prize – ₦60,000

The winner of the 2nd prize will be rewarded a CASH PRIZE of ₦60,000.

3rd prize – ₦25,000

The winner of the 3rd prize will be rewarded a CASH PRIZE of ₦25,000.

Consolation Prizes

10 lucky winners will get up to 100% Cash Backs on the purchases they had made.

register domain name in nigeria contest

DomainKing will be announcing the names of the lucky winners on 22nd December 2016 but the contest will end on the 18th of December, 2016.

You can click here to join the contest now and see how you can win.

You can also follow updates on the contest on Facebook, Twitter, etc via the hashtag #DomainkingNGRocks


NB :  I will be promoting this on social media etc but I will not emerge as one of the winners. So, join the contest. You might emerge as one of the lucky winners. 

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Price of New and Used iPhones in Nigeria On Black Friday 2016

Price of New and Used iPhones in Nigeria On Black Friday 2016

Black Friday Sales is in progress in Nigeria. It's an opportunity to get some discount while you shop for iPhone on Nigeria online shopping stores. In this post, I want to quickly share with you the price of iPhones in Nigeria during the black Friday 2016 sales event.

Apple iPhone 4s with Free Charger - 16GB - Black ( Used )
Original Price : N55,000
Black Friday Price : N36,999
Buy iPhone 4s Here

Apple iPhone 5C - 16GB + Free Charger & Glass Screen Protector (Used)
Original Price : N70,000
Black Friday Price : N64,999
Buy iPhone 5c Here

Apple iPhone 5 - 16GB - Black (USED) + Free Charger & Free Earpiece
Original Price : N72,000
Black Friday Price : ₦63,999
Buy Here iPhone 5 Here

Apple iPhone SE - 16GB, 2GB - Rose Gold
Original Price : N225,000
Black Friday Price : N215,000
Buy iPhone SE Here

iphone 6 price in nigeria

Apple iPhone 6 - 16GB - Silver (Used)
Original Price : N160,000
Black Friday Price: N155,000
Buy iPhone 6 16GB Here

Apple iPhone 6s Plus - 32GB - Silver
Original Price : N370,000
Black Friday Price : N360,000
Buy iPhone 6s Plus Here

iphone 7 gold price in nigeria

Apple iPhone 7 - 32GB - Rose Gold
Original Price : N378,000
Black Friday Price : N365,000
Buy iPhone 7 Here

Apple iPhone 7 32 GB Matte Black
Original Price : N400,000
Black Friday Price : N345,000
Buy iPhone 7 Black Here

iphone 7 price in nigeria

You can check out all iPhone Nigerian Black Friday Prices here.

Limited quantities available. So, grab yours now!!

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Black Friday Offer : Get Discount & Free Activation Key For NetDivo Recharge Card Printing Software

Black Friday Offer : Get Discount & Free Activation Key For NetDivo Recharge Card Printing Software

Black Friday is here again, the most anticipated shopping event of the year.

Starting November 25th to midnight November 29th, you have the chance of getting a free activation key for the Netdivo ePin manager; a universal software for printing recharge cards in Nigeria.


Just order for three activation keys and get one FREE.

That is a whooping N20,000 discount. i.e you pay N18,000 to get N38,000 worth of activation keys. So, if you sell the 4 keys @ N9,500 each, you will earn N20,000 profit. Awesome huh?

nigeria black friday deals for netdivo recharge card printing software

If you are a new user of the software or you have installed but not yet activated it, this is a chance to get the activation key at a discount price. During the black friday sales event, you can get the authorization code for the NeDivo epin manager software for N6,000 instead of N9,500.

You can download NetDivo ePin Manager free here and read more about the Netdivo black friday offer here.

The free pdf manual on how to use the software and the video guide are also available at : www.RechargeCardPrinting.com

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Gionee S6s Unboxing Photos : A New Way To Selfie

 Gionee S6s Unboxing Photos : A New Way To Selfie

When the perfect comes, the good has to give way. The Gionee S6s is an ingenious craft of perfection. It comes with a back Fingerprint Shutter for capturing Selfies and a Front flash for perfect Selfies even in imperfect lighting conditions.

Gionee S6s android phone photo

The specifications at a glance

Gionee S6s specifications

There’s a secret inside this box, let’s unwrap it together.

Ahaaa!!! The S6s, The grand master of Selfies…. Don’t be in a hurry to see the phone common, let’s check out the other contents. The best is reserved for the last.

Yeahh!!! We are getting there. What do we have here?

Now here are the treasures, let’s pick them one after the other.

From the very least, yet powerful, Gionee S6s comes with a non-removable battery so here’s the pin for the SIM slot.

Let’s keep the momentum; the next is the warranty card. Who needs that anyways? The Gionee S6s will give you no worries.

Next up is something very dear to my heart. Solid and alluring in every way. Stop giraffing! You couldn’t even wait for my epistle, anyways; you know it already, its THE EARPIECE.

Gionee S6s earpiece

Let’s talk about, poise, perfection, precision and the pouch.

I know you are still staring at the pouch. We have to move on you know, the pouch can’t charge your phone. You need the charger and the USB cord.

What else do we have??

The extra screen guard to keep the beauty ministry flowing. Included is a screen wipe.

The moment you’ve been waiting for. The Gionee S6s. Before I put it on, let’s check its body and curves.

Remember I told you there’s a secret to this phone. Well, this is it.

That space right there is a finger print shutter for taking Selfies. Just touch to capture that beautiful face.

Let’s move on. It’s got a 13MP rear camera. For clear, sharp and quality images.

Now here’s another special feature. The 8MP front flash with front flash so you can keep slaying even in low light conditions. I’m sure you are already imagining your hand on the back fingerprint and your face in front.

Here’s the USB port and earpiece jack.

The Slim slot… Slim to perfection

The speaker vent

Lets put on the phone.

There you have it… The Gionee S6s is a wonder to behold, beautiful inside and out.

You should be getting ready to buy yours. . Visit our Gionee Facebook Page here to visualize this beauty.

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You Can Now Buy Female Shoes Online from JustHerShoes.com

 You Can Now Buy Female Shoes Online from JustHerShoes.com

Justhershoes.com is an e-commerce platform where ladies can source/buy any kind of female shoes they want.

The ecommerce platform has secured partnership with top local and international dealers, with plans to move beyond Nigeria early next year, all in the bid to position Justhershoes.com as the largest online female shoe store in Nigeria.

The new brand was founded by Okeke Vincent Chidozie, Nigerian entrepreneur and founder of Dovichi Services, with the aim of creating single platform that focuses on sales of classic, but affordable female shoes online, and become the first of the mind reference point for female shoes in Nigeria.

buy shoes online justhershoes

You can visit www.justhershoes.com to shop for lovely female shoes.

Use the COUPON to get 30% off: BLACKF


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How To Get Benue Bus From Eastern, Southern and Northern Nigeria

How To Get Benue Bus From Eastern, Southern and Northern Nigeria

In this post, I want to share with you, how to get benue bus from easthern, southern and Northern Nigeria. I work and live in Benue state as at the time of publishing this post. I've travelled to and fro Benue state from other states in Nigeria. So, this post will be helpful, especially to the benue corpers.

If you are coming to Benue from Lagos, you can get benue bus at at Iddo motor park (Oyingbo), Lagos State. Benue Links park in Lagos is located right there, directly opposite G. Kappa. Right there, you will also get buses going to Gboko or Otukpo in Benue State. Apart from Benue Links buses, you can also board Silver Travels buses from Lagos to Benue state. Getting to Iddo park is very easy. Just find your way to Yaba and board a keke that can drop you at iddo park. You can easily get Yaba bus from Oshodi and some other parts of Lagos. The iddo motor park is meters away from the train terminus. Lagos to benue is like 12 hours.

If you are coming to Benue State from Ijebu Ode, it's highly recommended you go to Lagos to enter a benue bus as explained above. If you go to Fari bus stop along the express, you might be delayed. No guarantee you will even see direct benue bus there. Most buses you will see there are buses going to Onitsha, Enugu or Ebonyi state. Alternatively, you can book a benue bus from Lagos and tell them to pick you up at the Fari bus stop or under the ijebu Ode bridge at the express. Silver Travels can pick you up at Ijebu Ode if you pay into their bank account before the day you want to travel.

benue links transport company bus nigeria

If you are coming to benue from Enugu, ask a keke to take you to Entraco park  Enugu State Transport Co. Ltd) at no 5 Onitsha Road Opposite Radio Nigeria. You will see benue buses right there including benue links buses. Alternatively, there is SCOA buses just by the fence of the Enugu prison just before the new Government complex. They share same space with the petrol station by the road side. If you are closer to 9th Mile or Obollo Affor, no need going to Enugu town, you can also get cars that can bring you down to Benue state from there. Those towns are closer to Benue state. Enugu to Makurdi, benue state is like 4 hours. Enugu to Otukpo, Benue state is like 3 hours.

If you want to travel to Benue state from Abuja, you can go to Sharp corner motor park at Mararaba. There are lots of benue buses and cars right there including De Young, Ejifa Motors, Dominion Motors etc You can also get benue bus under bride at Nyanya. Benue links park in Abuja is also located beside Rajab Plaza, Opposite Area three (3) Junction, Durumi ABUJA.

If you are coming to Benue from Onitsha in Anambra State, just go to Upper Iweka and take a bike to Benue Links park at Menax Field. You will benue buses right there. Onitsha to Makurdi is like 5 - 6 hours.

If you want to travel to Benue state from Port Harcourt River State, you can get benue bus at Oil Mill bus stop at Aba road. Benue links park in port harcourt is located behind Oil Mill Bus Stop, by Ajiro Motors.

If you are coming to Benue from a state not mentioned above, you can check addresses of benue links parks in Nigeria at www.benuelinks.org/branches.php

At Benue links transport company parks, you can also get lagos bus and buses to other parts of Nigeria. Benue links park in Makurdi, benue state is at Gboko road, very close to the food basket roundabout.

food basket round about makurdi benue state

I hope this helps.

There are cheap hotels in Benue and lots of fun places you can always hang out. Feel free to contact me if you need help.

Safe Journey!

Posted to Benue State for NYSC? This Info Might Help You

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Google Plans To Disable Adsense Ads On Fake News Sites

Google Plans To Disable Adsense Ads On Fake News Sites

People are taking advantage of social networks to make money using fake news. False news stories have become a sore point after the U.S. presidential elections with critics blaming internet companies like Twitter and Facebook for having had an influence on the outcome of the elections as a result of the fake content including the use of photoshopped images that went viral.

As a result of this, Google no longer wants placement of its ads on sites distributing fake news.

google office in usa

We've been working on an update to our publisher policies and will start prohibiting Google ads from being placed on misrepresentative content, just as we disallow misrepresentation in our ads policies,”. “Moving forward, we will restrict ad serving on pages that misrepresent, misstate, or conceal information about the publisher, the publisher's content, or the primary purpose of the web property.”

Google evidently expects that the threat of a cut in revenue from ads will dissuade sites from publishing fake content.

You can check out the Adsense policy here.

adsense fake news policy

By removing a potential revenue stream, it will make the business of fake news a bit less lucrative.

Facebook has also updated its policy to rule out fake news sites from using Facebook Audience Network, which places ads on websites and mobile apps.

What's your take on this?

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How To Get Jumia Black Friday Ad Banner Code From Your Affiliate Dashboard

How To Get Jumia Black Friday Ad Banner Code From Your Affiliate Dashboard

Jumia Black Friday Sale 2016 is currently in progress and will end on Friday, November 25th 2016 on all Jumia websites – Jumia Mall, Jumia Food, Jumia Car, Jumia Market, Jumia Travel, Jumia House and Jumia Deals. Top brands like AXA Mansard, MTN, Binatone, Innjoo, Infinix, Poly Star, HP, Intel, Etihad airways have partnered with Jumia to bring to Nigerians the largest shopping event of the year.

If you're a Nigerian blogger, this is another opportunity for you to earn money online from Jumia Affiliate marketing program. All you need do, is to promote the Jumia Black Friday deals and you will earn commission when anyone buy anything on Jumia sites through your unique Jumia affiliate link or ad banner.

If you don't have the time to generate ad banner codes or links for each product on Jumia online shopping site, you can still place an ad banner that can direct your blog readers to check out all the Jumia 2016 Black Friday deals.

To generate the Jumia ad banner for your blog, follow me through the steps below :

Sign in to the Jumia Affiliate Dashboard. Sign up If you are new to the platform.
Click on "Tools"
Click on "Banners"
Select "Jumia Nigeria" from the drop down
Click on "Jumia Black Friday"

jumia black friday ad banner for afifliates

Scroll down and click on the banner size you want to display on your blog

jumia ad banner code

Copy the banner ad code and place it on your blog.

If you are using Blogger/Blogspot platform, go to "Layout" > Add Gadget. Select "HTML/Javascript" gadget, paste the code in it and save.

If you're using WordPress, go to "Appearance" > "Widgets". Drag a "Text" widget to the sidebar and paste the code in it.

I hope this helps.

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How To Earn Quick Money For Your Financial Needs : Free pdf

How To Earn Quick Money For Your Financial Needs : Free pdf

This is a Sponsored Post

Making money online is not as easy as it’s made out to be. There are a host of so-called ‘online opportunities’ out there, but most of them demands LOT of hard work, highly complex, overly competitive and time-consuming.

Most of them are only for the experts in the field or for people who have money to throw away all in the name of "adverts" - not for those looking for a quick way to make money.

If you're looking for a quick way to earn money online, permit me to introduce you to the new Zarfund investment platform.

earn money online zarfund investment

What is Zarfund Investment ?

Zarfund is an easy-to-use money making system, created by entrepreneur Hannes Jordaan as a means for ordinary people to get direct funding for their financial needs. You may wish to use Zarfund to help fund your business idea or you might want to use it for other reasons. Either way, you can get the financing you need with little effort.

Zarfund is a subscription service. You pay a monthly subscription to get access to a variety of digital media and services.

The program works in Bitcoins. As an example of the kind of turnover you can expect, you can potentially turn 0.03 bitcoin, (n12,000) to 164.26 bitcoin,  (n51.5 million naira) within the space of a few months.

If you’re really serious about making money, you might want to take advantage of Zarfund’s FREE Business Guide. Instantly download your guide here.

The Business Guide will not only provide you with full training on how to use Zarfund effectively, it will also give you valuable information and an incredible amount of help, completely free of charge!

Don’t waste another second – sign up for Zarfund now!

You are also invited to join the Zarfund Whatsapp group for training.
Here’s the Whatsapp number: 08094736281

Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Spaces are limited due to high demand, so sign up now to avoid disappointment.

Join the Zarfund club here 👉 https://chat.whatsapp.com/7VDiyFkdMFB4dZZc9F3a6X

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