Blog Of The Week : Seasoned Life Journal

Blog Of The Week : Seasoned Life Journal

Seasoned Life Journal has emerged as the blog of the week.

This is the sixth blog to be showcased on this blog for FREE since I started the "Blog of the Week" series. Arsenal NewsPaper, Maverick Excel Blog, Naija Single Girl BlogTrend Living Blog and  Dobby's Signature are the first, second, third, fourth and fifth respectively.

Seasoned Life Journal is a personal development/Inspirational blog that is focused on Intentional living, personal leadership and fulfillment. If you are passionate about your dreams and goals and you need guidance to bring them to reality, this is the blog you need.

You will be exposed to practical timeless principles to help you develop clarity, build working system around your passion and deliberately produce consistent results in your business, family, Job, etc.

Abraham Ologundudu is the founder of Seasoned Life Journal. He is a personal development strategist, writer, speaker and trainer.

He helps passionate individuals like you to develop effective personal leadership in other to lead your life to fulfillment.

With his guidance you will begin to maximise your potential, intentionally attract your desired success and ultimately live your dreams.

Check out the blog at : www.seasonedlifejournal.com

You can connect with Abraham via the links below:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ologunduduopeoluwa
Twitter: (@Iamoabraham)
Instagram: @Iamoabraham

What's your take on this?

Feel free to recommend interesting blogs I can feature as the "blog of the week".

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Spaceship by Konga Helps You Warehouse Your Products and Manages Delivery Of Your Orders Nationwide

Spaceship by Konga Helps You Warehouse Your Products and Manages Delivery Of Your Orders Nationwide

In a bid to ensure a seamless flow in delivering orders to customers, Konga have come up with a unique service for Konga mall merchants called Spaceship by Konga. Hence, you can now sell on Konga from anywhere in Nigeria without having to worry about how to get your products to Konga drop off center every time you have a new order to fulfill.

spaceship by konga logistics service

If you own a Konga store, the Spaceship by Konga service will provide warehousing for your products and also manage the delivery of your orders nationwide. To drive this service, Konga is in partnership with XL express and Logistics ltd ( http://www.xlafricagroup.com/ ).

Benefits of Using Spaceship by Konga

According to the article on Konga seller academy, below are the benefits of using Spaceship by Konga:

  1. The warehousing service will enable you save the transportation cost you always incur whenever you want to fulfill an order at a drop off center.
  2. You can easily manage the inventory stored with the warehouse service provider with a mobile app. This will help you ensure you restock on time so you don’t run out of business.
  3. The warehousing service ensure your products are safe and secured. Your products are fully insured.
  4. With the warehousing service, you have faster fulfillment of orders and payment remittance.
  5. With the warehousing service your returned item is immediately re-stocked in your inventory.

konga warehousing service for konga mall sellers

How Do I Get Started With Spaceship by Konga?

To get started, you will have to contact XL Express and Logistics. Thereafter, you will fill form, pay for the warehousing plan that suits your store and arrange for goods to be shipped to XL warehouse. Once payment is confirmed, the warehousing provider will confirm your inventory and activate your account.

If you want to subscribe to spaceship by Konga, kindly note that rental cost for the Konga warehouse space starts from N3,000 per month for a cubicle (10.8m x 10.8m x 10.8m).

You can check out the Konga warehousing subscription plans and contact details of XL express and Logistics ltd here.

What's your take on this?

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How To Pay Your Konga Store Monthly Subscription

How To Pay Your Konga Store Monthly Subscription

If you operate a Konga seller account, you are now required to pay a monthly membership fee of N1,000 or N2,500 for 10 live products and unlimited products listings per month respectively.

Failure to subscribe will lead to the suspension of your Konga store i.e your products will no longer be live on site for buyers to purchase until you subscribe to a plan.

According to Konga, the monthly subscription was introduced to ensure only serious and disciplined sellers remain on the platform.

So, How Do I Subscribe?

>> Sign in to your Konga SHQ dashboard at http://shq.konga.com/
>> Click your store name and click on "Settings"

konga mall monthly subscription prices

>> Click the "Subscription" tab and click on “Update Plan”
>> Select a Plan
>> Choose a Payment option. Payment can be made using KongaPay or a Debit card.
>> Provide the details as requested depending on the payment option selected.

You will be notified if payment is successful.

NB: You will receive a notification on your Konga Sellers HQ dashboard once your subscription payment is due.

Recommended : How To Sign Up for KongaPay

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GTBank 737 Code Now Lets You Open Bank Account, Transfer Money, Buy Airtime, Pay Bills, Generate Token, Check Account Balance etc On Your Phone

GTBank 737 Code Now Lets You Open Bank Account, Transfer Money, Buy Airtime, Pay Bills, Generate Token, Check Account Balance etc On Your Phone

In the age of digital revolution, it is the very simple technological innovations that often have the most transformative impact on people and the society. Foremost financial institution; Guaranty Trust Bank plc has once again set a new standard in electronic banking services with the introduction of Bank 737.

Bank 737 is a simple, smart, and safe way to bank anytime, anywhere and on any device. It offers a very simple banking alternative which remarkably does away with virtually all of the limitations of not just conventional banking (going to a bank branch for banking services), but also online banking. While conventional banking requires the physical presence of the customer at a bank branch, and online banking demands Internet access and a mobile application, banking via 737 requires none of the above.

gtb 737 transfer service ussd code

Imagine if opening an account was as simple as dialing a number from your mobile phone or transferring funds was as easy as sending a text message, or paying bills could be done at any time of the day, even long after banking hours.

Imagine if you need to make an urgent transfer online and your data just ran out and you don’t have your hardware token to complete the transaction. Truth is, at some point or the other we have all experienced those moments when we wished banking could be as simple as ABC’s and 123’s. Well, in this case, GTBank has made it as simple as 737.

Bank 737 is a true test of simplicity. GTBank customers no longer need to bother about data or internet connection as the service is built on a USSD interface which enables it work on any type of mobile device. Users are required to simply dial the short USSD *737# from any mobile phone to get started.

GTBank’s 737 offers a wide range of banking services, from money transfer to card less withdrawal, bill payments, airtime recharge and even unique services like token pin generation, checking the status of cheque book request, retrieving internet banking details, amongst others. It is not just about the wide range of services available on the 737, but how the services are delivered; by simply dialing *737# on any mobile phone.

If the simplicity of the Bank 737 is amazing, its speed is even more so. Transactions using the 737 take less than a minute to conclude, meaning it is even quicker than online money transfer. It gets even faster with the availability of short access codes. Among these are *737*0# for account opening, *737*7# to generate token code, *737*37*Amount*Smart Card No# to pay for Star Times Subscription and so much more.

Backing up its simplicity and speed, is its security. The customer is the only one who can access the 737 services for his or her GTBank Account because it only makes use of the mobile number that is linked to the account. Bank 737 also requires customers to personally sign off all their transactions by providing the four last digits of your GTBank Naira MasterCard.

GTBank is regarded by industry watchers as one of the best run financial institutions in Nigeria and across its subsidiary countries. The bank is renowned for its innovative financial solutions, superior financial performance, world class corporate governance standards and excellent service delivery. The bank’s latest E-payment service, known as the 737 banking, is considered a veritable alternative to in-branch banking as it offers a faster, safer and more convenient way toperform financial transactions.

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Visa Nigeria Hosts Nigerian Tech Bloggers In Lagos

Visa Nigeria Hosts Nigerian Tech Bloggers In Lagos

Global electronic payment company, Visa recently hosted Nigerian tech bloggers in Lagos, Nigeria.

The event, which took place on the 7th of April at Radisson blu hotels, Victoria Island Lagos, was organized to help educate and engage tech bloggers on Visa’s role in promoting secure electronic payments. The forum featured an informative two hour session with Visa Country Manager Ade Ashaye as he provided insight into the evolution, benefit and potential future of the Nigerian financial cards industry.

Speaking at the event, Country Manager Visa West Africa, Mr. Ade Ashaye said: “Technology continues to transform payments, and is changing the way consumers, pay and get paid. The transformation has however created a ripple effect across the payment ecosystem. Fraud Mitigation through global chip adoption continues to put pressure on card-not-present fraud – driving the use of authentication and token technologies.”

nigerian tech bloggers hangout with Visa card

Abiola of Sesema PR and colleagues

visa card hangsout with nigeria tech bloggers

tech bloggers in nigeria hang out with Visa card

Data protection, data devaluation, responsible innovation, and fraud prevention are the four major measures being used by Visa to track and mitigate against fraudulent acts.

Nita Omanga, Director of Risk SSA at Visa also joined the discourse through a hangout call and she explained several risk management concepts such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and its workings to the enthusiastic bloggers and media personnel.

The event which had bloggers from popular tech and IT websites present availed learning and networking opportunities. The Forum’s hashtag #VisaTechFeeds topped the trend on Nigerian Twitter as every conversation generated on twitter was geared towards Visa and its risk management systems.

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One Dollar to Naira Exchange Rate GTBank Charged Me Today

One Dollar to Naira Exchange Rate GTBank Charged Me Today

Below is a screenshot of what GTBank charged me in Naira for a $16 payment made with my GTBank Naira Mastercard.

gtbank dollar to naira exchange rate forex

So, from the screenshot, you can see that the gtbank dollar to Naira exchange rate is N299 per dollar. ( i.e 4784.02/16 = 299)

How much is the dollar to Naira rate your bank charged you the last time you made a payment online?

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I'm Getting Married Today!

I'm Getting Married Today!

I'm getting married to the love of my life today at Ijebu Ode Ogun State.

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Benue Profile Award 2016 : NetDivo Makes The List Of Nominations

Benue Profile Award 2016 : NetDivo Makes The List Of Nominations

Netdivo; an online digital marketing / web design agency based in Benue state, Nigeria, has been nominated in the "Benue Online/digital marketing Brand" category of the 2016 Benue Profile Award.

Below is the full list of nominations for Benue Profile Award 2016 :

Personality Category:

1. Benue Youth Icon of the year 

* Igoche Mark 
* Hon. Benjamin Adanyi 
*Chief NgutorAnyam

2. Benue Most Innovative and Service Icon of the year

*Ediga Akpa (GM BENSESA), 
*Mrs Mimi Adzape Orubibi (BIRS Chairman), 
*Hon. Ageh John Odeh (Commissioner for Information & Orientation)

3. Benue Humility Icon of the year

*Mrs Comfort Ukwela
*Barr.Mrs Mwuese Mnyim
*Arc.Nguvan Ikyenge
*Love Idoko

4. Benue Legislator of the year

*Rt. Hon. NgunanAddingi  
*Rt. Hon. Barr. Benjamin Adanyi

5. Benue Humanitarian of the year

*Amb. Linda Ochagla
*Hon. Solomon Aboh    
* MrsAda Mark

6. Benue Motivational Personality of the year

*Hon. Frank Usa Adi
*Hon. George Alli
*Hon Raymond Anumva

7. Benue Most Innovative Legislator of the year

*Hon. James Adanu 
* Hon. Terna-Kester Kyenge  
*Hon. Joe Ojobo

8. Benue Most Active Legislator of the year

*Hon. Stephen Tyorchi   
*Hon. Egli Johnson      
*Hon Anthony Ogbu

9. Benue Iconic Personality of the year:

*Dr. Samuel Ortom
*Dr. Tivlumun Nyitse
*Sen. David Mark  

10. Benue Most Reserved Legislator of the year

*Hon James Adanu  
*Hon. Nick Oworu  
*Hon. Anthony Ogbu

11. Benue Most Active/Innovative Caretaker Chairman of the year

*Hon. KwegiIgba Hyacinth 
* Mrs Phibee Akoom
*Hon. Simon J.I. Gbaishima

12. Benue Students Most Supportive Bank of the year

*Guaranteed Trust Bank    
*Fidelity Bank

13. Benue TV Presenter/Personality of the year

*Fatima Hassan  
*Hembafan Tilley-Gyado  
*Charles Aba

14. Benue Radio Presenter of the year
*David Oradoo
*Dj Blacksheep 
*Henry Ipole

15. Benue On-Air Personality of the year

*Hembafan Tilley Gyado 
*Henry Ipole, *Johnics

benue profile award 2016


1. Benue Music Hit-Maker of the year: 

*Biggy Brown     
*OD Woods

2. Benue Most Valued Artiste of the year: 

*Monica Ogah,   
*Aj Native,    
*Geoffrey Orji

3. Benue Next Ratted Artiste of the year: 

*Rhayors Jones,   
*Mark Owi,

4. Benue New Discovery Art of the year:

*Mc Dow, Bugatti Boi,

5. Social Media Personality of the year:

*Juliet Mimi Atedze,   
*Linda Ochagla,   

6. Social Media Entertainer of the year

*MC Makopolo, 
*Pst Nicodemus, 
*Mc Smart

7. Benue Entertainment Personality of the year: 

*Ogah Landlord, 
*Goodman Foga, 
*Bob Nege

8. Benue Rave Producer of the year: 

*Double G 
* Double T
*Young Zeal*Boi Bee
*Mr. Zeg*Cray Beat

9. Gospel Artiste of the year: 

*Chris Ade, 
*Kole Williams,  
*Oche John King 

10. Benue Iconic Producer of the year

*Charles Creation, 

11. Benue Entertainment Blog of the year: 


12. Benue Blog of the year:


13. Benue Political Blog of the year


14. Benue Most CelebratedMc of the year: 

*Mc Smart, 
*Caleb Senda, 
*Henry Ipole, 
*Naomi Da Believer

15. Benue Entertainer of the year:

*Fresh Boi
*Pastor Nicodemus, 
*Bold Stepz

16. Benue Rave Artiste of the year:

*Mark Owi 
*Rapizo *Archi

17. Benue Movie Actress of the year

*Anita Ochima, 
*Patience Yisa, 
*Linda John, 
*Mercy Abuul

18. Benue Most Creative Fashion Designer of the year: 

*Jamal of Derrick’s Dim Fashion, 
*Cbrains Stiches 

19. Benue Queen of the year

*YawahTalatu (Carnival Queen 2015)
*Jennifer Achado (MBGB 2014)
*Mimi Pine (Queen of Culture and Tourism 2014)
*Sandra Terka (Miss Gboko 2016)
*Patience Adokpe (Miss Food Basket) 

20. Benue Queen Mother of the year

*Blessing OcheOnazi, 
*Ruth Agbo, 
*Patience Yisa,
* Josephine Enenche, Mimi,

21. Benue Online/digital marketing Brand
*Daylight Media 

22. Benue Most Promising Rising Artist

*T-3 Temi       
*Snow Prince    
*Snazi Brown   
*Lil Pass

How To Vote

Send the name of your nominee to wyteimage@gmail.com
Eg. I vote XB for Gospel Artist of the year.

Note: Voting ends 10th May,  2016

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Your Adsense Earnings Have Reduced? Here Are Four Things To Explore

Your Adsense Earnings Have Reduced? Here Are Four Things To Explore

I stumbled on a post on Adsense blog and I've decided to share with you. The post gives some insights about why AdSense earnings sometimes go down -- and how you can respond to optimize your earnings.

According to the blog post, there are many factors that affect revenue, but the key ones include:

  • Page Views
  • Clickthrough rate (CTR)
  • Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Search Rank

The first three metrics listed above can be viewed on the Performance reports tab in your AdSense account.

google adsense money

So, let's look at how they affect earnings and how to troubleshoot........

1. My page views have decreased

A drop in page views could simply be seasonal; retailers, for instance, tend to see a traffic drop after the holiday season. But a decrease can also be due to a change in your content.

If your traffic has dropped, here are some ways you might increase it:

  • Promote your site with other major sites that cover the same topics.
  • Promote your site through social media, and create a group of interested people who regularly visit your site.
  • Use Google Search Console to make sure your site is being correctly crawled and indexed.
  • Update your site regularly to encourage repeat visitors. You might also want to send out an email or a newsletter about your updates.

When troubleshooting changes in page views, it's a good idea to extend the date range of your reports out to 30 days or more to help identify trends or specific issues. 

2. My cost per click has decreased

CPC is market-driven and depends on factors like advertiser bids on keywords and the CPC values they're willing to pay. For example, CPC can fall at the beginning of each quarter when marketers are shifting budget. 

When looking at changes in CPC, it's a good practice to extend the date range of your reports out to a year. Then:
  • See if you're using the best-performing ad sizes. Generally, the most successful sizes for CPC and CTR are 720x90, 336x280, 160x600, and the 320x100 mobile banner
  • Make sure you're not blocking ads you don't need to. Blocks on too many advertisers, ad networks, general or sensitive categories will often decrease CPC because there are fewer advertisers in the auction bidding on your inventory. The more inventory your site has access to, the greater the chance that auction pressure will drive up your CPC. 
  • Look at how seasonality can affect your advertisers' bids. For instance, swimsuit advertisers often increase their bids in the early weeks of summer. But if your site caters only to students, you should expect traffic to fall in the summer.  

3.  My CTR or page RPM has decreased

A drop in CTR or page RPM can be caused by confusing site design or poor targeting. Visitors who see your ads might not click on them because they find them irrelevant, or perhaps they don't see your ads at all. And that leads to lower earnings.

Here are some best practices to help drive up your CTR and page RPM:
  • Blend, complement, and contrast: use these techniques to design ad styles that will be successful for your site.
  • Maximize ad space with multiple ad units: be sure to see if three ad units is right for your site.
  • Use the best-performing ad sizes: As noted in the CPC section above, the most successful ad sizes are 720x90, 336x280, 160x600, and the 320x100 mobile banner.

4.  My search rank has dropped

Deeper investigation may show you that your page is not ranked as highly in search results as it once was. The Webmaster Troubleshooter is designed to help you resolve common issues with your site in Google Search and the Google Search Console.

I hope these tips will help you understand exactly what's happening on your blog ― and send your earnings back in the right direction.

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Intel Hosts Nigerian Bloggers to a Hangout Session

Intel Hosts Nigerian Bloggers to a Hangout Session

Intel’s ambassador for She Will connect, Titilope Sonuga recently hosted bloggers at a hangout session to discuss her milestones on the programme, share directions on new developments with them, and interact on issues around mentorships and entrepreneurship opportunities open to women in Nigeria.

Nigerian bloggers hosted by Intel

The event which happened at ProteaLeadway Hotel in Lagos was also a chance to discuss the latest additions to the program, My Digital Journey, a game-infused digital platform to teach digital literacy skills and concepts of digital citizenship/ online safety. Digital Journey is an interactive platform which empowers users to learn in a mediated environment. The platform also features learnings on representing yourself online; envisioning your goals and getting support to achieve them.

Speaking on the successes achieved with the "She Will connect" program, Sonuga said: “Over 30,000 girls and women have been trained so far, and Intel is committed to a continued and sustainable impact on the lives of these girls and women, who are undoubtedly important to the growth of the economy.”

Sonuga who is also an award-winning poet and actress took the bloggers through a walk-through poetry exercise and challenged them to create a She Will connect poem in under five minutes. The new poetry initiates were largely successful in this task.

Intel had appointed Titilope Sonuga in 2015 as the ambassador for its She Will Connect program in Nigeria, to lend her voice to the program aimed at empowering and connecting girls and women to opportunities using technology.

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