How To Show Any Gadget on Blogger Mobile Template

If you configure your Blogger blog to show mobile template on mobile devices, the widgets listed below are the ones that are displayed by default:

  • Header
  • Blog
  • Profile
  • PageList
  • AdSense
  • Attribution

If you want any other Blogger widget to display on the mobile view of your Blogger blog, you will have to activate a “custom” mobile template instead of using one of the default Blogger mobile templates.

In addition to that, you will have to add mobile=’yes’ attribute to the <b:widget> tag of the widget, right inside your blog’s html.

The “mobile” attribute lets you control which of the widgets on your Blogger blog will be available in mobile view. It can be ‘default‘, ‘yes‘, ‘no‘, or ‘only‘.

Now, let’s assume you have used the HTML/Javascript gadget to add an advert to your Blogger blog and you want it to display on the mobile view of your blog. Just follow me through the steps below:

IMPORTANT: First ensure you have enabled Blogger mobile template and have switched to “Custom” as explained here

==> Now, you need to get the id of the widget as highlighted below:

As seen above, the id of the widget is HTML31.

You can read: how to get id of any Blogger widget if you don’t know how to go about it.

==> Next, is to go to “Template” > “Edit HTML

==> Click on “Jump To Widget” and click on the id of the widget you want to show on the mobile view of your blog. This will take you directly to the <b:widget> tag of the widget.


<b:widget id=’HTML31′ locked=’false’ title=” type=’HTML’>….</b:widget>

==> Click inside the tag and type mobile=’yes’

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Your new code should now like like this:

<b:widget id=’HTML31′ locked=’false’  mobile=’yes’  title=” type=’HTML’>….</b:widget> 


==> Click “Save Template

That’s all.

You can now view the mobile view of your blog by adding ?m=1 to your blog’s URL eg and you should see the widget been displayed.

Let me know if this works for you.

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

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  1. Hello Jide. Thank you very much for the info. I have tried it and its working but am having a little challenge. The ads banner is big, its not showing like a mobile ads.
    What do i do?

  2. Jide am kinda having some problems and need your help. The default Profile widget that shows on blogger mobile suddenly stopped showing and even after editing my template and adding ''mobile='yes''' to the code, it's still same ish.

    Today i added a new footer widget and tried showing it on mobile, but it also didn't show up.

    Is there a way to force these gadgets to forcefully show up?

    • You must change to custom mobile template before the mobile=’yes’ can work. If you've done that and still not working, Revert your post template to default via EDIT HTML.

  3. Change to "custom mobile template" shows a "broken B logo" icon in the templates page and results same "broken B logo" with "Whoops, that's an error – We apologise for the inconvenience. Try refreshing the page to see if things are back in order" on a mobile device or with ?m=1 in desktop browser.

  4. Tried it..put it on custom..located the widget id and edited..when i clicked save i get an error message "error parsing XML line2148 column 45: Element type "b:widget" must be followed by either attribute specifications. ">" or "/>". Please help

  5. Enter your comment…I have been having difficulty with this issue, I am unable to add the mobile=yes to my blog, anytime I try to add it it jump out it this """ ….mobile=yes""" pls I need help, seriously need your help bro I use God beg u.

  6. Please jide, am having issues with my blog can you help me? when you reduced it to mobile view when browsing on it to see how it look on mobile, my post will not be clickable. and i think it happens to most browswers

  7. hello,i have done find a widgets on html on my blog and have done to add mobile ='yes' but why still not work on mobile view my site like please help me whats wrong with my template blog.Thank you

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