Private School In Makurdi : Orenda &Opal Academy

A list of good private schools in makurdi local government of benue state Nigeria, without Orenda and Opal schools is definitely an incomplete list!

This is because Orenda School and Opal Academy are more than just institutions; they are beacons of learning, character development, and community building. These private schools stand tall in their commitment to providing a holistic education to their students, each catering to different academic levels.

Both institutions are committed to nurturing students’ intellectual, emotional, and social development, setting them on the path to success in an ever-evolving world. Their team of dedicated educators and staff members ensures a nurturing environment that encourages students to explore, discover, and reach their full potential.

In addition to the traditional academic subjects, the school offers a well-rounded curriculum that includes sports, arts, and character education. This multi-faceted approach ensures that Orenda students not only excel academically but also develop strong moral and ethical values.

Opal International Academy : Private Secondary School in Makurdi

If you are looking for a good secondary school in Makurdi Benue State, Choose OPAL INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY. You can contact the school via: for enquires.

private school in makurdi benue state nigeria

Opal International Academy is a private school in Makurdi town managed by professional educationist with many years of experience.

Opal International Academy has carved a niche for herself when it comes to excellence ✨️ and quality and this shows in her students ability to pass BECE and WAEC examinations with flying colours unaided.

Reasons why you should choose Opal International Academy:

🌟 Government Approved
🌟 BECE and WAEC/NECO Centre

  1. Conducive Environment
  2. Qualified subject teachers
  3. Good Student to Teacher Ratio
  4. Well equipped laboratories
  5. Well equipped ICT room
  6. Diverse teaching methodology
  7. Science, Art and Commercial compliant
  8. Entrepreneurship studies
  9. High Moral standards
  10. Excellence.

Looking for a good private secondary school in Makurdi Benue State?

Look no further.

Contact Opal International Academy Today.

opal international academy makurdi

Orenda Schools International : Primary School In Makurdi

Looking for a great nursery and primary school in Makurdi?

Look no further

Choose Orenda Schools International.

For the past 12 years, Orenda Schools International has been dedicated to the noble mission of providing a world-class education to pupils.

Over the years, orenda have built a thriving educational community that is driven by excellence, compassion, and a relentless pursuit of knowledge.

Our team of experienced educators and administrators have worked tirelessly and is still working to create a dynamic and engaging learning environment that fosters intellectual curiosity and critical thinking.

We are dedicated to providing a holistic learning experience with a focus on individuality.

Orenda Schools website :

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